Bridal Party (Week 8)

Hello from Monday.

Today I slept in a little. Moved to the sofa to wake up some more. Went to the feed store to get Gucci some shavings, then went over to my parents place. I said Hi to Gucci and changed him out of his big heavy rain blanket into his sheet, I think he was happy for the change. Went inside to say hi to my parents and then we worked on digging out Gucci’s stall again. But this time we were able to use the tractor, so that was nice. Last week we just threw the wet shavings out the door, and that just seemed to make more of a mess.

We let Gucci out while we were digging out his stall. He grazed for a while then he decided he needed to be inside his stall with us while we filled up the scoop on the tractor. Then he wanted to leave after the tractor left and stand right where the tractor needed to go when it came back. So I moved him and walked away. Well he didn’t like that and spun and squealed at me, so I stayed outside with him. Then mom said she’d stand with him while Poppa and I dug out the rest of his stall.

We filled up his water, gave him new shavings, and he seemed really happy. Until Mom and I pasted him. Then he wasn’t super happy with us, well, me. I might just be projecting emotions onto him at this point with the pasting.

After that I went home and played more kingdom hearts III. Then I needed a break and watched some Heartland. Fiks came home and we hmmmed and hawed over what to have for dinner. We landed on nachos.

Tuesday I woke up and went and took care of loony Lumi first, taking him for his walk. Then I flopped on the sofa for a while before going and getting dressed. I went and picked up Lumi and off to my parents we went.

I gave Gucci a cookie and said hi, and he wasn’t quite himself. I think I’ll have to get the vet to come check him out. Lumi and I went inside and said hi to Mom. Mom jumped on the phone with one of her friends and so I went and got Gucci’s medicine ready. Double dose of pergoglide and bute a long with some banamine.

He did okay with getting pasted twice. I just hope it helps. Then I went to work where I had one of my bosses swing by and drop off a phone for the security guards to use at the bank. Then I had another surprise inspection. I think I passed this time.

Wednesday was alright, just long. I woke up and flopped on the sofa for a little while, watched an episode of Heartland. Then I went and got Gucci a bale of hay and tried to beat the rain to my parents house, which I did. Poppa and I unloaded the hay and then I went to the grocery store.

I listened to Halestorm as I went around the store buying what we need for the week. Then I went back to my parents, gave Gucci a carrot and put my cold stuff in the fridge. Poppa took Loony Lumi out for a walk and I decided to get Gucci out for a walk too. Well he wouldn’t come off the soft grass and then when I did get him to the hard ground he was very lame. I picked his feet and I think I found the spot where an abscess is going to pop out, hopefully. I put him back in his stall and then went back inside, where I chilled with Lumi for a while until Mom got home. Then I told her about Gucci and his probable abscess, so we gave him some medicine. We then hung out until it was time to go and see the florist.

The florist was really cool. We went over what kind of flowers I wanted in my bouquet, and we came to the decision that they white roses were going to be the stars of the arrangements. We were there for about an hour going over everything. She needed measurements for the archway before she could give me an estimate. So I emailed the hotel about the archway and I’m waiting to hear back from her.

On our way home we swung by See’s Candy to pick up some chocolate for a present for one of moms friends. But she was awesome and bought me some chocolate too. Yay! After See’s we went past the feed store to get some Epsom Salt poultice, gauze pads, and vet wrap. Then we went home and wrapped Gucci’s foot. He did the best that he could holding his hoof up for me. Then he got to graze for a few minutes while I gave him his dinner for the night.

I came home after that and put the groceries away and then started playing Kingdom Hearts III again. I beat the Toy Box (Toy Story) world after a while and then I wasn’t sure what world I wanted to go to next so I took a break and let the remote charge. Fiks came home and was tired after his day, so we debated on dinner for a while, came up with white bunny macaroni with left over chicken in it.

After dinner we started working on my character for gaming on Saturday night. I stayed with my Goliath character, gave her a name, characteristics and her flaws. She’s going to be really interesting to play. It’ll be fun…. I hope.

