Week 42

Hi from Monday!

I finally got a good nights sleep. True, I fell asleep on the couch and spent most of it there, but it still counts. But I was kind of lazy with waking up and getting my butt in gear to go see Gucci. My parents were gone for physical therapy for poppas hand anyway. I got there around 11ish and went over and gave Gucci a cookie and then went in and said hi to my parents. Poppa was doing good, mom was taking a nap. Poppa asked me to go muck out Gucci’s stall, so I did that. After I got this little video of him though.

After I was done mucking we walked around freestyle for 10 minutes. He got distracted when mom came outside and started begging for treats. He’s such a ham. I put him away and helped my parents clean up the house a little bit and then we had some sandwiches for lunch.

Mom had an eye appointment to go to, so Poppa took her there because I had no idea where to take her and she isn’t the best with directions. So I stayed a while and then I went to work and requested time off for Screamathon next weekend up at Bill The Nun’s house. After that I went and got my flu shot, came home, and flopped on the sofa.

Tuesday was alright, I guess. I was hoping that work would forget about me for working Halloween, but alas, they didn’t. I got a phone call from one of the bosses giving me a 0930-1730 shift downtown. I hate downtown to start, so tomorrow is going to suck balls. Then I went to work and got a text from my other boss saying my shift was 1730-0230, I told her I couldn’t do that shift.

The bank was fine. They were busy getting ready for Halloween. Their theme for this branch was being an airport. It was coming along pretty well when I left work.

Wednesday rolled around and I rolled out of bed and got dressed to go to work. I went downtown to the meeting point, and met one of my old supervisors, so that was nice. I got my post position and walked my way over to find out that the road was already closed for construction. It was that way until 1230ish, then the road crew were done for the day so I called and asked for help closing the road again. But the shift was basically uneventful, which was nice.

Thursday I got to see what was left over at the bank of them becoming an airport. From what I saw it was pretty cool. And apparently they won the competition, so that’s good for them.

Friday was fine. Mom and Poppa went to San Francisco to get the pins removed from Poppa’s thumb, it took a while to get there but the appointment went fine. And he got all the pins removed. He can’t really move his thumb still, but it looks good and the doctors are happy with his progress.

Saturday went fine. Work took our patrol truck away, so no more patrols for me. I’m back to being stuck in the booth for 8 hours at a time. I’ll really miss the patrols because it got me out of the booth for 2 hours a day, which was nice.

Sunday was much like Saturday, nothing much to report. Fiks went over to another land and helped with their Quals, and even fought a little bit. Then he met me over at my parents house for dinner where we had chicken and rice casserole. Always good and yummy.

Have a week!


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