May the 4th be with you…

And also with you….

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I love the Piano Guys. Their creativity for their music videos, the wonderful mash-ups, how they make every song their own even when its super popular. And oh my god Steven Sharp Nelson. You can just see the love of music in his face in every music video. And his cello collection is amazing.

I grew up with a love of classical music. And so I am naturally drawn to soundtracks and just pure instrumental music. But out of the popular guys like Lindsay Sterling and 2 Cellos, the Piano Guys are hands down my favorite. Don’t get me wrong. The others are amazing, and I totally want to see them in concert. But the Piano Guys seem to be my go to instrumental music.

And another amazing Piano Guys song. And its been relevant to my current interests the past week.

So remember the Weeping Angel doll? Yeah, my boyfriend moved it. But I found it fairly quick. I love where he hid it too. She’s going to stay there over the weekend. I’ll think of moving her next week.

2016-05-03 16.03.10

I finished the tail for my client yesterday afternoon. Yay! Just in the nick of time for Darkshore. I’m nervous that I made it too long for her, so I’m going to have to take materials in case I need to shorten in. I really hope that I don’t have to. But I showed her the photos and she loved the look of it. I don’t think the photos really do it justice. I think its one of the best and favorite tails I’ve ever made. I guess it’s a good thing for a client then.


Here’s the start of my tail. Its metallic yarn and then its going to be in the style of Westmarch.


She suggested that I sell them online. Do a little shop for them. I might. It would defiantly help bring in some extra money once I’m back to working. It’s something that I will have to look into. But since I was done with her’s I decided to start on mine for feast on Saturday. I’ve made a dent. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it tonight after packing and loading up the truck to go tomorrow after class.

Speaking of class, today we worked on some more CBT stuff. We used one of the models and had to come up with a trigger and then filled out the sheet. But this is how it works.


So I used the situation of having anxiety when driving. We also got a worry log. The two can go hand in hand. I used the worry log again for driving. I was able to come up with a positive perspective to help bring down my anxiety level over the situation. It ended up making driving a little easier today. That and my boyfriend took me for a drive for almost an hour last night.

We changed and increased my medicine at the start of this week. They gave me something to help me sleep. And I got a refill on a new drug and that’s the one we increased the dosage. It seems to help with the problem but it has increased my anxiety. Like to a bad level. I feel like I’m on the verge of a panic attack level. And that I have to move. I’m usually happy  in my chair, chilling when we get a break. But since the medicine increase I feel like I have to move. I go and walk while I talk on the phone to someone. I feel like I have to multitask to just help burn off the energy. I asked to speak to a doctor but I wasn’t able to see one today. And I ended up taking my panic attack medicine just to make it through class. And I colored a whole page.

2016-05-04 11.20.13

For some reason it turned into my sister….

I went to go take my bike to get registered with the local police so that I can take it to Darkshore with me. And then I went and bought locks and got it all secured as best as I could in my budget. I thought it could stay in my cab instead of sitting out in the bed, but it doesn’t fit. I tried. I still have to pack, and make sure that we have everything. Or that I have everything for the first 2 days that I’m by myself. But at least I can tell my boyfriend to bring down whatever I missed.

I’ll be taking my coloring stuff. And my camera. And I might even fight a little bit, who knows. But the weather Gods might not be on our side. There is already a thunderstorm warning for Thursday night/Friday morning. I hope that my tent can hold up to all that rain. And I hope that I can hold up to it too. But it would be nice to sleep with the sound of the rain tapping on the top of the tent.

I’m looking forward to seeing my friends who I don’t see often. And my friend who is moving over seas to Japan for the next 3 years. Thank God for Facebook, am I right? On Saturday night there will be a feast. And I made a new hair clip to go with it. And it’ll match my feast garb and (hopefully) my new tail.

2016-05-04 13.24.40 (1)

On a side note, I found helmet cam footage from Doug Paynes ride at the Kentucky Rolex if you are interested. I think this is the only way I’d be able to “ride” the course in my lifetime. Unless I win the lottery, change disciplines, and get an amazing new horse… Hrm… Maybe I should start playing the lottery…

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