Darkshore XIX Day 3

So yesterday I served breakfast, lunch and dinner. I fed 150 people food. 150! That is crazy. I needed to distract myself from my wheels from spinning. It was hard without my boyfriend here. I noticed that I could get bored and have to move. At with serving people food it gave me something to do. 


I’ve also noticed a major change when it comes to me and sugar. It’s like I’m getting really sensitive to it. As soon as I eat it I have to move. I have to go do something. This has only been since I started Abilify. I wonder if it’s one of the side effects.


I finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets audio book yesterday. I have read the book a few times and loved it. But I got the audio book to help me sleep. So anyway. I started a new book. A death in Sweden. So far it has been interesting. It’s about a man who dies in a bus accident. And the man who has been sent to investigate it is a mercenary. So it’s brought an interesting  perspective.


Ive slowly been working in the picture for Flash. The all the roses are outlined in different colors and even a few roses are colored in. I’ll probably finish it during the week.


I know this blog should be about darkshore, and How everything is going. But I’ve been detached from it today. I’m finding it really difficult to get into it and be excited about today. I took some photos and stopped. I tried to help with lunch until I was hit with a giant wave of paranoia and had to run away. My boyfriend suggested a nap and some food. I took his advice. It’s seemed to have help.


It’s about 3pm, and I have a lot more of the day to do. I’m hanging out in the tent, listening to my audio book and the sounds of the battle games going on 100 meters away. People are loud when they game. And it sounds like we have the pitter patter of rain on the tent again.


I got my tail to my client. She loves it. Says she’s going to pimp it out everywhere. Yay.


I think there will be a better run down of the even later in the week. I just can’t seem to do it right now. And we have the huge event of the feast.

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