Cubs, Videos and Horses

First of all, go Cubs! Way to break that 108 year loosing streak by winning last night.


Yesterday afternoon kind of turned lazy on me. Or I turned lazy on it. One of the two.

I started off with watching youtube and watching a bunch of videos. Some were awesome. Some weren’t. But I started off with watching Benedict Cumberpatch videos. Shock right? I know, I’m such a Cumberbitch… I mean Cumberperson. Well, actually I started off with The Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie Song.

Then I watched The Piano Guys “Its Gonna be Okay.” I love this song. It speaks to me on so many levels right now.

The I moved onto the Cumberpatch videos from when he was on The Graham Norton Show with Eddie Redmayne and Bryan Cranston. Its so cute because Eddie is totally enamored with Bryan in each of these videos.

Fiks and I watched this one while we were recovering from a party from last weekend. Needless to say I got very excited when Benedict said that he did weddings.

Fiks: “What, we going to ask Benedict come to the states and marry us?”

Then I watched another Piano Guys Video. The one that they just released last week, so I had heard the music but I hadn’t seen the video. It isn’t too bad.

I also wound up taking a nap yesterday. I just sat down to plug my phone and my kindle in and out I went. But it probably is one of the reasons why I didn’t sleep good last night.

I got stuck on working on my Darkshore stuff. Like there is stuff I want for it, but do I really need it? I mean, we probably already have plenty of the supply, just not in the colors that I want. And I want to go to the site one day and count the tables to make sure that I have the right number and can cover all of the tables. I don’t want anyone to miss out on anything basically.

So obviously we watched the Game (last game in the world series) last night. I watched it after watching a little Grey’s Anatomy. We had tacos for dinner once Fiks came home from work. And that was I did with my day yesterday.

This morning I woke up with a killer migrane. I think it was because I didn’t sleep good last night. I woke up at 3 and was up from then until around 6 am. I even stuck in a movie that I always fall asleep to (101 Dalmatians). It kind of worked, made me sleepy enough to go to bed and sleep again for a couple of hours.

But with the pain and the pressure in my head this morning I didn’t want to wear my helmet riding horses. I didn’t really want to ride or be out in the sunshine today. But I did and went to work anyway. I started off with lunging Diamond. He was a little wild and crazy to be honest. But it was cold this morning which might have been part of why he was a little crazy, it can happen.


After Diamond I took off horse blankets for a little while, only leaving sheets on the ones that were body clipped. So thats about 3 of them. Would have been 4, but the horse only had a heavy blanket on with no sheet underneath. When all the blankets were off I moved onto my next horse, Mini. I groomed and lunged him, and he was pretty quiet on the line. It was hard to  get him to get the canter and keep it, but I ended up being able to keep him going forward enough for a couple of laps.


Next came Marley. I groomed him and tacked him up in the circingle rig and then we went to the ring where I started to lunge him. At first he was super lazy and would not go out on the line or pick up the trot, so I had to get after him until he would trot and go out on a bigger circle. I don’t think he’s a bad horse, I think he’s just lazy sometimes. And so that’s why you have to get after him on the ground. He’s great when you’re on his back though.


While I let Marley cool down I went and got out Dude for the next horse of the day, and the only horse that I would end up riding today. I did not like wearing my helmet, too much pain and pressure on my already sore head. But I did what I could. We walked and trotted for 20 minutes or so, going both directions and trotting down the long side of the arena. He didn’t feel as sore or off today, so that’s an improvement over Tuesday where he took a funny step and I wasn’t sure if he was lame or not. Dude was a good boy and stood in the crossties while I made up the lunch buckets for everyone else. Someone else feeds him his extra.


Not a good picture of Dude, but it was a good photo of me riding so I took it.

After I was done with the barn I went to my parents to say hi to Gucci today. And to see if my package had arrived yet, which it hadn’t. It showed up after I left. Typical. But Gucci was good, enjoying the sunshine and eating his lunch. I hung out and talked with dad for a while over a couple different things. On my way home I grabbed something for lunch and I turned on more Grey’s Anatomy. And took another unintentional nap on the sofa.

I’m not really sure what I am going to do with the rest of my day. I will probably watch that San Jose Shark’s game tonight (hockey). But until then I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll work on my part of the Darkshore bid some more.


Just keep swimming!


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