A quick catch up

I know its been almost a week since my last post. I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress and things in my personal life and I’ve been trying to work myself though them. It’s like my depression has gotten really bad for the past week and a half. I’m super low motivated and low energy. I just feel like crying almost every day at some point for some… stupid reason.



My grandma got really sick and was in the hospital. She’s fine now but she’s back into a full care rehabilitation facility that it seems she’s going to stay at now. She can’t really take care of herself anymore, and her short-term memory is shot. So anything you tell her just goes away unless its something she knew before. It’s put a lot of stress on my parents and my family.

My Poppa also got into a car accident last week. He’s fine, thankfully. He was stubborn and wouldn’t go to the doctor. Just dealt with being a bit stiff sand sore for the next couple of days. But he doesn’t have any bruises or anything, which is good. But the car that he drives is totaled. The trunk is smashed in and the car has popped out in a few places where its meant to in an accident.

2016-06-23 20.04.24

So I guess my dad is getting a new car. Or he’s getting my mom’s car and my mom is getting a new car. We’ll see what ends up happening there.

I worked an event this weekend. A car show. I had to suffer and look at awesome cars all day. So hard. Actually, it was really difficult for me. It was a lot of people to watch and make sure that they didn’t do anything stupid. And making sure that bicycles didn’t get through and ruin the beautiful cars.

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Besides the fact of looking at the cars I also got to handle traffic. Oh joy. And I almost got run over once. Please pay attention to the road people. So the reason why I was doing traffic was because the woodies were doing a parade down the street and so I had to control when the other traffic was able to go. I thought I did a fairly good job. I didn’t stop the parade from happening and I was able to keep the line of cars that was backing up behind me moving.

This video doesn’t exist

I’m struggling with work. No matter where I seem to work, I have a hard time. I keep clock watching, which is something that I usually don’t do. Or I didn’t used to do. I don’t have any set shift, so when my bosses call me up offering hours its jump on it then. Sometimes its for the next day, sometimes its right there and then. It makes it really difficult for me.

I think that I need to look into getting a new job. The main reason why I’m staying with the company right now is because of the health insurance. The stress of the job is starting to counter the health insurance though. I just think I’m not cut out for this job anymore. We’re going to get my health insurance carrier in my town soon, so I hopefully won’t have to stop them.

I want to focus on  going back to school. I’ve taken too many units to qualify for financial aid, but I can still apply for BOG and for student loans. Maybe that’s the smart move. Take out enough money to pay for my part of the bills and stuff and just focus on school so I can get through it faster. I don’t know, just throwing the idea around.

Gucci is doing good. He saw the chiropractor, or the chiropractor came and saw him. His 10th rib on the right was out, 14th rib on the left was out, and both sides of his pelvis was out. Poor guy. No wonder he couldn’t stand for the farrier. But I’ve been getting him out for walks almost daily since then, so that’s good.

2016-06-19 14.13.46

Stormfly is doing good too. He’s a happy little fish.

2016-06-16 09.43.05

Both he and Gucci have been enjoying the heatwave that is going on. Gucci because well, he loves the heat. Stormfly because he’s from the tropics and warm water, and his water temprature has been higher in the heatwave so he’s been enjoying himself. I think that it must get boring swimming around in the tank all day, but then again, he is a fish, so I’m not sure it would be boring. Maybe I can get some hoops for him to swim through like a trick fish.

I finished the book A Darker Shade Of Magic. It was good. I really enjoyed the story and the characters. It does have a sequel, but I am waiting until I have $13 to spend on the book. With the lack of steady hours my income is a bit squiffy. Anyway, back to books. I started reading Forest of Ruin again. When I got the new kindle it had a problem downloading the book, so I started reading a few other books. But now’s its downloaded and I’m reading it. Its the last book in the trilogy and I’m about 40% through the book, right when everything is starting to turn.

Oh, and though its not a huge deal, but remember those tall boots that I was drooling over a while ago? the Arait Volants? Right, well, apparently they are done making them now. I can’t believe it. This happened to me 2 years ago when I saw a new paddock boot and half chap that I wanted too. I saw them, went to go and order them just to find out that Ariat didn’t make them anymore. Such balls.

I know tha tthis week I said that I was going to start on a diet and doing more exercise. Well, it hasn’t happened yet. But I’m hopeful. Its only monday, I haven’t eaten totally horrible today. And even though its warm right now I’m going to try and go for a bike ride later tonight when its cooler. Maybe I’ll even get my boyfriend to go with me, who knows. I don’t have to go for a long one, I just need to go.

Well, I guess that is it for today.

Just keep swimming

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