Someone went and got an abscess… (Week 6)

Hi from Sunday!

I tried to swing by the donut shop close to work today, but there was a line 3 people deep outside the store, and it was too cold and I was too tired to wait in that line, so I came home. I had a bagel when I got home because I was hungry, and then I changed my clothes and crawled into bed. No shower this morning because I’m just going to have to take one later anyway. When I crawled into bed I got a very sleepy and cute ‘hey’ from Fiks, who went back to snoring. I read my book for a little bit, then I put on my eye covers, turned on my audio book and fell asleep.

I asked Fiks to wake me up at 1, but I woke myself up at 130. Came out and he was on his computer playing Cyberpunk, guess he lost track of time. I called my parents and said that we’d be over in an hour, and they asked me to swing by my Sister’s and bring Lumi home. So after getting dressed and ready we swung by and got Lumi who was a dip shit and started barking at Fiks. I think that he might be partially blind, or he’s a dork. But there was no reason for him to bark at Fiks.

We got to my parents house and went over and said hi to Gucci who wasn’t putting my weight on his right front leg. He hasn’t been putting weight on it for the past couple of days, so I think he has a abscess brewing in that hoof. Oh well, at least the vet is coming tomorrow, I can have him check it out then.

Fiks and Poppa got the tractor out and I kicked Gucci out of his stall and we started digging out said stall. We dug out the wet in the middle because he’s meant to be on stall rest for 3 days if he does get his knee injected tomorrow. We loaded up the scoop in the tractor and then Gucci started wanting to come into his stall while we were working so I went and stood with him in the paddock while Poppa and Fiks shoveled away. Love you guys for all you do for me, and so does Gucci.

I gave him 4 bales of shavings for his stall where they had just dug out, then I went and made his buckets for the next couple of days. Fiks gave him his dinner bucket with a couple of carrots in it and then I gave him his hay. We went inside to say hi to Mom, but her and Lumi must have gone upstairs for a nap. She hasn’t been feeling well for a few days now. We grabbed the paste and pasted the boy, and then we said bye to Poppa and made our way home.

I passed out on the sofa watching Doctor Who, and Fiks was on his computer, so I didn’t feel totally worthless, but I didn’t want to sleep the day away either, which is what it feels like I’ve been doing lately. I don’t know what woke me up, but I saw Fiks trot into the kitchen, so I got up and helped him empty the dishwasher and then we started on dinner. Chicken Scampi. Nom.

After dinner and Fiks making some flakey biscuits, we moved the vehicles, did the garbage and moved the laundry. I tried to stay awake, but I failed. I went and took a shower and crawled into bed a little after 11. Right when I was finishing my book Fiks came to bed. Well, he tried to. He had just put lotion on his hands and couldn’t get the handle to turn all the way. So I got out of bed and opened the door for him. I thought I might have accidently locked it on him or something, all I could hear was the door partially turning and then stopping.

I slept okay until about 4, then I was wide awake. I drifted off and on after a while, finally giving up on sleep at 715, getting up and dressed and ready for the day. I made myself the last bagel for breakfast and ate it as I drove down the hill towards my parents house.

When I got there Gucci was at the gate waiting for breakfast, so after giving him some love and carrots I gave it to him. I then went inside where Mom and Lumi were both up, which caught me by surprise because it was barely 8. Then Poppa came out of wherever he was hiding and said good morning to me. He and Lumi went outside for their morning walk, and I stayed inside with Mom watching the morning news.

Once Poppa came back in it was close to the vet appointment, so we went out and put a bar across Gucci’s doorway after I pulled him out of his stall. He just wanted to graze; and yes, he’s still lame this morning.

