Rain, rain, rain (Week 7)

Hi from Monday…Again.

Today started off kind of slow, but that’s okay. I watched some TV ask I woke up after taking Lumier for a walk. Then I got dressed, picked Lumi up and off to my parents we went after a quick stop by the feed store to get Gucci’s food and some shavings for a new bed.

We went and said Hi to Gucci once we got there, then we went inside and said hi to Mom and Poppa. They both got dressed to go outside with me and help me dig out Gucci’s stall of all the wet shavings. It took like an hour. We let Gucci out to graze while we did this. And then I gave him 3 bales of shavings to make a nice new bed. He was so excited to go inside, he immediately rolled.

Mom and I went out to Target and picked up some valentines day M&M’s to go in the little bridal shower packets along with the custom ones. Then we went over to the lady’s house who’s hosting it and filled up the little favors with the M&M’s. I got to see Rocky again, he was very excited to see Mom and I. I think it was because he could smell the puppy.

After we did the favors we left so I could swing by work and request the day off. After that I came home and did the laundry while waiting for Fiks to come home. I could have been more productive, but I didn’t have a lot of energy left after mucking out Gucci’s stall.

After Fiks came home we watched the hockey game (Go SHARKS!) It was a good game, the other team had a goalie from the minors brought up so it was his first game. He had a hard time, but I would root for him whenever he stopped a goal. He’ll get the hang of it. Then we worked on our invitations for the wedding.

Tuesday rolled around and I basically did the same thing as Monday, but I had to be a little quicker because Poppa had a doctors appointment and if I wanted help pasting Gucci I needed to get over there. Plus I left the puppy at my sisters house. Mom called and made sure that she was going to be home at a decent time.

After pasting Gucci I hung out at my parents while they were gone. Watched some TV and made myself a sandwich. Then I went off to work and had a hard time finding parking, but I did eventually find a spot. The shift went well. I talked with one of the ladies who’s daughter is getting married and I showed her the invitations that Fiks and I are getting. She really liked the idea and what she saw from the Minted website.

Fiks had an amtgard meeting for land audits Tuesday night, so we didn’t work on the invitations. I watched TV while he was in his meeting, so nothing exciting happened.

Wednesday came and I was surprised that I slept through the whole night, that doesn’t usually happen. I had a telephone doctors appointment because I’m on some new medication, so they wanted to see how I was dealing with it. I think that its working well, so we talked about going down on one of the medicines and increasing the new one. It’ll take time but hopefully it’ll work.

I picked up Lumi and we drove in the down pouring rain over to my parents house. We said Hi to Gucci who was being a good boy and staying inside.

Then I dropped Lumi off in the house and braved the rain again to go to the grocery store. By the time I got back to my parents house Poppa was back. We actually passed on the road as I was going to the grocery store. So I hung out with Lumi and Poppa did his computer work.

I went and got my eyebrows waxed and then came back home to find Poppa playing ball with Lumi. So I joined in and we played ball together for 10 minutes or so. Then Poppa had to leave for his hand therapy appointment, so Lumi and I left as well. I dropped Lumi off at my sisters, dropped off the groceries and swung by Kaiser to pick up my prescriptions.

I called up Fiks and asked if he wanted to meet up to hand the ring sizers back to the guy who is making my ring. He said yes, so I drove for a little while and we met up, I gave him the rings and then came back home. I made and appointment with an alterations place for my wedding dress to get fitted. I’m doing that the first week of March.

Thursday was Valentines Day. Obviously. I woke up and watched some TV and got a phone call from my parents that they were going to go to an appointment and then be home in time for me to come paste Gucci at noon. So that’s what I did. I dozed off and on the sofa for a while, then I went over to my parents. I passed my mom on the road. Poppa was there to help me paste Gucci again.

Work went okay. I one of my bosses showed up at around 1600 which was a bit of a surprise. But it wasn’t for an inspection, it was to make sure that I had everything uniform wise. He gave me a new badge to replace my old one, and he said that he’d get me a new hat. Other than that the rest of the shift was fine.

Fiks was making dinner when I got home, and had some music playing. It was a nice way to come home. While cooking dinner we exchanged presents. I gave him his (and LED light strip that he’d wanted), and he gave me Kingdom Hearts III. He wanted to see what it was like so I started playing basically as soon as he gave it to me. It’s really fun.

Friday I woke up, grabbed the dog, and off to my parents we went so I could give Gucci his medicine again. He took it well and then got to graze for a little bit because poppa was outside with him.

I went off to work, which was fine. I started asking people to take off their hats, and had one guy snap at me. But the bank has my back when it comes to asking about the hats, so that’s a nice feeling. But the shift went fine, got to watch the wacky weather from inside with my cup of tea. I came home and played some more Kingdom Hearts. I have a feeling that this is going to be a pattern for a while.

Saturday was good. More weird weather. I got caught out in one of the downpours. Wasn’t super busy with golfers with the unpredictable weather. My parents called me to say that they weren’t going to be there when I got off work, but they’d feed Gucci so I wouldn’t have to get to dirty. So I just had to paste him by myself. He was pretty good about, didn’t spit too much out. Fiks was gone at an amtgard event so I played more Kingdom Hearts.

Sunday I woke up in a funk. I’ve been in the funk all day, and I can’t seem to shake it. Work was fine, I just wished the weather would have made up its mind. No rain today, but it couldn’t decide if it was warm or if it was cold in my little booth. Coat on, coat off, heater on, heater off. Had more golfers today, and then had 2 birthday parties on the same street.

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