Day dream believer… 

So today is Monday, the last day of my security job for the week. I made it into work again, which is good for me. It was still a lot of self talk of “I can do this”,  and “it’s only six hours.” I had a plan to pack a bag of workout clothes so I could hit up the gym on the way home from work. I was so anxious and just wanting to get to work that I forgot to do it. I also forgot to my little note book in which I write my rough drafts. 

So last night we went and saw Labyrinth in theaters for its 30th anniversary. No one that we saw did a cosplay or anything fun, which is fine. It was a long shot of that happening anyways. But it was still awesome to see it on the big screen. Picked up details that I hadn’t caught on watching it on the TV at home. Like the hidden Jerith faces throughout the movie. Or that there is more than one junkyard puppet. I’d only ever caught the main one before. 

Work went okay. I was tired from having a hard time sleeping last night. The impulse to move my legs/body was really intense. Lovely side effect of a medication that I have to take. But anyway, back to work. It seemed to drag on, I think because I was so tired. But nothing really happened today. So that was nice. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about the vet job I applied to.  If I get the job I could even ride my bike to work. It’s not too far away from where we live. It’d be a nice ride and it’d help me get into shape. But this is all just hypothetical and what ifs right now. 

Maybe I just need to ride my bike more in general. 

Its late and I’m getting tired and grumpy. 

Just keep swimming. 

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