We grazed after we got the 2×4 up until the vet showed up, then we walked towards him and the Vet noticed him being lame straight away. We decided that treating his abscess was more important than his knee, so we treated that instead. He had problems standing for the Vet who pulled off his shoe and started digging around in his hoof. He says that he’s super tender on the inside of his right hoof, so the abscess is somewhere in there, but he couldn’t dig it out yet. So he poultice and wrapped it with Epsom Salt paste and then we put him in a boot and called it a day. Said that it should blow out on his heel within a week. If he hasn’t done it in a week let him know and he’ll come out. If it does, get the shoe put back on and then call and reschedule for the knee. But to take him off his bute (anti inflammatory), because it suppresses the abscess and takes it longer to blow out. Don’t want that.

I went inside and Poppa and Mom were gone, guess they went upstairs while I was out with the Vet. Poppa came back down and we started working on my math homework. We did a good amount of problems before I needed a break. I went out and checked on Gucci and Poppa had his breakfast. Then I came back in and Poppa had brought Mom back downstairs. Her and Lumi hung out on the sofa while we worked on math, then we went and pasted Gucci when it was noon and I had to take off for my last tattoo session.

I swung by the bank first to make sure I had enough money for him today, and I wanted to get a Jamba Juice but I was short on time and didn’t get one. I walked to the tattoo parlor after parking the truck and after he let me in and ate his lunch we got started. It went really well, but I had forgotten to take some Advil before hand, so my skin got angry and bloody super quick, so him going over certain parts really hurt. Others weren’t so bad. We redid my elbow (yes, that still hurts like a SOB), filled in the feathers, touched up the purples, did the legs, claws, and eye and that was it.

I’m so over being stabbed with needles for now. He said that that was usual, just burn out. We’ve been working on it for months. 9 months. Wow, I hadn’t realized it has been that long. I didn’t get work on it every month, but damn near every month. I said I’d prod him in a couple of months to touch up my shoulder tattoo, and he said just let him know when I was ready and we’d schedule it. Also if I need any touch ups to let him know.

After leaving the parlor I swung by Fiks’ station and showed him the tattoo even though it was wrapped up. I really just wanted to see him, just used the tattoo as an excuse 🙂 I said goodbye to him so I didn’t get him in trouble and let him get back to work, and then I worked my way home. But first I swung by the feed store to pick up some vet wrap and gauze to treat Gucci’s foot. The lady at the counter asked what happened and I said it was just an abscess, and she was happy to hear that. Guess there’s been a string of horses getting really hurt lately from what she was saying, which explains why their selection was small.

I came home and made myself a sandwich and turned on Heartland for a while. Took an unplanned nap during it, so I didn’t get to my math homework like I wanted too when I wanted to. Oh well. When I woke up I called my parents to see how Gucci was doing, and they said he was doing fine and that they were cooking dinner. So I said I’d call back later.

Since they mentioned dinner I started getting to work on ours. It was chicken with creamy pesto and butternut squash, but I forgot to take a photo. Sorry guys. I ate dinner while watching some YouTube and then I took off the wrap around my tattoo and cleaned it up while Fiks came in the house. I told him dinner was waiting for him, so he has had dinner now. He’s hanging with his friends online while I was working on my math homework. I’m at a point where I’m stuck. I get the answers right, but I can’t graph them on the number line properly to save my life it feels like. So I started working on this instead. I’ll do it tomorrow with Poppa in the morning.

I slept okay last night, but I did wake up wide awake in the middle of it again. Its starting to get frustrating again. I just tossed and turned until it was time to get up with Fiks and go to the grocery store after getting ready. I packed up my laptop and my math stuff into my school bag, forgetting my charger, and then we left to go down the mountain.

I got to the grocery store fine, and I found everything that we wanted and needed and, well, as usual, more. I got Gucci his bag of carrots (which I thought he needed, turns out he didn’t) so I had something to greet him with when I pulled up a short while later. He was waiting at the gate, not that he had anywhere else to go being locked into his stall. I walked over with a couple carrots in hand and gave them to him before I gave him his breakfast bucket and hay.

Next I grabbed the cold and frozen groceries, the carrot bag, and my school bag and went into the house. Poppa and Lumi were up, and so Poppa and I started working on my math homework. He showed me what I was doing wrong when it came to lines in a way that I understood, so that was nice. We spent over 3 hours doing my homework, I was that far behind. But it didn’t help that things were locked until you did the class before it, so I couldn’t get ahead until I passed that one section.

