Damn hot, real hot…

Oh my lord today was hot!

I’ll let the late great Robin Williams explain how hot…

No, but seriously. It was 95 degrees up where I was working the horses today. I  was dumb and wore jeans instead of  breeches for a couple reasons. One was I had to swing by work first thing in the morning, which ended up being a waste of time. No one was there that I needed to talk to and the secretary was kind of bitchy and unhelpful. I also feel very self-conscious of my shape/figure right now. It’s a lot larger than I am comfortable with.  My jeans also sit a lot higher than the breeches do so they hide a bit more of my big tummy. Within the next week I am going to start a work out plan and I’m going to try to start eating healthier.

So anyway, when I got to the barn it wasn’t too hot. The fact that I was in jeans and a long sleeve shirt (protecting my skin and tattoo) didn’t seem like it was going to be a problem. Boy, was I wrong. My jeans just seemed to take in and hold heat, and I forgot my baseball cap so I was working with my helmet on my head all day, which is probably better but it holds so much heat in.

2016-06-21 09.42.01

Oh, and I got around to taking photos of them finally.

So here is Diamond. He has to be one of my favorites to ride because he’s just a nice smooth ride and easy to get into frame. He does like to pop out his butt so that he doesn’t have to use his hind end as much, but I am used to that from Gucci.

2016-06-21 09.32.55

I have no idea what this guy’s name is, but he always catches my eye with his spots and his huge ears. He is a Mule, if anyone is curious. He’s one of a few at the barn, but I think that he is the cutest one there.

2016-06-21 10.41.24
Look at those ears!

My second horse of the day was Dude, a Quarter Horse stallion. This is the guy who tried to bite me a few weeks ago. He’s quite a talker too. Lots of nickering. He’s currently laid up and is getting out for supervised 15 minute walks every day or every other day. He was a lot cleaner after a good brushing, I should have taken the photos then, but oops. Oh well, my brain was clearly not working.

2016-06-21 10.42.12

This is Sherman. He’s the draft cross mix that I was talking about. He is currently laid up. But I got him out and groomed him too (so much white hair!). Then we put him on the lunge line and let him work it out a bit to the left. Apparently he gets very destructive in his stall if he doesn’t get out every other day. I sent him to the right after going at a nice trot for 5 minutes, and he was lame. You could see the head bob, but apparently he’s showing improvement so that’s a good thing.

2016-06-21 11.09.04

Last, but not least, here is Ella. This is the mare that I did my test ride on and is one that I seem to work with every week besides Diamond. For a mare she is really sweet. I tend not to get along with mares, but she’s pretty cool. There is a quote in the horse world which I have found is usually pretty spot on.


AKA Mare’s are bitches.

But anyway, Ella has been super sweet so far even if she is a bit of a tough horse to ride. She doesn’t like getting or going in frame. You have to tell her numerous time’s what you want. Since today was so warm I just lunged her with the surcingle and draw reins and ran her through her paces. She had this spot on the lunge circle that she liked to switch her leads in the back, so I had to keep on her about keeping her leads correct.

2016-06-21 11.48.57

So that is how I spent most of my day, horsing around. I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun.

After the horses I went back to the office to see my boss and to fill out some paperwork for tomorrow. I’m doing at 12 hour shift at a hospital where nurses are protesting. So needless to say that my day will be interesting. I’m not really sure on what I will be doing there. Apparently there will be security at all entrances to the hospitals checking ID’s and making sure nothing happens.

Since then I’ve spent most of the time at home just trying to cool down and relax. I think I got a bit of heat stroke and so I’ve just been taking it easy and hydrating, trying to take away the headache that has formed. But its not a migraine, so that’s a good thing.

Just keep swimming


giphy (8)

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