This week my blog posts might be hit or miss. I’m working graveyards and I’m going to be sleeping during the time I usually do this. And trying to work a blog from my phone while doable, totally sucks. So just a heads up.

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So I’ve spent the last hour or so playing Roller Coaster Tycoon. And all I want to do is go to bed and sleep. But I have to stay up later tonight so that I sleep later in the day so I’m okay for work. Ugh. This is totally shitty. I’m tired from amtgard and working tonight. And I haven’t been up past midnight in a while I think. At least not under my own free will at least.

I managed to stay up until 4, so that’s good.  Besides Roller Coaster Tycoon I also played Theif for a little while. I then lost my drive to play video games. So I watched some Anime while just puttering around on the computer. I also did my homework for my GAD class. We have a Wise Friend worksheet that we are meant to do every day with one problem that comes up. For me it was going into work and being successful at doing the job.

Work actually wasn’t too bad actually. I did security at a wedding. It was making sure that certain doors were kept shut and that no alcohol went past 2 certain points. The party was pretty self-sufficient and kept the doors closed and monitored themselves pretty well. There was a set of kids there that we playing a version of horse shoes. Or if this is a different game please let me know. So the trays had 3 holes each and they had 6 metal rings to toss into the holes. Adults stood behind the other tray, kids got to stand on top of it. I don’t know what the scoring system was, I think it might have been 1, 2, 3,. But watching them play was fun.

I did some breathing work when started to feel overwhelmed by the people and by the job which helped me recenter myself. I also listened to 2 audio books. I finished off The Rift and The Adventures of Tom Stranger: Interdimensional Insurance Agent.

Like I said, the party itself was pretty well behaved. They started to clean up around 830 and were out of there by 930, right at the time I was meant to tell the band they had 15 minutes left. I hung out while the cleaning crew was there and then until they were done. Hit up the grocery store on the way home since I didn’t mange to do it between amtgard and work.

Amtgard was good yesterday. I know that I did a quick overview so I won’t do that again. But after that we went and got lunch, which is where my boyfriend and I got horribly sunburned on our faces. Like my forehead and my nose glow apparently. But it was worth it for the food and the company.

I told my boyfriend that I was looking for the Mass Effect game on Steam last night because I would like to play at least one of the games before we go to his party this weekend so that I have a better understanding of it. So he pulled out his Xbox and set it up for me. How sweet. I guess I should go play it.


So I’m normally not a first or third person style shooter game person. I’m not really into shooter games. I like the role playing and strategy games. I’m a Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts kind of gal. But Mass Effect so far has been interesting. Its a steep learning curve. And I know that I’ll have problems with it. I already am, but I’ve enjoyed it so far. True, its only been about an hour of game play, but you can usually tell if you’ll enjoy the game or not within that time.

I think I’m going to call it a blog from here.

Just keep swimming

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