I Got the Job!!!!(Week 49)

Hi from Monday!

I slept okay last night, I did wake up once or twice, but I was able to get back to sleep for a while. When I eventually woke up I moved to the living room after getting my bowl of cereal and turned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

After my bowl of cereal I dozed for a little while before waking up all the way. Poppa called me up to say that he wasn’t going to go to dog training today, so I didn’t need to meet him there. So I just stayed on the sofa and talked with my cousin for a while, so that was nice.

Then it was time for my interview. It went well. Really well. I’m getting a job offer from them in the next day or two. Like an actual job offer! I’m so excited! I called my mom and told her, then I called and told Fiks, and they were both really happy for me. I’m going to start out on swing shift (4pm-2am I think), then I’m going to move to overnights. But they understand that I’m in the vet assisting program and that I need to be taught, and they are willing to teach me which is great. The 24 hour emergency clinic that I’m going to be working out of is just like half a hour away, 45 minutes at most. Here is the link for the company, MedVet, that I am going to be working for.

After that I video chatted with my Cousin and her Mum for a little while. Then it was time to start the movie for the week, Captain America: Winter Solider.

We talked through the movie, as usual, and then I took off to go to the feed store. I got Gucci his bag of Christmas (horse) cookies, and 2 bags of his feed. Then I took off towards my parents house. Poppa wanted me to call him when I was in the area so he could come outside and work with Lumi for someone pulling up to the house. I called while I was getting off the freeway, no answer. Called again a little further up the road, no answer.

I got to my parents house fine, and I went over and said hi to Gucci who was a little grumpy with me because I had thrown off his routine because I wasn’t there this morning. But cookies and a carrot seemed to make things better.

Poppa called me back while I was at Gucci. I was walking back towards the house when he saw me through the doors. I grabbed Gucci’s cookies and went inside and said hi to Mom, Poppa, and Lumi. Mom was sitting down watching TV, so Poppa and I went outside and went and unloaded the feed and made up Gucci’s buckets for the next couple of days. Then I took him for a walk. We only did 2 laps because he saw Poppa putting his dinner in there, and he wanted his dinner apparently.

I helped mom get her ornaments out of the cabinet in Poppa’s office so she could decorate (my old) her tree. Which reminds me, I took photos of our tree this morning.

Ten little adipose lights next to Wall-E and Eve.

But anyway, after helping Mom get her ornaments out Poppa and I went and pasted Gucci, who did pretty good today. Then we went back inside. Poppa went off to putter and I went down and sat down with Mom for a little while. We talked about going and getting my skirt steak for my birthday dinner, and then I ordered my birthday bundt cake. Lemon, it’ll be good.

I came home afterwards and moved the laundry and put the garbage cans back in the garage. I flopped on the sofa for a while and watched some Boy Meets World for the first time in a while. Then I emptied the dishwasher and started making dinner. Teriyaki steak with rice noodles and broccoli. It came out pretty good. Fiks got home a few minutes after I was done cooking. He’s currently gaming and I’m watching Buffy as I type this. But he did bring me home a snickerdoodle cookie.

I slept okay last night. I did wake up a couple times, but that’s normal for me. And I was able to get back to sleep each time. When I finally did get up I moved and had my bowl of cereal and turned on the TV and turned on M*A*S*H. I dozed on the sofa for a while, and then I got a call from the MedVet recruiter I have been talking to for a couple of weeks. He was calling me with the formal job offer.

I’m going to be getting paid a lot more than I currently am, plus I get a sign on bonus. I got my schedule (Wed – Sat), my hours I’m going to be working (4 10’s) and what shift I’m working (Goal is grave, learning on Swing). But here is the best thing: I’m going to have Sunday’s off with Fiks!

So I spent the morning being excited and called to ask Poppa a question, but he wasn’t there and Mom didn’t know the answer, so she said bring the laptop over and we could work on it from their house. I messaged my boss on how to give my 2 weeks notice, and she let me give it over text. It felt so good to give my 2 weeks notice. Afterwards, I got dressed for work after brining the laundry up and stuff. So I grabbed the laptop, put it in a bag with my math binder so I didn’t drop it, and headed over to my parents house.

