Waiting for the vet (Week 10)


So Monday rolled around and I was lazy to wake up and to get out of bed. I moved to the sofa and flopped there for a while before leaving for my parents house. I said hi to Gucci and unwrapped his hoof and walked into the house to say hi to my parents. Poppa was nice a mucked out his stall while I was hanging out with Mom.

After a while we watched some TV and while we were eating lunch my sister showed up with Loony Lumi. We went on the back patio and bounced the ball around between her and Poppa. While I was watching them play I got a call from the vet that he was going to be running late, and to expect him at 230 instead of 130. Fine, no problem. Mom and I went and got some Alfalfa hay, swung by the bank, and swung by the post office.

Mom and I got back around 2, so we got Gucci out and took off his blanket and groomed him while the vet waited to show up. And waited.

And waited.

After waiting for a hour and 10 minutes I called up the vet office and asked if they knew if he was showing up, so she called him and said that he was an hour and a half (at least) away. So we rescheduled for Wednesday. I put him away and came home and watched some TV.

Tuesday was an alright day. I woke up, was kinda slow to start before heading over to see Gucci. I said hi and then pasted him with his cushings medicine and some bute. I played with Loony Lumi for a while and then I went into work. Work went fine, nothing really happened. I listened to my podcasts and did my patrols. Fiks had an amtgard meeting so I played some Kingdom Hearts III.

Wednesday I woke up early so I could go to the grocery store before seeing the vet at 10. I listened to Lindsey Sterling’s Shatter Me (Love the Halestorm song) while I went around. After I was done at the grocery store I went over to my parents place, said Hi to Gucci and went inside to put my cold groceries away. I found Mom, and she told me Poppa was at church for Ash Wednesday. It was raining so mom figured if Gucci would go in the garage we’d have a dry place to work. Kinda smart on her part.

So I got Gucci out and we slowly made our way over to the garage, and once we were inside the vet showed up. I told him that he’d kinda gone off his feed, wouldn’t take his meds unless we pasted him, and that he’d been lame for 2 weeks on his right front. We started with the hoof. I took him for a walk and turned him around and the vet thinks that he has an abscess. So he takes his shoe off and pinches his hoof and Gucci practically reared up on one spot.

The vet just wanted to make sure that it wasn’t anything else going on in his hoof, so we took x-rays of his feet. So we put his hoof up on a block so the vet could take the x-ray. Well he see’s that hes got some Laminits. So we took an x-ray of his left foot to make sure it wasn’t both, and thankfully it wasn’t.

So the vet wrapped his hoof for me and told me that he had special boots that he wanted him to wear on his right front while his abscess grows… brews… gets ready to pop. He said that he’s going to go more lame before he gets better. He then took a quick look in his mouth and said that he had hooks, but he wanted to get rid of the abscess first, so we’d have to make another appointment. Yay. We put and easy boot on him to keep his hoof dry until we got the special boots.

Before we put him away Poppa and I put up a 2×4 across his door so he can’t go outside his little stall and stand in the muck. Not that he was doing that a lot anyway, but better to be safe than sorry. We put him away and ran to the vet clinic to pick up the boots. They’re called Soft Ride boots. Hopefully they’ll work. And then we went to the feed store and got more stuff for treating his abscess. Vet wrap, Epsom salts, and gauze. Fun fun. We went home and then put the soft ride boot on his hoof.

After that we had a quick lunch and grabbed my wedding dress and put it in the car for my first fitting. We drove over the hill to the store and got there a little early, but she took us in anyway. She has to take in the sides quite a bit, which makes me happy. She hemming the skirt, and we’re doing the American Style bustle over the French Style. Then we were done and came home. I fed Gucci dinner and then came home.

Thursday I had a hard time waking up, I just didn’t want to do it. But I slowly did. I swung by my brothers place to pick up a wheel barrow for Poppa for mucking out his stall since he can’t go outside. I showed up and said Hi to Gucci and mom came out with Lumi who had just peed on the sofa. So Mom was pissed at him. She took him for a walk to make sure that he still didn’t have to go to the bathroom (he did), and then she put him in his kennel for 30 minutes.

Work went fine. I kept missing the other guard, I would go inside to get warm because it was (what Californians consider) cold. I listened to my podcasts and did my patrols and then waited inside to let the last person out at 1725. The branch closes at 1700, so just a little late.

Friday went well. I woke up and went over and pasted Gucci and checked his boot to make sure that it was still dry. It was. I had cherry pie for breakfast, nom. Then I went to work. Work went fine, I have a work phone there now so I have to do patrols a couple times a day. That’s kind of nice, I’m not stuck standing there all day like I used to be. But the shift went well, including the little walks.

Saturday was an okay day. It rained off and on for most of it. Once I got to the little booth there was a note saying no patrols right now, so I stayed in my booth all day. And it sucked because the booth had been halfway painted, so I had to have the window open and the heater on. Felt super ridiculous doing that, but hey, it worked. Dried up the paint fumes and kept me warm for most of the day.

After work I went over to my parents to say hi to Gucci and change his wrap. We moved him into the garage so I’d have a dry place to work, and we did the thing. He did his best standing for me, which is all I can ask for. He tried to take his hoof away while I was vet wrapping it, but mom bribed him with a carrot and he stood still for the next 30 seconds I had to wrap.

After that I came home and got ready for gaming. We ordered pizza, which showed up when everyone else did. Gaming was fun. It was a nice escape for a while.

Sunday rolled around and so did daylight savings time! So staying up super late the night before kind of kicked my ass with the time change. But I did my best to stay awake. I got so many comments that I looked bored, when I was just reading my book. And I was super into my book too. The weather was better, but we did have a downpour for 20 minutes with a bit of thunder.

After work I went over to my parents house for Gucci and for dinner. We pasted him and gave him his dinner, and changed his blanket so poppa wouldn’t have to. He was pretty good and went straight for his alfalfa after I put it in the hay bag.

Then we went inside to eat dinner. Mom had made pot roast and it was yummy! Brought some extra home to have for dinner at some point this week.

Have a week!

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