It can’t hurt, right?

Happy Saturday people.

I woke up feeling upset and super anxious about coming to work today. Like I almost had a panic attack over it kind of anxious. But I took my anxiety medicine and kept on telling myself “I can do this.” So there I was at work, writing out my rough draft out and listening to Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know. That’s what I mostly listened to. I did listen to Wits, Spontanionation, and The Thrilling Adventure Hour as well. I was checking people in while listening when people were polite enough to stop for me. For most of the day it was about 50/50.

I got a email this morning from a job website that I signed up for a while ago. The first job didn’t have any interest for me. It was a job at a photo lab. But the second job caught my attention. The second one is working at a vet as an assistant. I’ve applied for it since I got home. It can’t hurt, right? It’s the right direction of where I want to end up going. The vet is also where my brother and sister take their pets. I took my cat there too. They work with small animals though, not large. But it’d be a step in the right direction and experience is experience.

The third job is/was my dream job at my dream police department. Police Officer with SVPD. I know its no longer the right choice for me, but it has been and was for so long. But I still got exited and sad when I saw that they were hiring. Because I know that I will never be a part of that team/family again. Maybe if I start spending more time with them again I will, but its hard. I don’t have the desire or time for it. Well, I do have the time. But ever since I had a falling out with my mentor, who is a Lt with the PD I just don’t feel welcome. It’s possible it could all be in my head too. Maybe I’ll hit up the PD one day on my way home from horses; figure out what is true and what isn’t.

So I didn’t really do much yesterday minus watching a lot of Gray’s Anatomy. I think I even got my boyfriend into it a little bit. He at least paid attention to the episodes that were on.

While I was at work I had someone stop and ask me if I was related to my dad. I said yes and the man responded “Good. They are good people.” Nice to know that people know my family for being nice and good people. We may have our faults and problems, but so does every family.

After I got done with work I swung by the park to visit my boyfriend and hand one of the fighters, CJ, his 5th order of the Warrior. We picked it up for him when we were at Westmarch Wars. Might have taken a little long to get it to him, but hey, at least he has it now. We hung out at the park for a little while, talking with my boyfriend and one of my pregnant friends whose husband was still fighting. Or as the new term calls them, wacky bats. We’ll see how long that phrase stays around. We also asked one of the fighters there to be an NPC for our Darkshore Bid for next year. We told him who he would play and he said yes. So woohoo! to that.


After amtgard we went with our friends to a local restaurant for a late lunch/early dinner. It was nice just being able to hang out and talk with our friends over dinner. Mine wasn’t super amazing, but that’s okay. It was food and fuel which is what I mostly needed it for. I ordered a salad instead of the flajitas that I wanted, so I was good.

Once we were done with dinner we came home and I worked on turning in my resume for that vet hospital job. It might not pay the best, but its the experience that I am after, and they say that they pay will improve over time, which is good. I had a hard time coming up with how to make a new resume and everything that goes with it. I ended up using an old resume and changed a few things around and submitted it. I just hope that its good enough to get an interview, because I can sell myself better in person than I can on a piece of paper or through a computer.

Well, I guess that’s it for today. I’m listening to music on the computer while my boyfriend is playing Fallout 4 again. He just downloaded the new patch for it, so he’s working on beating that.


I think that’s it for tonight.

Stay safe

Just keep swimming!

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