To Tolt, or not to tolt, that is the question…

Hey everyone, how’s it going?

I went camping this weekend, that was why I was silent for so long. I’ve just been busy and dealing with things.

The camping trip went okay. It was for amtgard. It was by Sacramento where it was warm. But the camp site was beautiful and by a lake. And by a former nuclear power plant. Neither my boyfriend or I made it into the water.

So today is Tuesday which means horses! Yay! It was already warm when I got up to go to work today, so I knew that it was going to be hot by the stables. But did I dress correctly? No. I was silly and wore my black “Muggle” t-shirt.

So I started my day off with Ella. She was a little bit of a pill this morning. She just would not stand still for me out in the ring, but she was good on the lunge line and she was good while I was riding her, even though my heart and my mind were busy fretting over something else.

2016-08-30 09.14.56

After Ella I worked with Sherman, who was good. He went a little wild and crazy on the lunge line, but I’d rather have him get wild there then with me on his back. He’s very used to my bad habit of going a couple of laps and then stopping and going to a walk. So he was puzzled when I asked him for a flying lead change across the diagonal and kept him going. But the ride went well.

2016-08-30 10.12.45

After I rode Sherman I got out Fesit, the Icelandic. I have never ridden a gaited horse before, let alone an Icelandic. It was an experience. They don’t have a normal trot, they have something called a tolt. With a trot the horse moves the diagonal lets at the same time. With the tolt they move laterally, moving the same legs at the same time. It was super weird. So here is Festi.

2016-08-30 12.10.38

While I was waiting for Festi to dry off after hosing her down I got out Dude. He was a good boy, just talkative while I had him out. But he was good and stood around while I put Festi away.

2016-08-30 12.01.44

After I rode Dude I got out Marley for a lunge. So I tacked him up in his sirclingle rig and we went to the arena where I lunged him. He was kind of a slug. Just super lazy and quiet. He did have a few wild strides, but nothing horrible or too crazy. He has someone coming to check him out on Saturday since he is for sale, so we are trying to make sure that he is nice and quiet for the perspective buyer. Not that he wouldn’t get out and worked otherwise.

2016-08-30 12.52.48

Alright everyone,

Just keep swimming!

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