Happy Guy Fawks Day (Week 43)

Hi from Monday!

And Happy Guy Fawks day to all my England peeps!

Today I got to sleep in a little bit, and I fell asleep on the sofa when I moved to it. Then I packed up moms sewing machine into the truck, swung by the feed store and got Gucci’s hay and shavings, and went over to my parents house.

I said Hi to Gucci when I got there and I gave him a cookie and took off his blanket. Then I went inside to say hi to my parents. Then they helped me unload the hay and the shavings. Poppa let Gucci out while he was scooping  his poop, and I went to go and help him out after I parked the truck back on the driveway. Gucci stayed around the feed room because mom was in there making up his buckets.

I took out his water bucket and cleaned it. It was starting to smell, and the water wasn’t clear anymore. Gucci and my mom supervised. Then we went and put it back in his stall and filled it up. I pet Gucci until mom said it was time to turn off the water. Then Gucci and I went back into his stall and dug under one of the mats that were raised up that my mom kept tripping over. Gucci again stood and supervised. Then I gave him 2 bales of shavings for him to lie down in whenever he’s ready.


Tuesday went fine. It was the day that we voted in the US for those who are outside of it. So I went and voted before I went to work.


The shift went fine, nothing really happened.

On Wednesday mom and I went and got my wedding dress. I’ve lost weight from when we ordered it 6 months ago, so it has to be taken in in places, which is a good feeling. I felt like I have been really bad at losing weight. But apparently not.

Thursday was okay. I had a creeper at the bank, make me uncomfortable. But besides that everything else went fine. After work Fiks and I went and saw Mystery Science Theater 3000 live, where they played Deathstalker 2. Horrid movie, I only recommend watching it this way.


Friday was a good day, it was pretty chill at work. I stopped by the feed store on the way in to pick up some medicine and a new pair of bell boots. But they didn’t have any bell boots in Gucci’s size. After work I came home and got changed and packed quickly and we went off to Bill the Nun’s house for the weekend.

She was hosting a late Halloween party, the theme was musical horror movies/TV. So on Saturday we helped put the lawn together most of the day. I hid inside for a good portion because of the smoke from the Camp fire up in Paradise. Yeah, the smoke even came down to were my parents live, its that bad. Worse in CA history. Anyway, back on track.

After we prepared everything people started showing up and it started to get dark enough so that we could watch TV/movies on the side of the shipping container they have in the back yard. First we watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the musical episode. Then Little Shop of Horrors, Cannibal the Musical, Repo the genetic opera, and Rocky Horror Picture Show. I went to bed during Repo, I was just tired.

On Sunday we left Bill the Nun’s and made our way back home with a stop by the land which was hosting Coronation for amtgard; Nirums Sanctum. When we showed up there were already people there, so that was nice. I took some photos, but I still wasn’t really feeling it. I don’t know why, I think it was because I wasn’t feeling well because of the smoke in the air, even though it wasn’t that bad. Being in it for 2 days caught up to me.

After Coronation we came home and unloaded the car. Fiks was tired so he passed out in bed, and I stayed up and did the laundry. But I ended up going to bed early too, just tired.

Have a week!

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