Fun Friday!

Its Friday! Yay!

Well, kind of yay. I mean, I lost my Friday shift at my security job, but I was able to pick up a shift at the stables today, so I guess it works out. It kept me out of trouble for a while at least.

Today I got to ride a new horse, Jack.

2016-08-05 09.12.33

So this is Jack. He used to be at my old barn that I worked at, so I’ve worked with him before, just not for a couple of years. He’s a sweet horse, even if his owners are a little coocoo some days. I started with him because he was a lunge and ride horse, which takes more time up in the day. Plus I forgot how he goes and I wanted a little bit more time with him and not feel rushed. The ride was fine, but I had forgotten how short and choppy his trot is. He does have a nice canter though. He was fairly easy to get into frame for most of the ride, so I didn’t work him too long after his lunge. He is super tiny  just all around, especially his girth. I felt like I was able to squeeze both of my legs together around his rib cage. It was weird. I’m used to riding wider barreled horses.

After Jack came Diamond. We’re still having problems about getting along while I’m on his back. And our problem with him trying to spook down at the far end of the arena. I honestly have no idea what that is about. But things seemed to go a little easier today from yesterday. Maybe that’s a good thing. I’m still… fat and out of shape… but we went around for 20 minutes. Which is good considering that he didn’t get lunged to start.

2016-08-05 10.12.25

Once I was done with Diamond I worked with Dude. Dude was really nice and quiet, and we walked around while there was a lesson going on. It made me really miss jumping, but I digress. Dude walked around at a fairly nice speed for most of the time, and he was easy to get into frame and didn’t really care one way or the other about the other horses jumping.

2016-08-05 10.57.30
Dude… Stuffing his face…

Once I was done with Dude I worked with Cherokee. I forgot to take a photo of him today, sorry. But he was okay. I put the circingle on him today and so he went around in frame while I was lunging him. And I learned how to tie his halter properly. I forgot to say I ‘hi’ to him when I approached and he acted like he was going to kick out at me. What a git. But once I had him and was working him he was fine. I was able to make him trot better today then I was yesterday. Yesterday he just wanted to do his running walk instead of trotting. Lazy bugger.

My last horse of the day was Besdi, a little Icelandic horse. I lunged her today and she has like an auto lunge feature, which was pretty nice after working with Cherokee. I just had to walk around in my tiny circle with my lunge whip and she just kept trotting along. After 5 minutes of working to the left, Besdi, broke to the walk and then turned around and started trotting to the right. Again, all by herself. I love horses who auto lunge, it makes my life so much easier some days.

2016-08-05 12.21.59-2

On my way home I saw that my boyfriend had stopped at a local restaurant for lunch. I decided to swing by and say hi to surprise him. We hung out for a little while as he was still on his lunch, moved from the restaurant to his truck, where he reorganized it.  Once his lunch time was up we kissed each other goodbye and went our different ways for the rest of the day.

I had to take different roads to get home. Like I took the freeway most of the way home, until traffic came to a stop. So I came home a different way that took probably just as long as it would have taken staying on the freeway. Living in a beach town in the summer sucks. It totally brings in more traffic and just makes everything more… sucky.

I think I’m going to go over and say hi to Gucci later today after the traffic dies down, maybe at like 630 or 7ish. Because its not going to get any better the closer it gets to rush hour, and Gucci lives on a high commute  road. I know it sounds lazy, and maybe it is. But I’ve got a pounding headache and I just want to rest for a while. So I think that’s what I’m going to do for the rest of the day until later. Maybe my boyfriend won’t have to work super late today and he can go with me to say hi to Gucci. I think that would be nice.

Alright everyone.

Just keep swimming!

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