Yup, I broke it… 

So I indeed did end up breaking my foot. 

So I am now sporting this sexy new immobilizer boot. 

I went into work today and played with horses first. That went okay, got through most of them before the rain showed up. I even rode Dude, the horse that dumped me a few months ago. 

I could not believe the nerves and anxiety that came with finding out that I was riding that horse. I did a lot of deep breathing exercises to help shake the nerves and to center myself before my ride. 

Then i swung by work and got a little bit of a surprise. I am no longer working Fridays at that location. Upset me and pissed me off. But I’ll still have the weekends there… I hope. We are currently trying to find me somewhere for Friday’s for my current situation. I don’t think that I could stand for 8 hours on a broken foot. So hopefully we’ll find something. 

Anyway, have a great day. 

Just keep swimming 

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