Its Thursday!

Hey all, its Thursday, so we all know what that means: Horse riding!

When I pulled up to the barn I saw a little barn cat (I don’t know his name) but he was very nice and came up to great me once I left the truck but before I had gotten all of my equipment out of the truck.

2016-08-11 09.13.10
I took this photo while he was expecting to be petted

So today my day started off a little differently. Usually I would start my day off with Ella, but she was giving a lesson later today so she actually got the day off from me. So I started my day with Marley, who’s a warmblood who is… dumb. A dumblood. He’s a good horse, just… dumb. Like there was a message on the board where the work schedule goes that he got out last night (with his owner) and was wild and crazy and should have been okay today. Nope. He was wild and crazy with me once we got going. I got some nice rope burn across my hands (forgot to wear gloves), my shoulder and arms yanked on while he is going crazy. And it went both ways. Sheesh. But he was good for me, so I guess I can’t really complain.

2016-08-11 09.26.23

So remember how I said that Ella had a lesson today? Well, I didn’t know that until I had already taken her out and started to tack her up for the day. I put on her bell boots and splint boots when my boss showed up and informed me of her lesson. At least I wasn’t that far along in tacking her up, or worked her before my boss showed up. So I put her away all nice and shiny with her hooves picked.

2016-08-11 10.02.56

After I put Ella back I moved on to Sherman (because his mom had called and canceled the lesson for the day). I rode him on Tuesday and he was a little forward and wouldn’t relax for me. Today he way better. Well, we started off with him being a tense little ball, he didn’t like me stretching out my legs and so he did a little jog and managed to throw my balance off and so I accidentally spured him which didn’t help the situation out any. But we managed to work our way through it and got him settled again. But our ride was fairly good. He managed to relax enough to carry a nice enough frame with his head nice and low. And he was so in the habit of cantering only two laps he would break to the trot. So he was surprised when I asked him to go again. Its mostly my fault, I don’t have amazing endurance yet, so doing two laps after trotting is usually all I can handle. But it was nice to see there was some improvement today.

2016-08-11 11.12.52

After I was done with Sherman I worked with Dude. We didn’t do anything amazing, just walking around, but I did do some surpentines and bending work with him just to do something a little different today. I also rode him for longer today then I usually do by 5 minutes. Considering we only walk its not that huge of a deal.

2016-08-11 12.19.06
Dude- I know its not the most flattering picture of him, but it makes me smile

As I was putting Dude away I saw that the little baby horse was lying down so I decided to take a photo of him. The way horses lie down have always fascinated me. I don’t know the little guys name. Someone told me that the nick name for him is Relampago (Spanish for lightning)I don’t know much else about him. I’ve never seen anyone do anything with him.

2016-08-11 12.52.50

Well Relampago lives next to the horse that I worked next, Mini. Mini is one of Dude’s children. That’s why he’s called Mini, he looks a lot like his dad. Today I just lunged him. I haven’t really worked with him before. My boss wanted to make sure that I could handle him okay considering that I am going to be alone at the barn one of the days next week because my boss is going on vacation. We got along fine. He was good on the lunge line, nothing wild or crazy.

2016-08-11 13.25.38

After that I came home and watched some more of the Olympics that we had recorded. Or that I had recorded, I don’t think my boyfriend cares one way or the other about the Olympics. But he doesn’t mind me watching it, so that’s good. I finished watching the Eventing  from the other day. I already knew the results due to Facebook, but it was still fun to watch the competition.

So I talked a little bit about how I was having a hard time yesterday on yesterday’s blog. Well, it kind of got worse after I did my entry. I had to take some medication to fend off a panic attack that felt like it came out of no where. I broke down and cried when my boyfriend came home from amtgard.  I talked to hin about how my day had gone and why I was crying. He had a great point. I might not have done a lot, but I had done things that I had wanted to get done, so I should be happy that I did them. That they should count as a plus in my book. So that kind of helped me out to reframe the day. I still had some issues for the rest of the night, but I think that my boyfriend helped me out a lot. So thank you.

I haven’t really done much else with my day besides the horses, watching horses, and watching some anime. I just don’t have a lot of energy or desire to do anything right now, which sucks. Maybe I’ll go to the gym and see if that helps me a my mood out. Maybe meet up with an old friend for dinner or something. I don’t know. Whereever the day wants to take me I guess.

Just keep swimming!

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