I got into the village and was stopped at the light and I looked behind me and Poppa was behind me. So I looked up and waved at him, dunno if he saw it or not. But he followed me to their house and then accused me of stealing his parking spot. I said up because that’s where I usually park when the car isn’t out. I went over and said hi to Gucci and gave him a couple of cookies and some love before grabbing my bag and heading into my parents house.

I went inside and said hi to Lumi, Mom and Poppa, and then we all sat down at the table and I told them my news. Poppa didn’t seem excited, but he likes to think things out from all angles, so he was asking me questions about the position. I answered them to the best of my ability. We started working on filling out the forms, and he was able to help me figure out what I wanted to put down for one of the questions. The rest I’ll have to have Fiks help me with because its about taxes from last year. I was only able to fill out a couple of forms at my parents house. I just didn’t have the knowledge for the information required at their house.

Poppa and I went and pasted Gucci after sandwiches and watching some TV. Nothing exciting, just the news. Mom was wanting the weather, and then it turned to talking about COVID, so that’s always fun. Not.

When it was time I said goodbye to Mom, and couldn’t find Poppa to say goodbye to. I said goodbye to Gucci and I tried to give him a carrot but he wasn’t interested in it. Too soon after medicine I guess. Then I headed down to work. I got a good parking spot and hung out and read my book for a while. Then when it was time I went in to start my shift.

When the manager came over to say hi, I thanked him for all of his help, tips, and time for helping me apply to jobs and letting me use him as a reference. I gave him the news that I handed in my 2 weeks and that next Thursday was going to be my last day with them. He was super excited for me and sad that I was leaving, along with a couple people who were there when I told the manager. One of the other managers came over after hearing my news and wished me all the best. I’m kind of sad about leaving them. But one thing I will not miss interacting with is the homeless.

We had a guy come up to a car and started yelling at his reflection I guess, and then he came and dived into our garbage. I walked out and told him he couldn’t do that, then he brought that hand out of the garbage and there was what appeared to be a folded knife in his hand. I told him he had to leave and he did, but not without a dirty look and taking some of the garbage with him. Wonderful adrenaline dump there. I told the other security guard about the guy with a knife and just to be careful around him. He said thanks for the heads up and went looking for him.

I came home at the end of my shift and got cleaned up and ate some pizza and turned on some Buffy and worked on my paper work for MedVet until Fiks got home at 815. Then he ate the rest of the left over pizza and we watched some YouTube videos until it was time for me to go to bed.

I slept okay until about 2 am, and then I woke up every hour, which sucked. I woke up with Fiks and then I got up and dressed for going to the grocery store. We hung out and had cereal while Fiks made up his tea and steeped it. Then we took off down the mountain towards our places we needed to go. I got to the store fine, and I almost everything on the list, but then I had to double back for chicken nuggets which they didn’t have, so I got popcorn chicken instead. Its breaded chicken, right?

The store took longer than expected, but I got over to my parents house eventually. I jumped out and grabbed a couple of carrots for Gucci and went over and said good morning to him.

You can’t see it from this angle, but he has molasses all over the front of his nose. I went in and dropped off the carrots and my milk and said a quick hi to everyone before grabbing their groceries and bringing them inside the house. Then I sat down and watched the news with Mom and Poppa for a while, and then Poppa wanted to work on math, so we did that.

I was frustrating him and the book was frustrating him. He just doesn’t understand why I don’t get it, and the book makes things more complicated than it should be in his mind. I was doing some things right, and some things wrong. We took a break and pasted Gucci and put medicine on his hoof. He was good for both. Then we went back inside and worked on math some more until I said my brain was over loaded. So we stopped and then Mom and I took off to do some errands.

We went to the next town over down the coast and went to Poppa’s favorite store, Harbor Freight, to get him a new battery and charger. I found them right away, so we just checked out. Then we went to Big Lots and wondered around there for a while, getting some Christmas stuff and some other things Mom needed. Then we went to a great meat locker place and got sandwiches and my skirt steak.

I got the wine and spice and the BBQ skirt steaks. I’m super excited. We’re going to do roastie potatoes and Cesar salad with it I think. We got our sandwiches and headed back to my parents house and did lunch there, and then I grabbed some of my stuff we bought and came home.

