It was a drizzly Tuesday 

I don’t know what is going on with me.  My anxiety level when I wake up is through the roof still. There is a lot of self talk and medicine taking just to leave the apartment. 

I love riding horses. I love that I get paid to ride horses. But this morning I wanted nothing to do with riding. Wanted nothing to do with horses. Wanted to call my boss and lie about being Ill and just not to go in. But I was a big, strong girl and was talking myself up while zipping up my half chaps and putting on my spurs. 

I got in my car and showed up to the barn and saw I was the only one there. No one would know if I decided to turn around and go home. I wanted to go home. Instead I worked my way though the drizzly rain and got out my first horse of the day. Ella. 

Ella was a little bit of a pill today. She was nice and quiet when I tacked her up. Went to go and lunge her and she was a wild and crazy horse. Had a lot of bucks and kicks in her, and galloping spurts. Once she had settled down I got on her where she was a bit of a wiggle worm. But other than that she was fine. The rain continued to fall as we went round and round, doing figure 8s, circles,  and worked on our transitions. 

We switched things up a bit and I got Sherman out next. He was nice and quiet as I groomed him, but he is shedding like no one’s business. White hair everywhere. So I talked him up and went to go lunge him. I had him already to work, was just about to put my gloves on the lunge him and zoom! Off he goes; ripping the lunge line from my hands. So he canters around the arena, galloping and bucking with squeals and farts. I try to catch him and after 5 minutes of him eluding capture my boss comes in the arena to help me catch him. 

Sure. He stops for her and walks up gently. Me I try to get in his way and he almost runs me down. I see how it is. So my boss hands him to me with a grin. So I take him and we go back to the lunging area and start going around in circles when one of the riders points out that it’s the second time Sherman has done that to me.  Great. 

So after the lunge I hop on him and work him for a little bit while I’m waiting for the other riders because today we are going on a trail ride instead of having a lesson. It was nice. All 4 of us just going for a walk in the woods. It was a good 25-30 minute trail. Nothing happened on the trail. All 4 of us had a wonderful time and commented how nice it was for the change of going around in the arena. 

After Sherman I got out Diamond who had gotten out yesterday but still had a little wild twinkle in his eye. So I decided to lunge him just to take the edge off. I was glad I did. He had a bucking fit and stomped his way around the circle. But he was great once I was on him. I’m still working in getting him to balance himself while doing circles. I got him balanced to the left, but not to the right. I’ll have to read some of my books to get a better idea of what to try. 

After Diamond was dude. Nothing interesting there. Just walking. A quick 20 minute ride. After him I did the buckets for everyone. Then I was done there for the day. 

I went to my parents house next, had some lunch and discovered that Gucci was running out of food. So we went to the feed store and got what he needed for the month. There was a mix up loading up the feed. I ordered 3 bags of cubes and I only got 1. So I’ll have to go and get my 2 bags tomorrow. But everything else I ordered was right so that’s good. 

Gucci got a nice new bed today, 2 bales of shavings just to make a nice place for him to lie down and sleep. Hopefully. That’s what they are there for anyways. 

After my boyfriend came home and took a shower and went out for dinner and got burgers. The had the Penguins of Madagascar movie playing. I love that movie. So glad it’s on Netflix. After dinner we went and got some ice-cream…

We went for a nice stroll along one of the local beaches too. 

Alright, that’s been my day and night. 

Just keep swimming! 

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