We Won!

So for those of you who don’t know…


:: happy dance ::


We found out late last night, otherwise I would have posted about it yesterday.

But soon the real work begins. The buying of stuff, the prep, the stress. Thankfully we have a team of people to help with it. I just hope it all goes well and it all comes together.

Who knows what else will happen.

I’m not really up for talking about much else, but I just wanted to share the good news.  Oh, Gucci got new shoes today and that went well, but he is very sore now. Standing super awkward so that he doesn’t have the pain/pressure all in one spot.

We went and got his food for the next couple of weeks after his shoes were done. So poppa and I cleaned up the little feed area before putting down the new stuff. Always good to clean it up every now and again.

I finished up Grey’s Anatomy yesterday. Well, what they have on Netflix at least. In an effort to try and find something new I started to watching Being Human, the original UK series. So far its… interesting… to say the least.

Alright everyone, I know that I normally say Just Keep Swimming, but today I’m changing it up a little bit.

Just Keep Dancing!


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