All work and no play…

I was lying there, sleeping soundly when I was awoken by the Doctor Who theme song emanating from my phone. It was my job calling me at the butt crack of dawn asking me to do security at my old location the factory. I said yes, knowing that 12 (well, more like 11 1/2) hours of work was better than 4. It wound up being a long day, but I need to get used to long days again. I have a 12 hour shift this week at a local hospital.

I showed up and met the night guard I am there to relive, and boy can he talk a mile a minute. He hands me the key/badge/ID saying that I need it in order to get into the building. I’m smug and say that I don’t need it, I have my own badge. Well, I go to get into the building and my badge doesn’t work. Well, that put me in my place. I guess that I have been gone for so long that they deactivated my ID card. The night guard was kind enough not to say anything regarding my smugness over the key. So I use the one he handed over to me and shows me the list of “to do”‘s, new since I last worked there (end of February). I was glad to see it was all mostly stuff that I was in the habit of doing anyway.

I walked around the factory, seeing old faces and new. Some of the people who knew me from before came up to me and talk. They said that they missed me and were glad to see me again. For someone with such low self esteem and low self confidence, it was a wonderful thing to hear. That people noticed that I was gone. That I had been missed. They asked what happened to me, I explained to them that I got really sick, needed surgery, then got sick again. All true. They said that I looked better than I did in February.

To help me get through the day I listened to podcasts. Chris Hardwick’s The Nerdist. I also listened to Stuff to blow your mind, Welcome to Nightvale, Criminal, Hollywood Babbleon, Spontaneanation, The Thrilling Adventure Hour, stuff they don’t want you to know, and You Must Remember This. If you care to hear what I listen to.

At lunch I continued to read A Darker Shade of Magic. Its right at the point where the tables have turned and the adventure begins. I think. My boyfriend was awesome and visited me at work during one of my breaks with was a nice surprise. I got to stick my head in his nice, cold, air-conditioned car. Today was warm at work, especially for those of use dressed from head to toe in black. It’s the uniform people, not out of choice. Needless to say I stayed in the shadows and where the breeze was.

Last night I started to re watch Fringe on Netflix. I remember watching the first season, maybe even the second, but that’s about it. I know that I enjoyed watching it, thinking it was another version of the X-Files, which I loved. If you are into The X-Files and haven’t seen Fringe yet, give it at try.


Anyway, while watching Fringe I decided to try and work on another tail for Feast Of Mars. I did the bonding and then stopped. I couldn’t decide on which tail it would be. Blue, for Sonic the Hedgehog? Red, for a red panda’s tail? Orange in a tabby cat’s style? I’m still unsure. And Yes, I know that hedgehogs don’t have tails.

I also figured out that I need to loose weight. I need to loose like 50lbs. According to my BMI I am technically obese. If I loose 50lbs I will be at a fine, healthy weigh for someone my height. It is going to be a battle and, knowing me, I’ll need all the help that I can get. No more candy or junk food.


I need to exercise more. I think I might do the food program that my doctor wants me to do. It might not be cheap, but my life and health are important, right? I know I go to food for comfort and when I am board, and that they aren’t smart choices when I do eat, despite what I try to keep in the house.

Just keep swimming.



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