Miserable Monday…

I think that my depression is coming back and kicking my ass. I don’t want to go to either job most days. I just want to stay home and either lie in bed or on the sofa. Its either the depression acting up or I’m just getting burned out from working both jobs. I don’t want to work. I just want to focus on school. But school doesn’t start until January, so I’ve got a couple more months to go yet.

At least I want to go back to school, wanting to better myself. I really want to be a large animal vet tech, and there is a lot of school to go. I’m basically started at square one. I need to take math, biology, and chemistry, and that’s just to get into the program. Then the program is another 2-3 years, so I’ve got another 4-5 years of school to go.

I’ll probably have to stop the horses in order to go to school. Which sucks yet I am fine with at the same time. I’d like to have a different job by then, but if not I guess it’d be okay. I do like the health insurance (Kaiser) that I get through work. But I’d like to work afternoons/evenings instead of weekends, but I’m not sure that will work out with this job.

I don’t know, I’m just looking for change and the way to do it is go to back to school. My family is supportive of my choice to go back to school and of my never career choice, which is nice. And Fiks is supportive too.

I looked at the college catalog today, trying to find my classes. They still offer the math class that I need, which is good. And then are 3 Biology classes, two are Monday and Wednesday and Friday, and one is Monday and Wednesday nights. So I guess I’ve got to see what classes I can get into when I can register in… 14 days. Hopefully the classes won’t be full up by then. That would suck.

I think that’s it for the day. I’ve stayed home sick, legitimately sick, fever and everything, and have just been dozing off and on on the sofa while watching Grey’s Anatomy. I’m almost done with all that is on Netflix. Then I’ll find a new series to watch. Maybe The Crown with Matt Smith.

Just keep swimming!




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