(Week 44)

Hi from Monday!

Today I slept in for a little while, then moved to the sofa and watched some TV before I got up and moving. Smoke from the Camp Fire was in the air when I opened the door to go to the car.  I had an eye appointment at LenseCrafters at 1040. So I went through the process of getting my eyes check out and getting some new contacts to try for the week before I order them.

After I got my eyes done I went over to my parents house where I said hi to Gucci and then went inside to see mom. She’d just gotten back from getting her nails done. We talked for a little while and watched the news for a little bit, then I went outside to get Gucci out for our 10 minute walk. The smoke wasn’t as bad at my parents place.


After Gucci’s walk mom and I went to the feed store on the hunt for bell boots. When we got there we saw that they were gathering stuff for the victims of the fire. Apparently its all going up there on Thursday. Mom and I did some shopping and found a pair of boots for Gucci.

Poppa came home after us, so we had some lunch and then mom and I decided we should donate some clothes, blankets, and pillows to go up to the victims of the fire. So we did that for half an hour, I got rid of a lot of old clothes, which was nice. Then I went over to my friends house to feed her horse Smoke. Smoke was fine, he forgot how to eat carrots for a moment.


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