Stand by, we are having technial difficutlies…

I have a love hate relationship when it comes to tech support.

I love that they are there to help you with problems. Its something that I couldn’t do over the phone/computer. Sometimes I can barely do it in person. So thank you everyone. You are amazing and under appreciated.

I hate that you have to explain your problem just to talk to them, and then re-explain it once you get someone. And then I feel like I’m an idiot.

I have friends in the tech support industry, and I am NOT knocking down you, or your profession. I know what some of you are amazing at your jobs and are dealing with difficult people and just ones who don’t know or understand what they are doing. Thank you for what you do, I know its hard. I think its more dealing with the people than anything. I know that its a job that I couldn’t do, so thank you for being able to do it.


My thought process usually is “Yes, I’ve done everything previously recommended. I am a smart person, believe it or not. I know you are just doing your job I just hate explaining myself constantly.”

Oh my god, and being transferred correctly to someone who know’s what they are doing the first time around seems bloody near impossible.

How did I get started on this rant?

My Kindle Fire has been crashing since Darkshore. At first it was when I opened certain applications or books (Facebook or Empire Of Night). The not being able to read one sucked, because my book was getting really good. But it’s just gradually been getting worse and worse to the point of where it doesn’t work unless it’s plugged in. Pretty pointless in a kindle. I’m very used to taking it wherever I go and either reading or playing games on it. I know I have my phone and can use that, but it’s not the same.

So I sit here at 2:20 am trying to figure out what the future of my Kindle is.


So since my kindle keeps crashing I started a new book last night. Unrelenting by George H Morris. This is the autobiography of basically the horse god. I already own numerous of his books. They are super informative and written well. He does clinic’s all around the country. He’s been the trainer for the US Olympic teams. George is currently the trainer for the Brazilian team. He has ridden in the Olympics for the US. He has no problem saying what he’s thinking. He’s always striving for the best. Yes, I am drooling over a man in his 80’s, but so does anyone in the horse world who knows who he is and what he’s done for the sport.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One reason why I think he is so amazing is that when he is teaching, he has no problem getting up on the horse and showing and telling you what he is doing. For someone who is an extremely visual and kinesthetic learner, its an amazing thing to have. He tells you what he is feeling for and you get to see what the horse and rider are doing at the same time. And the quotes in the pictures? All things he’s said to students.

Its 3am and I am the new owner of a Kindle Fire HD 8″. Yay and ugh at the same time. They were unable to fix my kindle. They offered me older versions of the size smaller or a discount on a new one. So I went for the new one and decided to do it right and spend some money so hopefully the next one won’t have the same issue. We’ll see what happens when it shows up tomorrow.

I couldn’t sleep for a long while. So I put on Burn Notice and worked on my Wavehaven tail for a while. I got one of the top loops done. Then I crawled back into bed at about 4. I don’t know when I got to sleep. I just know it was super light and a lot of tossing and turning.


So the day contained a fender bender to my boyfriends care at a local donut shop. No body was hurt. Just damage to the back panels of the car. The person who hit us is acutall the little brother of a friend.

We then went to my parents and filled up the truck with plastic and glass bottles, and soda cans. The truck bed was semi full, but we didnt get as much money as we thought we would recycling them. But we got a few tips from the guy at the center. Like since the water bottles weight pratically nothing now, count them to 100 in a bag and then close it. Don’t do plastic bottles by weight.

After that we made our way to the feed store to get Gucci’s food for the month. We figured out what ratio he enjoys right now, yay! Its a little more expensive because he’s eating more of an expensive food, but its okay. The food was designed to be either fed as the sole staple to the diet or in addition to. For Gucci its in addition to. Its just in every meal now instead of just his dinner.

While I was makinghs stall again with a new bale of shavings, I had him locked in his turn out. He started throwing a fit. Spinning and striking out… Well, here’s the video. And before anyone dares to tell me how to play with my horse understand that is what we were doing; playing. We have total trust in each other, so don’t judge our bond.

After Gucci I ended up passing out for about 2 hours. I apparently needed it, because once I hit the bed I was out. But when I woke up I started working on the Wavehaven tail again and put on the new James Bond film, Spectre. We had yet to see it. I enjoyed it.

Also, Hi from Stormfly.

2016-05-20 08.52.24

Here is my police week story for the day.

A Night of Remembrance

Tonight, police agencies from across Nevada gathered in Las Vegas to honor law enforcement officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. We salute everyone who serves and protects — and all the wonderful volunteers who made the 2016 Southern Nevada Law Enforcement Memorial such a moving tribute to our fallen heroes.

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