Hey everyone,

I don’t think this is going to be a long entry.

I’m not really sure on what to talk about today. Nothing’s really happened today. I just worked and nothing happened there (yay). I’d rather be bored than driving around like a chicken with my head cut off.

We did start talking about Darkshore stuff. I’m going to work on it some more today. Its hard because I’m stuck on what I want and what I need. Like there is some cool stuff that I’m planning on getting, but do I really need it? kind of thing. Like I’m stuck over ‘Do I really need these plates? Yes, they’d be awesome and add to the theme, but they are expensive and I need $X worth to feed X amount of people.’ And there is stuff that I originally priced out that are now unavalibe or the price has changed. So I’m worried over going to Fiks and being like ‘Hey love, here’s my budget.’ and then in  6 months being like ‘Oops. To get everything I said I want/need I have to go over my budget, sorry!’. Maybe once we win and get the money I’ll order the stuff so I’m not waiting forever and letting the price changes.

Its a beautiful day here. I should go and say Hi to Gucci and let him graze, and pick up my box from my parents place. Be an adult and deal with the shitty traffic. Or I can wait a little while and let the traffic die down. Maybe take Fiks with me and then we can get some dinner or go to the grocery store and do adult things. Hrm…

Just keep swimming!


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