I can do this… 

So, through all my anxiety, fear, and little bit of panic I made it into work. So that’s a plus for me. Besides taking medicine it was a lot of “I can do this”  and “you can do it” from my boyfriend. He said that I need to install a little Rob Snider into me because in movies he says “you can do it” a couple times. 

I don’t know if it’s a sign that I need a new job  or not, but I’m hoping that with a new job it will get better or disappear. Or maybe it’s just part of what I have now. But I don’t feel worried or anxious when I do the horse job. So I think its related to the security job specifically. The need to be on all the time and the stress that comes with it. 

But here I am, sitting at work listening to Spontanionation. Earlier I was listening to The Thrilling Adventure hour. People are still zooming past my booth. Or they stop but would take put their window down. I’m not going to do anything minus ask you a question or two. I was cold, which is weird. True, it’s cloudy and over cast with wet fog, but I still shouldn’t be as cold as I am. I’ve been cold for the past couple of days, which is weird. A sign of me being sick. 

I had a unexpected visitor while I was getting my golf cart out this morning. Well, actually 4 visitors. Care to tale a guess? 

Unless you said 4 wild turkeys you’re wrong. And if you guessed 4 wild turkeys you win fake internet points! It’s not quite time for turkey dinner (Thanksgiving), but soon… Ish…  End of November… 

Today after work we are going to go and see the 30th anniversary showing of Labyrinth. I’m hoping everyone will be cool and somewhat sane. It’ll be interesting to see if there is anyone who will cosplay from the movie. 

I think I’m going to call it a day and let this be a short blog. 

Just keep swimming! 

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