Zoom Zoom Zoom

Hey everyone, its Friday. So far its been an okay kind of Friday too. I didn’t have any anxiety when I woke up this morning, which was a nice change. Almost daily I have been waking up riddled with anxiety.

I got to work okay. And I was okay there for most of the day. No desire to call out sick and go home. Another nice change.

People are not stopping for me today, what a shock, right? I think I’ve had more people zoom by me than I did have stop and check in with me. Tomorrow I think I’ll keep a tally. I do have a big stop sign hanging off my little building, so they can’t say that they didn’t see it. And there was a little note saying that we have to take the sign down when we aren’t there because people obey it and stop and then traffic builds up. I have a really difficult time believing that.

Most of the day I was good and didn’t pull out my Kindle and watch Netflix. But I did pull it out to start reading the book that I started last night, The Night Stalker. Second book in the series, and so far so good.

I talked to a friend from Europe today, someone who I grew up with. She reached out to me to tell me that her father had passed away. He got really sick in August and then a little over a month he’s gone. It was kind of a shock to say the least. She told me to value my time with my father, which I do. But maybe I need to do more stuff with my parents, appreciate them more and not take them for granted.

It kind of sucks living so far away from where I grew up, especially when something like this happens. I can’t do anything from where I am minus send a card and offer them my sympathies. Maybe that would be all that I could offer even if I was there. But I am missing out on so much going on back home; friends being pregnant and getting married. Maybe I just feel that way because it seems like I am closer to the people back there than I am with my own family.

I’m not sure what else today. I’m just kind of in a funk I guess. I’ll get myself sorted and be back tomorrow.

Just keep swimming!


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