A short blog…

I know that I said I was going to do a blog entry every day this month, and then there I go and not do a blog yesterday. I had no inspiration, nothing really happened, and I was mentally just feeling like I was checked out. Yesterday all I really did was watch more Grey’s Anatomy and worked on our inflatable mattress that we take camping. I totally blame my cousin for turning me onto this show. And I’m totally sucked into it.

I haven’t really done anything today. I went to an important appointment today. It went a little smoother than planned/expected/my anxiety was telling me how the day was going to be. After my appointment I went and dropped off my resume at the vet clinic that is hiring. The woman at reception was nice and took it with a smile. I really just hope that I get a phone call out of it. An interview would be nice. It would be a cut in pay, but maybe the pay cut would be worth it for a job that I will be happy with. Would that be such a bad thing?

I’m not really sure on what else to write about today. I’ve spent my day at home processing what has happened today and what the next step is and… hoping that I can some how get this to turn favorably towards me. I know that I’m vague posting and booking, and I’m sorry. Its not something that I want coming out an being public knowledge yet… if ever.

I go into work tomorrow for my security job and work the next 4 days, and then have horses the day after that. My horse boss has gone away for the weekend for a wedding and won’t be back until Wednesday. One of the other riders is going to come in and help me with the horses that I have on Tuesday. I might talk to her about seeing if she will work for me the Thursday of Feast of Mars for me. I have the weekend off from my security job, so that’s good.

I think that I am going to go and get my hair cut before FOM. I don’t know if I’ll let my hair dresser dye my hair or do it at home again. I love the bright red hair I get using the box stuff, but it doesn’t last super long with the riding and the sweating it out into my helmet. I’m not sure at this point, just thinking… well, typing, out loud. My hair is getting so long that I am having problems flipping it up into my helmet when I ride. The sign that it needs to be cut, I don’t need any more unnecessary pressure in my head than I already have/get.

I did a quick visit with Gucci today. He was good, and just wanted the lunch bucket from me, not wanting me to distract him from his food. Such a boy, and such a horse. Always thinking with his stomach. I just fed Stormfly dinner too. Another boy who always acts like he is hungry. The boyfriend who is always hungry is stuck far away in traffic due to huge accident, no idea when he’ll be getting home. But he will be one more hungry boy with a stomach to feed. No idea what to do for dinner today… but I’m sure that we will figure out something. 🙂

So, I think that’s it for the day.

Just keep swimming!


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