Sick day 

So yesterday I woke up not feeling well. Today wasn’t any better. I canceled my appointments throughout the day because I don’t want to share whatever I have. 

My head is all block up. I’m cold and sore, and running a temperature. Oh joy. So it’s been a lazy day to say the least. All I’ve done so far is watch the telly and fall asleep for 15 minute power naps. 

My mom was awesome and brought me some Ritz and some Ginger ale, soup is incoming for dinner I think. She’s dealing with stuff for my grandma still. Her and my uncle are filling out paperwork. Apparently 2 of the 3 kids have to sign for her now. And poppa doesn’t count. 

I’ve been jumping between the TV and the computer for entertainment. I’ve watched Grey’s Anatomy, Sherlock, and Doctor Who. I spent a good while playing Minecraft with Doctor Who on in the background. I haven’t played Minecraft in a while and I’ve forgotten how to play. I tried to play in survival mode and I kept dying. I played in creative mode and just didn’t feel creative. My eyes were also starting to hurt. 

So I’m just taking it easy hoping to feel better. I’m just waiting for my soup and all will be good. 

Just keep swimming! 

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