Muddy horses 

Today was a horse day. So I went into work and I wish I had my wellies because it was so mucky. If it were up to me I would have called it a day and let the arena rest. But apparently the horses didn’t get out yesterday either so I think that’s why my boss pushed to work. 

And I think we just had a little earthquake… Fun. 

Anyway, so my first horse of the day was Remi. We just lunged horses today. Remi was a good boy, fairly quiet. I kept him at the trot because the ground was so wet and I was afraid of him slipping and falling if he cantered. 

Remi is the chestnut with the blaze. The horse with her foot in the bucket is Tess and she has an abcess my boss is trying to burst by soaking her In Epsom salt and hot water. Makes me wish Gucci would soak like that. He won’t soak to safe his life. 

Anyway, so my day was filled with lunging and working horses in the mud. It would drizzle and rain on us but we still worked. 

I worked with blaze, jet, Diamond, Jack and buttercup. Oh buttercup. Should we were in the ring and the first thing she does is roll. She’s old and does not give a care on what you think. She’s also white. Rolling in a muddy arena. I’ll let you imagine it for a moment. 

Here’s the proof. 

So yeah, I brushed the loose mud off her and put her back in her stall. It wasn’t warm enough to hose her off and hopefully it will dry off and come off tomorrow. 

Once I was done with work I went and saw Gucci who has also rolled in the mud. I was a little over grooming dirty horses so I just spoiled him with kisses and carrots. 

Muddy monster paint. Oh well. At least it’s his blanket that’s filthy and not him. 

Tattoo sis healing up nice. I’m putting a product called tattoo skin silk on it multiple times a day and it seems to be doing a good job. I’m still waiting for my tat wax to show up. But it isn’t as angry or inflamed today as it has been. 

My foot his healing up as well. The bruising is less and it’s not nearly as swollen. It’s still swollen but not as bad.

So yeah, that’s about it. 

Just keep swimming! 

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