Long Time No Talk

I know its been a while since I wrote something down, and I’m sorry for my fans out there… If I have any.

I’ve just been feeling uninspired. Unwilling to share. It seems like such an effort right now to do the simplest things, things that I used to enjoy, such as doing my blog. Maybe its because I expect to much of myself, expect to write a certain amount of words every time.

I’ve been struggling with wanting to go to work with both jobs. I’m just so… not into them. And I understand that that is a part of life, and its an adult thing to go to jobs you’re not happy with. I’ve been applying for other jobs but I haven’t gotten any bites, which is disappointing. It makes me feel… un-hire-able or undesirable. I know that I’m going through a rough patch right now, but maybe having a new job will help with that.

I still just want to drop everything and focus on going to school. Maybe its something that I should do since I keep thinking about it.

Gucci coliced on me a little over 2 weeks ago, and he hasn’t really bounced back from it. He’s stressing me out. He’s lost his appetite and is very picky about what and when he eats. I’m having problems getting his medicine into him, having to paste him daily to make sure that he gets it. I might go and get a new bag of feed today and see how that goes over, and more of his medicine.

Thanksgiving went well. Fiks’ brother came down from up north and celebrated the day with us. My sister has a thing against turkey, so we had to suffer and have fillet instead. Oh, the hardship. But it didn’t really feel like thanksgiving to me without the turkey and the stuffing and everything. So mom was awesome and we did a turkey dinner last night.

On Thanksgiving after dinner Fiks, his brother and myself all went to go and see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them. It was a really good movie. I really enjoyed it and was happy to see it. I know that Fiks had a good time with it, and I’m fairly sure that his brother did too. If you haven’t seen it you should. It has an amazing cast, its a good story, and has a wonderful twist at the end.

I think thats going to be it for today. I don’t know when the next blog will come. But I hope you all have safe and happy days, and I’ll talk to you soon.

And remember:

Just Keep Swimming!


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