Netflix and zzzz… 

Hey everybody. Happy Friday! 

I was meant to work my security job today, but I didn’t. I called out sick. I woke up feeling super anxious and with a lot of head pressure/pain. Meds that make me fuzzy and sometimes knock me out were required to get out of bed.  

I didn’t make it very far. I made it to the sofa and turned on Netflix and that has been my day. I started off the day with a chick flick, so I know I wasn’t feeling good. Plus I’m cold, I’m never cold unless I’m sick. I’m in flannel pants, fuzzy slippers and a sweatshirt. I shift between being wrapped up in a blanket for most of the day. I’ve closed up the apartment so there is no breeze or anything coming into the apartment 

Then I moved onto Gray’s Anatomy again. It’s a good show, I just wish a patient didn’t die every bloody episode. That’s what it feels like anyway. 

I was thinking I’d write this great little short story for the day. But I don’t know what to talk about. So maybe no great story today, just a small short blog to get through the day and to keep up my writing habbit. I’m also doing this from my phone even though the computer is right next to the sofa. I want to get used to doing it on my cell so I can do it on the days I work and when I go camping at the end of the month. 

We are going to be camping Thursday through Sunday. So 3 days of activities to pay attention to. 2 big events rolled into one. I’ll take so many photos over the days. I’ll do my best to take some on my cell phone even. So that you can share the experience in some what real time. 

I told my boyfriend that I feel guilty for not going into work. That I felt guilty about not pulling my weight today. He told me it was fine, as long as I keep trying and do my best tomorrow. What I have isn’t easy, it’s something hard to live with and get used to. So I’m allowed some off days. 
I think part of why I feel guilty for missing work today is we have a friend who just had to have his leg below his knee amputated. That’s a valid and good reason not to go to work. Not signs of a migraine and other mental problems. That’s what goes through my head a lot. My inner person can tend to be quite a negative bitch. I wish it was a positive bitch. 

I also think that working 6 days in a row isn’t for me any more. I’ll have to go in and talk to my bosses about my work schedule. I need to figure out how to make things better for me. Keep the insurance and the horse job. 

I’ve been looking for new jobs. I’m currently in process for one with the county so I kind of stalled out. I have a feeling it’d be a dick move to get a new job and leave immediately for a different new job. So I’m kind of waiting right now. If things don’t work out with this current application I’ll start job hunting hard. 

I think that I’m going to be done for the day. Nothing exciting is happening today and I can’t think of anything creative to keep know going on. 

Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow. 

Just keep swimming! 

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