(Week 9)


Monday started off with a kind of early but slow start. I flopped on the sofa and ate some breakfast and watched Futurama for a while. Fiks came home on a break while I was getting ready, so we hung out for a little bit before he headed back to work. I left with him to go see Gucci and my parents.

On my way to my parents I swung by the vet to pick up some medicine for him and I made and appointment with the vet to come out and check his teeth. He’s loosing so much weight from not eating as much as he used to. There is something going on that I can’t fix, which frustrates and upsets me at the same time.

So when I got to my parents I went over and gave him his hello cookie, then went inside to say hi to my parents. Then I went outside to unwrap Gucci’s hoof and see if his abscess had popped, it hadn’t. So I needed to get my stuff together to make up his duct tape boot and his poultice ready. Mom helped me wrap him and then we spoiled him with carrots for being such a good boy.


After that I left and came home, played some Kingdom Hearts III and was generally a lazy bum. But I needed it. The weekend was busy for me and I haven’t been sleeping well for the past few nights.


Once Fiks came home we went out to dinner, I had burgers on the brain. We went to a restaurant in town that we hadn’t been to before, ordered the burgers and some drinks. My drink was Strawberry Fields.


Tuesday rolled around, and its always a hard day for me on this date (Feb 26th). So I woke up kind of depressed and in a funk, all I wanted to do was cry and not go into work. Plus I had to get over to my parents early if I wanted help with Gucci. So I got up and moving to get over there. They helped me paste him and then they went off to their appointment at Home Depot. Lumi and I stayed in and watched some Law and Order SVU and tried to take a nap. As soon as I would start to drift off Lumi would bark at something that was really nothing.


Work went fine, it was pretty chill. I kept going from outside to inside to keep warm, and I hung out with one of the tellers and we talked while he wasn’t busy. I came home and Fiks was already here, and he had our wedding invitations from Minted. So after dinner we looked at them and opened them up to make sure everything was correct. It was. Now we just have to wait on our custom stamps and get some normal ones.

Wednesday came around and it was another night of not sleeping well. I flopped on the sofa and watched some Heartland while I woke up. After I got ready I went to the feed store to get Gucci some of his feed, cookies, and a new bucket. Then I went to the grocery store and listened to the Greatest Showman soundtrack. The store wasn’t super busy so that was nice.

Next I went to my parents house and gave Gucci a cookie and then I went inside to say hi to my parents. Mom was working on a project for MIM, one of her groups she’s part of. I helped her glue down some fabric and then how she should lay out the… gifts? Auction items? I don’t really know what to call them.

While we were letting the glue set on the projects we went outside to Gucci to change the wrap on his hoof. He did really good, he kept it up for me the whole time. There was some tugging and pulling back (gently), but he was otherwise a good boy. I had mom give him a carrot while I was wrapping him and he seemed to relax enough for me to finish the job.


Afterwards we went back inside and I continued to help mom with her project. Once she was done I helped her load up the stuff into the trunk of her car and then off she went. I left at the same time and went to the post office in the search for stamps for our invitations.

I saw that I need gas so I swung by the Safeway gas station, it was the average price in town. I punched in my number and then I saw I had $1 off, which brought the gas down to $1.97. Yes please I’ll used that discount. I filled up my truck for $42. I usually can’t get it full from $50. So it was a pleasant surprise.

Wednesday night after Fiks got home we worked on our invitations that had arrived. He stamped and scored and I placed the stickers on them. Went quite quickly to be honest. He posted them all on Thursday afternoon.

Speaking of Thursday, I had a slow lazy start. Lazier than I have been the past couple of days. I think I actually fell back to sleep on the sofa. So I didn’t leave home at the normal time for going and seeing Gucci. But I made it over there, and he looked like he wasn’t feeling to well. He wouldn’t turn around for me and come get his hello cookie. I had to go into his stall and give it to him.

I went inside and said hi to Mom and Poppa. Poppa was having computer issues. Mom helped me paste Gucci and agreed that we probably needed the vet out next week. I told her I had already made an appointment for his teeth, so maybe we can have the vet look at his feet while he’s here.

I went to work which was okay. Nothing really happened. I hung out inside and outside, did my little patrols, bs’d with one of the tellers when he wasn’t busy. It was an okay day. I came home and played some Kingdom Hearts III and got to a point that I can’t pass. Or I haven’t yet. I hate the Gummi Ship part of the game, always have, always will. Maybe I’ll try going to a different world next time I play.

On Friday I woke up on time and got going and went over to my parents house. Gucci was out grazing when I pulled up the driveway. Well, according to Poppa, he saw my truck, turned around, and came galloping down the straight away. I saw him buck and spin, but I missed the running. It was nice to see him feeling better after yesterday, but he’s still dead lame, which sucks. He was just wild this morning. Poppa and I had to chase him down to give him his medicine. Silly boy.


I hung out inside with mom for a little bit before going into work. I told her that the invitations were done and posted already. I also said I’d bring over a couple on Monday for us to hand write to a couple of people.

Work was crazy. It was super busy all day, and people were grumpy and rude too. I couldn’t believe some people. They just bumped into other people and glared at them while on the phone, like they hit them. I couldn’t believe it.

Saturday was wet but fine. Had some crazy golfers come in to play. But most of the day I spent logging people in and reading my book.

Sunday, however, was a whole different story. After I was done doing my patrol I was notified by Dispatch that there had been a burglary at one of the houses in the middle of the night or early in the morning with the residents inside asleep (eek!). So I went and talked to the people to find out that they had a car stolen too. So I got the information about the car and the license plate and went and started scrolling through the camera footage.

I didn’t find the car, unfortunately. While I was going through the footage I had a county sheriff swing by my little booth and ask if I had found anything. I told him that I hadn’t found it yet, but I was still looking. He said that he wanted all the license plates of the cars coming and going last night, so I had to start all over. I went to do my second patrol and ran into one of the golf work guys who told me that there had been not one, but 4 break ins to vehicles, and a unrelated death at a house. It was a busy night. I was trying to figure out why there were so many sheriff vehicles coming in during the night. I didn’t finish finding the license plates. I had to leave it for my coworker to do the last hour.

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