I am so proud of myself. Something I haven’t been in a long  time.

Want to know why?

I’ll tell you why?

Because I had my tray table up, and my seat back in its full up right position.

If you didn’t sing that in your head or out loud, I’m dissapointed. Unless you don’t know the song, then never mind.

No, its not that.

I dyed my hair. 2016-05-03 13.59.30

I did it all by myself too.

I know that for some people you can’t understand why that would make me proud of myself. Or some of you just don’t care. But I care.

I’ve had to rely on so my family and friends so much for the past few weeks it seems that I can’t do anything by myself. So I haven’t had a lot of sense of self or accomplishment in a while. Not that I’m nagging on getting help. I clearly need it.

But it is so nice to be able to do something for me by myself with no one else around to see or say. Criticize or take over. And people are going to have to wait for the results. Its my little secret on how it turned out.

Oh. There will be photos later. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe on the weekend. Maybe during next week. But for right now, no on else knows how I look. How I turned out.

Well, maybe one photo…..


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