Happy birthday Gucci 

Today is Gucci’s birthday! He’s 20. I can’t believe he’s that old already. I signed his papers 16 years ago today. Gah! Time flies! 

Getting up today was easy, well, easier. Fiks had to get up for work also. He got up first though. 

Work has been pretty chill. I’m still not happy with the new chair. I can barely see out of my booth. 

New view 

Old view

I also got a visit from the Easter Bunny aka one of the residents swung by and delivered me some candy. It’s too bad that most of the candy has nuts in it so I can’t eat it. But I’ve picked out what I want, I’ll give the rest to Fiks  layers. 

I spent most if my day reading a book, Diamonds. I went to go read the sequel next called Gold, but for some reason it didn’t download to my kindle properly so I can’t read it. So I threw on Netflix and started working on this. 
Oh, here are some more photos from yesterday’s egg dying event. 

Some of the dyed eggs. 

My brothers dog digging for treats in the chair. 

Mr Lincoln checking out what we are doing. 

Some of the dyes for the eggs. 

And the undyed eggs. So many. 12 dozen eggs for games tomorrow. 

After work we went over to my parents where we gave Gucci his birthday dinner and a good grooming. 

20 carrots for this year and 1 for good luck! He was very happy to have us sing to him and wish him a happy birthday. 

That’s it. 

Just keep swimming! 

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