Lazy Day

I woke up this morning to the sounds of the garbage truck slamming the dumpster from next door against its frame. Bastard. And then I realized I had slept in a little for me. It was 7 instead of 6. Yay!

2016-05-17 08.12.39
Good morning from Stormfly

Then I started obsessing. Boo.

But it was over horse stuff, so it wasn’t that bad. I got an email. from smartpak about a deal going on where you get a fly sheet for free once you order your smartpaks. I used to have Gucci on them and he did really well. But then I needed the money for other things. But I can tell a for sure difference in his health coat wise and with how stiff he is. I think its time to start them again.

I also started looking at new spurs and spur straps, and maybe a ringside bag. I also was looking for a new pair of riding gloves since I’m not really sure what happened to mine. We had one glove floating around the apartment for a few months, and of course now that I need it, can I find it?


I’m not sure which set of spurs I need, and one set is out of stock and won’t be back until after I started my new job. But they are both soft touch, not that I’m super aggressive with my spur work. I pretty much always ride in tom thumb spurs. I’ve always had a strong leg, and I use my spurs more as an aid (which is how they are meant to be used) instead to cover up my lack of leg strength (which is what some people use them for). I also have a wide selection of spurs in my tack trunk so I might already have a pair of what they use. I can’t really remember.

So yesterday at the zoo we bought a few souvenirs, they had a sale on stuffed animals. So, being the stuffed animal lover that I am, I bought a pair. I got a red panda and my boyfriend got a lion cub. They go along with our snow leopard which we got the first time we went to the zoo a few years ago.

2016-05-19 07.51.28
His name is Shifu, to go along with Snowy and Simba

So last night after the zoo I went to my local craft store to get some more cording to make some tails over the next few days. The first tail that I am working on is my space tail. It’s a mix of blues, browns, blacks, and oranges. I decided to make the cording a little shorter this time around, so that its more like a cat’s tail instead of a horse. Just one length of hair the whole way up. (Ignore my toes)

I’m really just planning for a lazy day today. Making tails, coloring, and watching Disney or anime. Its been super busy week so far and I can feel myself starting to frazzle out. A lazy day just sounds amazing. I also start work again on Saturday and I definatly need to be on game to work properly. Its just a short shift, but its still work and I need to be at my best.

So the lazy day started off with watching The Lion King and working on my outer space tail. So many oranges, blues and blacks. The tail. Not the movie. Although… Now that I think about it…

Then I stuck in and napped through the first part of Beauty and the Beast. I really just want the library from this movie. So many books!


I’ll just post images of what we watched for the rest of the day.



So I started this tail last night and got the base done in Orange shades mixed with blues. The sleeves are orange and the body is planets and stars, hence the blacks and the yellows and browns. I think that it will turn out nice. I also decided to keep the strands shorter, try a new and different look.

This is my Wavehaven tail. Just shades of blue and black. My garb is blue and white. So my boyfriend suggested adding some white to make it pop. I also used black cord for the boning in this tail. It’s made it stiffer to work with and it’s less forgiving when the section is almost full and I’m trying to squeeze more yarn in so I don’t have a hole there. I’m  still deciding on how I feel about it. I might have to play in it and see if if effects my movements or throws off my balance.

Today’s #policeweek story is how law enforcement is starting to focus on PTSD prevention. This is something that is very close to my heart. PTSD affects not only the life of the sufferer, but family and friends as well. Because PTSD brings on a bunch of other side effects such as anxiety, depression, hyper-vigilance, and more.I’m not saying that all those happen to everyone, just that they can and its a topic which isn’t talked about a lot for law enforcement.


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