Sick week (Week 6)

Hi from Monday!

Today I woke up and flopped on the sofa for a little while. Then my mom called asking me what we were doing today, because she couldn’t remember exactly. So I told her. Then I got dressed and went and picked up Lumi from my sisters and drove to my parents place. I said Hi to Gucci when I got there, who was a little wet from being out in the rain.


Then mom and I went over the hill to my doctors appointment. It went fairly well. Then we went to Trudy’s Bridal to pick up my sisters dress for the wedding. I saw this really cool dress there, very unique. One of my friends said that it almost reminded her of a Disney Princess dress.

After that we went and got my head piece from BoLee Bridal. They had a bunch on wedding dressed out on sale, and the lady there told me that they already had their weekends booked up with people wanting to try on dresses. Once we were done there we got some lunch and then went and did more shopping.

We went to a huge mall and started in Macy’s. We were looking for a top to go underneath one of my other tops. We found more than what we originally went in for. Like I found a pair of shoes which are going to be my backup shoes for the wedding when my feet get sore from my heels. And to wear with my Disney dresses’ too I guess. Next we went to Soma for a bra to go under my wedding dress. We found one so yay. We also hit up The Body Shop, got some soap, lotions, and lipstick. The Disney store was next were mom got a couple things for valentines day. After that we called it a day and came back home, where we pasted Gucci for the day, loaded Loony Lumi up in the truck and then came home.

Tuesday I woke up sick with what felt like was the flu, so I called out sick. Hard to work when you feel that crappy. But I still had to go and give Gucci his medicine. I grabbed Lumi from my sisters again and off we went to my parents. My mom helped me paste Gucci once I was there and we hung out for a little while before I decided I needed to go home and rest. And that’s what I did the rest of the day, nothing super exciting. I watched some Heartland and waited for Fiks to come home.

Wednesday I was still sick, but thankfully its one of my days off so I didn’t have to miss work. I slowly got ready, went and got Lumi, went to the feed store to get Gucci a bale of alfalfa, then went over to my parents house again. I don’t like leaving the dog in the truck for too long unsupervised. He’s still a puppy and manages to get into things. He manages to get into things being supervised. We said Hi to Gucci and gave him a cookie, then we went inside to see my parents.

Poppa went to a lunch thingy that he goes to once a month, and so mom went with me to the grocery store. We got what we needed (I got some soup for me), and then went back to their house for a little while. We gave Gucci his medicine and then loaded Lumi up in the back seat and I came back home. I unloaded the cold stuff without a problem, but I took my time with the non cold groceries. I just didn’t have a lot of energy left over after going to the store.

After Fiks came home we worked on our wedding invitations. We found one design we really liked from Minted, so I think that we are going to go with that. Then I went to bed. I was tired. I woke up around midnight and couldn’t get back to sleep or stop coughing, so I moved to the sofa and put on a movie to watch, fell asleep during that. Then I must have woken up again and put on Sherlock. Fiks came out when his alarm went off and told me to go back to bed, so I did.

I woke up a couple of hours later still feeling unwell, so I called out sick again. I went over to my sisters to let the dog out but my sister was home, so I didn’t have to walk him which was nice. I stayed on the sofa for a little while then I went over to my parents to give Gucci his medicine. But first I said hi and gave him a cookie. He was in his sheet so he was happy to be out of his rain blanket that he’d been in almost a week.

I went in and said hi to mom. We opened the box of custom M&M’s I ordered for the bridal shower, they were cute. Then we opened the box with Gucci’s new blanket in it. So we went and tried it on to make sure that it fit, and it did. He looked very handsome in in. But we didn’t keep it on him today, he’ll get it when its not meant to rain.


Poppa was being silly and having a good time holding him.

After we switched him back into his sheet mom and poppa let him graze while I went and made his paste. They were half way into the field when I got back out, and I went to squirt the medicine in his mouth and he spat out grass all over me. Great. But I got the medicine in him which is the important thing.

After that I came home and fell asleep on the sofa. Fiks woke me up when he came home for a quick break between pickups. More like startled me awake. I must have been out of it. I didn’t really do too much the rest of the day, just watched some Heartland.

Friday rolled around and I woke up and got dressed, went and got Lumi and off to my parents house we went. We stopped and said Hi to Gucci before going in the house and making up his paste. Poppa helped me paste him again, which was nice. Then I went off to work.

Work went alright. Some of the customers at the bank were happy to see me again after not being there last week. So that felt nice. I did ask one man to remove his hat and he just grumbled at me, then snapped at me as he left. Great. I didn’t have to bring the puppy home for my sister, so I was able just to come straight home and have dinner. Tacos. Nom.

Saturday came around and I got up for work and went in. I grabbed the golf cart and zoomed down to my little booth, then started my patrol. Thankfully it wasn’t raining too hard during my patrol, and I came across no issues this week. No open gates or a down tree. Yay! The day was pretty okay, I continued to read my book and log people in on the phone. Its hard to do when there’s a flurry. Before I’d just write down my own little code and go back and fill it out when I wasn’t busy. Can’t do that now.

Fiks was awesome and swung by my work and gave me a churro!


But Saturday was Mom’s Birthday! Happy Birthday Mom! So we all got together and went out for dinner. Well there was a mess up at the restaurant, they were trying to say we were meant to be there next week. My mom said no, its today, because she made the reservations for her birthday. So they ended up seating us. Fiks got a pork dish, I got a steak salad trying to convince myself I was eating healthy. I ate all the steak and about half the salad, which was pretty good for me. It was a huge salad.

Sunday rolled around and I woke up with a major toothache. It didn’t hold me back from going to work though. And it was an okay day. Had a lot of golfers, even with the rain in the morning. Read my book, did my patrols. After I was done with work I went over to my parents to paste Gucci again. Poppa helped me today. Someone was nice and covered him for 5 o’clock mass, so he didn’t have to go back into church.

I came home and watched Fiks play Red Dead Redemption 2 for a while, made nachos for dinner, and we did our usual cleaning up. Still have a toothache, hoping it’ll go away tonight/tomorrow. If not I’ll probably have to go to the dentist to get it checked out. Which I don’t want to do. Sigh.


Have a week!

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