Tattoo Day

Today is the day! 

I get my outline that I’ve had for years finally colored in. I found an artist who is respectful of what was put there by my previous artist. The original artist retired and has since passed away, so getting it filled in by him is impossible. I went to the tattoo parlor that did my arm tattoo, but they didn’t/couldn’t come up with anyway to color it in. They were thinking of a cover up for it, which is sad. 

I went to the artist on Saturday after work and he took a picture of it and worked on coloring it in on his iPad, which was neat to see. And Fiks approved of his approach. 

I went down and filled out the paperwork and the  we went to it. I had my fight cube and I listened to Hollywood babble on and some music when that was over. 

Its loosely based off Gucci. I’m happy with how it turned out. Ron did a great job with it. It’s currently wrapped up and healing. 

Just keep swimming! 

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