I unloaded the groceries and put the cold and frozen stuff away, and slowly worked on putting the other stuff away. I turned on Buffy for a while and then ended up taking a short nap. Fiks told me that we had stuff delivered, so I went outside and picked those up and started working on this. I was a nerd and turned on Frozen for the first time in a while, I wanted to watch it after searching through some gif’s of it and so I started it.

I got cleaned up and then I asked how Fiks was doing and he said that he was coming home soon, so I called our favorite Chinese restaurant and placed an order and he picked it up on his way home. So that was nice. We did Chinese and watched YouTube Videos and then an episode of Animaniacs before I headed to bed and Fiks got cleaned up.

I slept okay last night, only waking up once or twice, but I was able to get back to sleep so that was nice. And I even slept in a little bit after kissing Fiks goodbye. I got my bowl of cereal and turned on M*A*S*H and watched that for a while, then I got dressed and headed off to take my drug test. I checked in once I got there and got called in pretty quickly. I got my temperature taken and passed, so I was allowed in and then we got to me taking the drug test. Pissing into a jar, yay! Once that was done we got it sealed and signed off to get picked up by FedEx and then I headed to my parents house.

I went over to say hi to Gucci and he was pretty happy to see me and get his hello treats. I went inside and Mom was on the phone with Other Mother. Her dog, Colossus, passed away in his sleep this morning. So Mom was talking to her and telling her good thing about him. Poppa and I ran back out and pasted Gucci, who did good. He was warm under his blanket so we took it off so he could enjoy the sun for a little while before the rain started later in the week.

We went back inside and Mom was done with Other Mother, so we all had sandwiches and watched some Dr. Pol while we ate and just kept watching it until it was time to go. They wanted to go to Costco, so we all left the house at the same time. I ran and gave Gucci a couple of carrots and he ate them before heading off to work. Getting to work was a pain. They had the freeway on ramp heading south closed, so I had to go north to the next exit to get on the ramp to go south. But once that happened everything was fine and I got to work on time and was able to sit and read my book for a while.

When it was time I headed into work and got my shift started. Today went better than Tuesday, so that was nice. It was a slow steady with some rushes, but nothing really bad. When it was time the shift was done and I jumped into the truck and came home. I ate dinner and watched some Buffy while waiting for Fiks to come home. It was another late night for him unfortunately, so we didn’t get to spend a while lot of time together before I headed to bed.

I was naughty in my sleep last night, I kept kicking Fiks. I moved out to the sofa and turned on M*A*S*H and fell back to sleep. I slept on the sofa until around 4 and then I moved back into bed. I don’t remember him leaving, but I woke up with my alarm and I got dressed for work and made my breakfast and packed my lunch and went over to my parents house.

He was throwing a hissy fit when I pulled up. I was 2 minutes late, which was a big deal for him apparently. When I was walking over Poppa came out and gave me a couple of carrots and then he went back inside. I gave him his hello treats and gave him his breakfast bucket with a carrot in it and his flake of hay. I then went inside with my bagel and juice in the bag and sat down with Mom and watched the news for a while. Poppa and Lumi went out for walkies and to go play for a little bit. When they came in it was time to paste Gucci, so they had a good time. Gucci was good for his pasting, so that made me happy. We went back inside and watched more news until it was time for me to get going.

I got to work fine, got my parking spot, and I goofed around on my phone until it was time for me to get dressed and go in. So when it was time I did that. I got my cup of tea going, and I had problems punching in, so I asked my boss to do it for me. The day went fine, if slow. I told the greeters that I work with that next Friday was my last day with them. I told some members too. One of the greeters is taking me to lunch next Friday, so that’ll be fun to hang out with her outside of work, sort of. Everyone I told was happy for me, and wished me the best of luck, so that was nice.

When work was over I went over to my parents house and changed Gucci’s blanket from his quilted one to his waterproof one. It was meant to begin raining tonight, and since last time it rained he stayed outside in all of it and got soaked, I knew he needed his rain blanket. He did good for the blanket change even though it was dark. I had my headlights pointed at the stall to give me some light. Then I went and got some gas and made my way home.

