Fidget cube 

Getting up for work this morning was a struggle. I didn’t want to leave the warm sheets or my boyfriend. But work is important, so I got out of bed anyway. 

I got to work and had what I thought was a beautiful view of the fog hanging in the trees I had to stop and take a photo. 

Isn’t that pretty?  We are ignoring the fact that an hour later it was raining. 

At work there is an intercollegiate golf tournament going on, so I have people coming in to watch, which I don’t get. And people just coming in and doing their normal thing. 

We got a new chair for the booth at work and I’m not super fond of it. I’m a short person, so I liked having the stool. I could see everyone and everyone could see me. Now I’m struggling to be seen by people. 

Fiks got me a fidget cube to help me with my anxiety and panic disorders. It’s really cool. I’m really fond of one of the tools on it already. It’s a little disc that moves around. It’s also got spinners, quiet and loud. 5 buttons to push. A light switch. And a round dish that spins. It also comes with a little thumb diviot with a slight texture. And it’s all attached with a Keychain so I can wear it and carry it in my pocket. 

Just keep swimming! 

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