Battle of the Bath

Forgive the silence yesterday. I spent all day over at my parents house where I don’t really have anywhere to write and publish except my phone, which is very frustrating to work from.

Today was meant just to be a quiet day at home to rest up for work on Tuesday, but I got called into cover a shift from 1-7pm up at the factory again. Yay for hours! So today’s entry is going to be short, I think.

So I decided to give Gucci a bath. It was a nice, warm day yesterday and I seemed to have the energy for it. So I got him out and tied him to the tie ring, but there was a pallet full of big scary stones close to him, so he wouldn’t get too close to the tie ring, no matter how much I asked him to move up. I went and turned on the hose and then all of a sudden he was pulling back, trying to get free and away from the hose. I can count on one hand how many times he has pulled back, and it was a shock to see him doing it yesterday. His lead rope and halter broke, his halter doing its job. He’d pulled back so much on the lead rope that it just came undone.

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Once he was free he ran back to his stall. Smart boy. Thankfully I had his old halter and so I put that on after I got the now broken one off. I took him back to where all the wash stuff was and started to hose him down again, but he wouldn’t stand still. I ended up needing my mom to hold him for me. Once she came out he stood fairly still and quiet, except for when I wanted to wash his face. Then it became the battle of wits and wills that it always does. He lifts his head so high that I can’t reach it. So I’ll adjust the hose in order to get him wet, but sometimes I can’t seem to get everywhere. So I ended up climbing up a step and was able to get his face wet.

The rest of the bath went fairly smooth. Once the bath was done we went on the search for some good grass, but we couldn’t find any. But with the heat he was drying fairly quick. I tied him up to the trailer and put down 2 new bales of shavings and then gave him some extra food to try and bribe him from rolling. I don’t know how long it worked for, because when I went out a little bit later he had shavings all over his back. I’d rather him roll in the shavings then the dirt.

2016-06-19 14.12.45

The rest of the day was pretty quiet. We celebrated Fathers Day with a wonderful pork roast and some roasted veggies.

Today is also my cousin’s one year anniversary! Happy anniversary guys! We all love and miss you. I still wish that we lived closer together. Maybe time will change that.

Its really hot at work again. I have to remind myself that it is okay to take a break and be inside, which is where I work on my phone.

I ran into more people who missed me at the factory today. It was nice to still see some people here working. I was afraid that they didn’t survive ‘fire season’ as is called around the factory. Some did leave. Others just changed what days and hours they worked.

It made me feel appreciated when they were happy to see me. That I did such a good job before and left a good impression that they are excited I’m back. I had one person practically run up to me when they realized I was here.

Just keep swimming


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