It happened all so fast… (week 4)

Hi from Monday!

I slept better last night, I still woke up a few times, but I was able to sleep in, so maybe that was the difference. Today in the States is Martin Luther King, Jr day, so a lot of places and schools are closed.


Here’s a video about his speech from the History Channel.

I woke up and moved to the sofa and watched some M*A*S*H for a couple of hours before getting dressed and making it over to my parents house. I went over and said hi to Gucci, I couldn’t get him to turn around for a cookie, but he would for a carrot.


I went inside and saw the contractor was working on a door, and mom and Lumi were in the living room. Lumi went absolutely bonkers, bouncing off the sofa and the floor, kept almost running into mom, he was just nuts. I made him work for a couple of treats and that seemed to help calm him down. I then went outside to grab Gucci so we could do our walk and our graze.

Poppa held Gucci so I could take off the wrap on his hind hoof finally. Everything seemed fine to me, so that was good. But man, the stuff the farrier put in his hoof to stop the bleeding stunk to high heaven. Still have the smell stuck on my fingers and in my nostrils. But he did good on our walk, so that was nice. And then we went for our graze, it was only about 13 minutes, it started to sprinkle on us so I called it and took him inside.

I stayed inside with mom for a bit and my brother called, so they talked on the phone for a while. And then once poppa was done with his computer stuff he helped me paste Gucci. We had left over stew for lunch, yummy. And then we started to make poppa’s cherry pie. We made two, one for them and one for Fiks and I. Yummy.


I came home and I wasn’t feeling to well, so I flopped on the sofa and watched Togo. Its the story behind Balto basically. Its about the sled team that ran most of the miles through the Alaskan wilderness. Its got Willem Dafoe. He’s hit or miss for me usually, but I liked him in this. I just really enjoyed the story. I’ve always loved the animated Balto too, so maybe its part nostalgia.


Once that was finished I put on Dr Pol and started working on the horse again since the broken pieces were more than dried. I tried putting the left side gears on and kept having issued on making it run, aka it wouldn’t. So I stopped working on the side before I broke it and moved onto the legs. I realized that I had put half of it together backwards, so I had to take it apart and put it back together again. But I got it done.


I eventually handed the horse over to Fiks to see if he could get it to work. He had issues too, and then one of the pieces that we had glued together came apart again. Fiks wanted to glue it together again, I contacted Ugears and asked for a new part.

I slept okay Monday night, only waking up once or twice and then I was up before my alarm went off. I had breakfast (cherry pie) and then jumped on the computer for my doctors appointment. I had to ask Fiks for help because I couldn’t remember all the settings he had shown me last night, and it was of course a different layout too.

The appointment went fine. She said hi and all the pleasantries and then said she had an appointment open on Friday if I could take it. I said I wasn’t sure, I usually have to give 10 days notice at work, but I’d ask my boss. Because otherwise I’d have to wait until March. But she answered most of my questions without my asking, and explained that she’d be using the Da Vinci surgical system for my operation and that’d she make 5 incisions into the area and operate that way.


So we hung up and I asked my boss if she was free to talk. Eventually we connected and I explained what was going on and she decided that it was important for me to have the surgery on Friday so she cleared it. She said I just had to turn in a doctors note. I told her I’m aiming to be back after 2 weeks, but the doctor said it could take up to 4 to recover fully. So we’ll see.

I went over to my parents house and said hi to Gucci once I arrived. He was nice and turned around for a cookie this morning, there were no carrots waiting out there for me to give him.


I went inside and said hi to mom who was trying to find something on the TV to watch. So we wound up watching a few episodes of Chopped before I had to leave for work. She went outside with me to go and paste Gucci. She didn’t go into the mud, but she made it out to the trailer which was the furthest she’s gone out in a while. Gucci took his paste well.

Work went alright. It started raining when I got there, but it was nothing like the rain last week. I stayed inside for most of the shift to stay warm and dry, and members would come in in waves.

I swung by Kaiser to get my medicine and then I came home. I told Fiks what the doctor and I had talked about this morning, and whats going to happen with the surgery. He’s being really supportive about all of this. After dinner we watched a video that the doctor wanted me to watch on the procedure and basically what’s going to happen. They say it’ll take 2-4 hours or longer. Fiks is saying I’ll take longer, so we’ll see.

I’ve basically been up since 1 am (its now 430). My mind just won’t shut up about the worries and everything to so with the surgery. They say its an out patient surgery, so I should be able to go home that day. But I might have to stay the night if I loose too much blood or if it takes too longs so I have to pack a little go bag just in case I have to stay. So I’m a little wound up about that.

I’ve tried going back to sleep and it isn’t working. I watched Some Like It Hot to try and got to sleep, but was unsuccessful. I then crawled back into bed and listed to Hero of Ages for a hour trying to go back to sleep, that didn’t work. So here I am typing out my thoughts.

I passed the exam I took 2 weeks ago by the way. The next step is filling out a 30 page packet. I should probably work on that, but I don’t want to. I have to talk to people and figure out if they’ll be a reference for me or not. I have to have 7-10 references and I can only think of 6 right now. Maybe once the day is moving along and people are awake and I can poke them I’ll be able to think of more people.

I spent part of the morning watching Dragonheart. While I was flopped on the sofa I got a call telling me what time I needed to show up for surgery (11), and got my pre op instructions. The doctors office said they’d over night me a box with the pre op stuff in it. I had to stop eating at midnight. I could drink water until 9 and then I had to stop.