We took some breaks, like Poppa took one to bring Mom downstairs. I took one to run and paste Gucci with some of his medicine. So he’s just getting his cushings medicine and his probios until that abscess pops. We took another break together and took Lumi out for his walk/run/zoomies and to change Gucci’s wrap on that hoof.

After we did that we went back inside and tried to do more homework, but both of our brains were in that ‘squishy no squishy’ phase. AKA just not working. We decided to work on it tomorrow morning for a little bit when I come over and take care of Gucci’s hoof before falling asleep. Poppa took Mom back upstairs after a couple of friends called to wish her a Happy Birthday. I knew it was today, I just forgot her presents and her card, so I felt kinda bad about that.

I came home and tried to get the Playstation to work, which it wouldn’t, so I could put on the next movie of the week, Spiderman: Homecoming. So my Cousin said it was fine if we watched Black Panther.

I fell asleep for a little bit in it, but then I woke up and my Cousin and I chatted throughout the movie, like usual. Its good; and I haven’t seen it in a while, so it was nice to watch it again. I tried to go to the end credit scene when it came up but the stupid remote wouldn’t work when I pressed okay, but it worked fine when I hit the home button. Then when I got back into Disney+ they said I had finished the movie, so there was no way to see the button without restarting the film. Too much effort.

After the movie I turned on Heartland for a while, and didn’t nap when I should. And as I type this at almost midnight I’ve been paying for it all night, but onto that it in a little bit. Fiks wanted me to get my Drivers License renewed so we could do taxes, and I had to wait for my passport to show up because the DMV doesn’t like my foreign birth certificate, so I looked into what that took. And there was no line at the DMV, so I hustled to get all my documents together and drove down the mountain again.

First I swung by PG&E to update my last name on it, because it still has my maiden name on it. Well they were closed due to COVID; bastards. So I prayed that they would take a vet bill and went over to the DMV. They weren’t busy, so that was nice. I was able to get everything done to get my new Real ID Drivers License and got my temporary one, now I just have to wait for it to show up in 2 weeks.

Afterwards I came home and turned on Heartland again for an episode or two before I turned it to Doctor Who. I dozed for a little bit and then Fiks texted that he was going to be coming home, so once he was home I ran downstairs to grab the laundry that I had forgotten about and we both came upstairs.

Hehehe. Its a bonus because its about laundry and Wall-E. 🙂

Anyway, when we came upstairs I told him that we hadn’t received our meal box today, so I didn’t have anything to cook. He pointed out we had leftovers, so we did that for dinner instead. I kept Doctor Who on and he jumped onto his computer and did stuff on there. We stayed like that most of the night, me nodding off and on to Who and him playing Cyberpunk (I think that’s what I heard him play).

He just went to bed a little bit ago, I jumped onto his computer to work on this and some homework while I have Doctor Who on in the background. Its the episodes about the Silence. Good episodes. We already watched the Vincent Van Gough one, another good episode.

I stayed up and did some math homework after dozing off and on until 3am. Did pretty well, got a couple of chapters done. And I worked on this until I was tired and crawled into bed around 5.

I tried going to sleep but didn’t get there, just listened to my audio book and Fiks alarms go off. I kissed him goodbye and then a little bit later it was time for me to go. So I got up and dressed, grabbed my school bag and went over to my parents house.

I pulled up and Poppa, Lumi and Gucci were all outside. Gucci was grazing and Poppa and Lumi were playing ball.

I talked Gucci into going back into his stall and gave him some carrots and love. Then Poppa, Lumi and I all went inside. Poppa and I sat down and did some math for a while. Again, we were more successful this week when it came to class. And I remembered stuff from math classes before. So that makes it easier for me.

When I was exhausted I went home and took a shower and crawled into bed.

That’s it for this week.

See you next week! ❤️

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