Dyed Angels with Tails

So last night I decided to try to bust out my clients tail. I like to think that I made a dent in it. So I got the top of one of the belt loops done, and I’m more than halfway up the tail. I think that it’ll be finished tomorrow. And then I can work on my new one.

As I was working I wanted something on that I enjoyed but that I wouldn’t feel guilty or bad over if I ended up tuning it out. So Doctor Who it was. Something that my boyfriend and I both enjoy. And we were able to go back over a few episodes in Season 9 and get all caught up.

Photo : Copyright © Simon Ridgway, 2015 / +44 (0)7973 442527 / http://www.simonridgway.com / pictures@simonridgway.com / 20.02.15 : Doctor Who Series 9 Block 2.

So with Doctor Who I was reminded of our little weeping angel statue. Personally I think that they are one of the scariest creatures in the series. If you want to go see the episode where they are introduced, go and watch Blink.

Anyway, because we are dorks and I’m huge into Who, I got a little weeping angel statue. It’s a way to prank and joke at each other. Just to make us laugh and smile since some days that is very difficult for me. We hid the angel and try to get the other to startle with it. Here are its hiding locations for the past 2 months.


So on to class today. Today we talked about one of the four DBT subjects, interpersonal effectiveness. Its about asking for what you need, saying no, and dealing with conflict. In handout we were given a handout to help us. Its about changing something or resisting when someone is trying to make you change. Like being able to say “No” to someone. Its about helping get through specific situations without making it worse.

Honestly I didn’t pay much attention. I was focuses on coloring. I was feeling super anxious, and coloring is one of my grounding techniques. I also had a moment where I needed to leave the class in order to collect and recenter myself.

2016-05-03 12.02.01

At least I made a dent in that.

We also got a hand out dealing with difficult people. Which for me was really nice. I get flustered when dealing with difficult people. We talked about if they are worth talking to if they are like talking to a wall. The instructor said a few things with me in the second class that really resonated.

Everyone has a different battle.

Therapy is for you to change yourself, not others.

I don’t know why, but I really like those two. She also talked about a book called The Four Agreements.

I also did something very impulsive…

2016-05-03 13.59.30

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