Then I went to the feed store and got Guccis senior since I won’t be able to lift for a couple of weeks. I also swung by Kaiser and visited the vampires (aka got my blood drawn). They pulled from both arms, like 3 from each arm. I then went to my parents house and we unloaded the feed, Gucci supervised over the fence.


Then I ran to pick mom up from her nails appointment. We came home, switched cars and went shopping. Poppa called while we were shopping to say that Lumi was done at the groomers and needed picked up. So we did that and dropped him off at my parents and then went back to shopping.

I stayed in the car because I had a doctors appointment on the phone for surgery on Friday. We went over my allergies and family history. Took about 15 minutes. Then I went inside the grocery store and looked for mom. I found her pretty quick.

The grocery store was very busy. And instead of just hitting the isles I needed we did the ones mom needed too. So it took a lot longer than I’m used to. I’m usually in and out within 15-30 minutes. We were in there for over an hour. They kept calling for more cashiers and no on was showing so people were getting pissed about standing and waiting in line. Which was making me more wound up and anxious. It probably didnt help I was running on very little sleep.

I pasted Gucci when we got back to my parents house after we unloaded the groceries and then I went home. I was very tired. I finished Dragonheart and tried to take a nap and failed. I didn’t really do much after that. Fiks came home and we had dinner, pies from Rogue Pyes.

I slept pretty good, probably due to exhaustion. I had an appointment with the surgeon Thursday morning, and she showed me my MRI results and we went over what’s going to happen and stuff. She made me feel safe and confident to be in her hands tomorrow. They also gave me a pre op bag filled with wipes, their version of Gatorade basically and something to breathe into to make sure I don’t get pneumonia.

I went to my parents after my appointment and no one was there minus Gucci. He wouldn’t turn around for a cookie, but he would for a carrot.


I pasted him since I didn’t know if my parents would make it home in time before I had to leave. I made myself a sandwich and watched Furturama. They came home 15 minutes before I had to leave for work, so not a lot of time together. But mom’s doctor’s appointment went well also, so that’s good.

I got to work and felt a little light headed, so I decided to stay inside again. I didn’t have to wear my jacket to stay warm, which was nice. Work went fine, it felt like it came in waves today.

Friday we woke up and watched MASH until we had to leave for my surgery. I also had to drink a special pre op drink 2 hours before my show up time.


They said it was meant to taste good, well it didn’t. No wonder they only gave me 15 minutes to drink it all. But I got it all down, so that was good. The drive over was fine, only a little more than half an hour. Then we walked our way around the hospital to find admitting and checked myself in. We were only waiting 5-10 minutes before I was escorted down stairs to pre op, so that wasn’t too bad. I got changed and crawled under the space blanket to get/stay warm.

The nurse was really sweet, and I met the doctors and all of the team that were going to be working on me. Everyone was nice and tried to make me feel confident and that everything was going to be okay. They stuck an IV in my hand so I could start getting my fluids and all the medicine I would need. After I went over everything with the nurse they let Fiks come down to hand out with me.

So Fiks hung out with me for a little while and then it was time to go into surgery after being on the bed for a hour, hour and a half waiting for my appointment. They rolled me through to the surgery room, and then they had me hop off the bed and walk into the room. I said hi again to everyone and saw the Da Vinci machine, and it was huge even with its arms tucked in. I don’t even really remember them putting the mask on me.

My surgery took 3 1/2 hours. I had a hard time waking up and I got cold, so they gave me another heated space blanket. Apparently I liked to wave to everyone, especially the nurses. They eventually let Fiks come back in, and I would drift in and out. Apparently I said hi to him and waved at him at least 4 times. Thankfully he thought it was cute. They ended up taking my blanket away so I would wake up a little faster.

Once I was awake I got some water and apple juice to drink and they gave me a pudding cup to eat. I called my parents and talked to everyone at my sisters houses to let them know I was okay and that I was awake. They were all excited to hear me I think. After I was able to go to the bathroom on my own they said that I could go home. So Fiks went to pick up my prescriptions and pick up the car and the nurse helped me get dressed and we waited for him to come pick me up.

The drive home was hard, my core is super sore so every little bump hurt. And I was getting car sick so I had to slide my window down part of the way. I asked Fiks to swing by the gas station to get me some sprite for my nausea. Once I was home everyone came over and hung out with me until I was too tired and went to bed.

Fiks an I had to wake up every 3  hours to make sure I got my medicine and had medicine in me at all times. Fiks woke up at 9, I got up at 10. I was still a little tired and fuzzy. We moved out to the sofa and I watched him play Red Dead Redemption 2 for a while before we swung by the amtgard park and no one was there. We did a little waddle/wizards walk before I got weak/dizzy and had to sit down. Then we went and got some Jamba Juice and went over to my parents and said hi to Gucci.


Gucci was fine, just a very muddy boy as you can tell. We pasted him and then we came home because I wasn’t feeling well and we were gaming Saturday night. Once we came home I took a nap, and Fiks did too. I spent time on the computer while he kept playing Red Dead Redemption 2, then before I knew it it was time to game. Everyone was very nice to me and made sure not to make me laugh because that hurts like a SOB. My shoulders were super tight and painful along with my core, so rolling dice sucked. I went to bed around 930, I just couldn’t take it any more.

Sunday was fine, it was a  very lazy day. We only left the house to get me some Sprite and Ritz crackers. We did watch an episode of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which was good. So happy that show is back. But I was still super sore and I’m not meant to lift to do much, so I couldn’t help Fiks out with chores so I felt really bad about that. We did dinner over at my sisters house, well, everyone else did dinner. I’m not allowed oily/greasy things for a while yet. So I jut did a sandwich.

See you next week!



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