Thursday started off a little slow, but it got going. I went over to my parents and saw Gucci, gave him a cookie and checked on his hoof wrap I made yesterday. It seemed to still be intact, which surprised me a little. But if he’s not feeling good he’s not going to be walking around a lot. Apparently Lumi heard my truck pull up and was barking at the door for me, but I couldn’t hear him because I was with Gucci. Needless to say Lumi was excited to see me.

Mom helped me with Gucci and then we walked the dog for a little while and watched some TV before I had to leave for work. Lumi decided that he needed a nap

Work was uneventful and cold until about 1630 when an accident happened in the parking lot. I was on the phone with mom when I saw this green van go speeding through the parking lot, then there was this loud bang. He’d hit a car that was backing up. So I hung up with mom and went over to make sure everyone was okay. The car that had been hit was hit so hard its bumper came off. True, its a Prius, but still, that’s a hell of an impact. The van was scratched up and had a flat tire.

The police showed up for a different call and the owner of the van jumped in and drove off. We’re suspecting that he either didn’t have insurance or didn’t have a drivers license.

Friday went alright. It was nice not having to grab the dog since he was already at my parents place. So I got dressed and went over to said parents place to go give Gucci his medicine and check on his wrap. Poppa was out walking Lumi when I got there so I got tackled almost instantly. Gucci was not impressed. The wrap on his hind hoof looked okay, but was going to need a change on Saturday. Poppa helped me paste him. Then I went off to work.

It was a weird, slow day at the bank. Members were commenting about it. I mean the day was fine, I had no trouble, no surprise inspections, no accidents to report, it was a nice change of pace since Thursday. We went out and got some Chinese for dinner, watched some TV then I crawled into bed.

Saturday came around with the sound of the alarm. I tried to sleep in but my body is so used to getting up at that time that I couldn’t. So I ended up getting up and watching some Dr Pol while Fiks worked on some cards to give out to people at the party if they were asking for our wedding registry.

But first we went and saw Gucci. He wouldn’t turn around for us initially. Fiks distracted him while I went and pulled the wrap off his hoof. It smelled bad, but he’s still super sore on that hoof in that spot, so I can’t tell if there is a hole there or not. I treated him with bedadine, epsom salts, and wrapped his hoof up while Fiks held him for me. Then he got rewarded with carrots and then I pasted him.

The party was fun, we had a good time with playing medium sized Jenga for a while. There was a guessing game for how many Hersey Kisses were in a jar. I did not win. But that’s okay, like I need more sugar in my life right now. The lunch was nice. There was something in it that made me itchy so I didn’t really eat a lot of it. Fiks was my savior and ate some of the Coronation Chicken off my plate so it looked like I ate some.

After that were presents and cake. We got stuff we needed, like new sheets and towels and a few new kitchen things. My sister got me this awesome make-up bag that I don’t even know where to start with. My parents got me some new PJ’s and tops. My brother, the evil bastard, wrapped our present in duct-tape and zip ties. And we have to eat our way to the present. Its a jar of skittles and M&M’s.

After the bridal shower we had gaming, which went long into the night. I couldn’t stay up super late, I was falling asleep on my feet, so I went to bed at 11. The rest of the crew played until midnight.

I woke up and went into work tired, did my morning patrol and then sat and read my book for the rest of the day. It was kind of busy. Lots of golfers, it was a nice day. After work I went over to my parents to see Gucci. When I was pulling up they were all outside, even Lumi, and working on a down tree. I thought it fell down but Poppa actually took it down. I said hi to Gucci who’s still super lame and gave him a cookie and a carrot. Then I went inside and made his paste. And a mess while making his paste. I spilled the bowl on the counter, oops! He was a pretty  good boy about taking it, but he was grumpy with me, as you can tell in the photo.

I came home afterwards and Fiks was playing Red Dead Redemption 2, and so I watched him play that for most of the night. We did our usual cleaning up things, and we put our presents away that we got, and washed what needed to be washed. I started reading my book while Fiks continued to play his game.

Have a week!

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