I got cleaned up and I was starving, so I grabbed the sandwich from Wednesday and a bag of chips and started eating dinner while watching Buffy. Fiks swung by and got some fish n chips for dinner from the brewery down the street. I wish I had known about them, oh well. But we got to spend some time together watching some YouTube videos before I had to head to bed and Fiks went and got cleaned up.

I slept okay last night; didn’t have to move to the sofa. Only woke up once, and then woke up again when Fiks had to go to work. I stayed snuggled in bed until it was time for my alarm to go off. Then I got dressed and made my breakfast and packed my lunch and headed off to my new post for the next 2 Saturday’s. It wound up being a cannabis shop. The day went fine, I screwed up once but oh well. I left when I told my boss that I would and headed over to say hi to Gucci.

I gave him his hello treats and some pets and love before heading into the house. Poppa and Lumi met me at the door and told me that Mom was sleeping, so we went quietly through the living room into the kitchen. I made up Gucci’s medicine and then all three of us went outside to paste the boy. Lumi went running off into the field and did his business while Poppa and I pasted Gucci. He was kind of spooky, so I had to pet him a little bit before he’d let me paste him.

I came home shortly after pasting him and went and got cleaned up and rid of the pot smell. It was all I could smell on my clothes and in my hair. Fiks was home too, so he started making dinner while I was in the shower. It was the dish I was planning on making Friday before I stayed out and didn’t get home until almost 7. But the dish turned out really well, I didn’t have any of the sauce on mine, my tummy wasn’t feeling well, so the less spicy the better for me.

It turned out really well. We watched some YouTube videos before we started gaming. Gaming was fun, and we almost started on time. But since I didn’t have to work tomorrow I was able to stay up later to play. I only managed a hour longer than usual.

I slept pretty well for me. I didn’t wake up until 430, and then I was able to get back to sleep. I woke up again when it started hailing in the morning and bouncing on the sunroof in the bathroom. I got up and moved to the sofa and turned on M*A*S*H for a while. I went and tried to wake Fiks up around 1030, and that was a no go. So I poured out the laundry on my side and started the first load of the day. After that I went and had waffles for breakfast and dozed on the sofa for a while.

Fiks finally woke up around 12, and I went and moved the laundry while he made himself brunch. Bacon and cheese sandwich. The we watched some YouTube videos for a while then Fiks went and got dressed. YouTube doesn’t know what a dog video is by the way, and I have evidence of this!

Once Fiks was dressed and after some jacket hunting we left home and headed down the mountain in the rain and went to the cake shop to pick up my bundt cake. We got there a little early, but it was ready, so we picked it up and then we headed over to my parents house. We said hi to Gucci but we ran the cake into the house and said hi to Mom, Poppa, and Lumi before running out to Gucci with some carrots. He was rather grumpy today.

Grumpy because we went inside first or because he’s wet, you decide. We went back inside and helped Mom and Poppa cook for a while, and then we sat down on the sofa and watched The Proposal, one of Mom’s favorites.

We watched that for a bit then Fiks and I went out and pasted Gucci, who was really spooky again today. I petted him for a while before giving him his medicine. Then I made up his buckets and gave him one with two carrots to make up for pasting him, and after opening a new bale, gave him a flake of hay. I went and gave him some water when we got back inside.

Fiks and Poppa started cooking the steak while Mom and I took care of the roasties and the broccoli. My Sister showed up and Lumi went bonkers. My Brother even showed up for a little while. True, it was to get food and take it back to his house, but it was still nice to see him. We ate dinner together, and then we did a zoom call with my Brother and his family, watching my little niece work on her ginger bread house.

We got the cake out and did my birthday cake and presents. I got PJ’s and a robe, and the Breyer Christmas horse and an ornament. And then we said goodbye to everyone and came home. Fiks even passed out for a few minutes on the drive.

Once we got home we did the loads of the loads of laundry before Fiks gave me his presents, more PJ’s! So I’ll be nice and cozy and snuggly for days… and nights.

We still have to take out the garbage and do the recycling, but that’s it for this week.

See you next week!!

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