To Dye or not to Dye… (Week 5)

Hi from Sunday

I came home early from work last night. I wasn’t feeling well, I was sore and achy and just couldn’t push through it like I have the past couple of days. So I came home after a couple hours of work, which I felt (kinda) shitty about. But its better to be safe than sorry I guess. I came home just in time for gaming to end, which was fine, I still haven’t finished my character to join in yet.

I had a hard time getting to sleep, so I came out and tried to do some math homework and failed. Then I started having muscle spasms really bad, so I went and took a hot bath with some Epsom salts and lavender, and then I started to fall asleep in the tub while reading. Guess it worked to relax me enough to go to sleep, so I crawled out of the tub and into bed.

I slept okay once I got there. I didn’t wake up until it was time for me to get home, and then I was wide awake. I came and started working on my math homework again, got a little further this time, but not a lot. And I got my grade back on my homework for my veterinary assisting class, so that was good. I swear I submitted it earlier in the week, I even have it dated as such, but I guess I didn’t so I submitted it last night when I got home.

I’ve been listening to the Galavant soundtrack on Spotify while working on stuff this morning. I forgot how silly and fun the show was just from the songs. Fiks woke up a little bit ago, and he’s busy on his computer as I’m busy on mine. I should be doing homework, but its just not clicking. I’ll wait until I get over to my parents house and have Poppa help me solve the problems.

We did a light breakfast and then we hung out until it was lunch time and then we got the best fish n chips we can find in the States. Its a little mobile food truck, the owners are British, so they do it as close as they can to the original thing. I like getting the shrimp and chips because I know I can eat it all.

I finished the episode of Doctor Who that I was watching and then I gathered my things and headed over to my parents house. Poppa and Lumi were outside when I pulled up and Lumi didn’t go totally bonkers with me pulling up; so that’s a massive improvement. I went over and said hi to Gucci who was very grumpy with me even though I was giving him carrots. I told him I was sorry for missing days, balancing out sleep, work, and school is hard right now. Didn’t seem to make things better right away.

I went inside and said hi to Mom and got Gucci’s medicine and walked back outside to give him his medicine. Poppa joined me and pointed out how he was walking (not well) and his knees (swollen). I think its time to get him the shots in his knees. I’ll call up the clinic tomorrow and make an appointment for next week hopefully. Then I went in and got myself set 6up at the kitchen table while Poppa was waiting for 3 more minutes to stop the big truck which he had turned over to run for 15-20 minutes because we haven’t driven it in over a month. Diesels don’t like that, apparently.

Poppa came in and we started getting to my math homework. I noticed that I’m more confident with Poppa there, maybe because I know he’ll catch my mistakes, or because he’s just Poppa and does that. :: shrug :: But we were doing really good, then we started making mistakes. I say we, I really mean me, and then Poppa was needing a break because he wasn’t catching my mistakes at first. So we went and made buckets and gave Gucci his dinner, and he was happy to get dinner and a few carrots early. Then we came back in and finished math, which went a lot better and we finished it. I loaded up my stuff and came home.

I really need to remember this right now. I’m missing a dear friend a lot lately. Been almost 10 years since we’ve seen/talked to each other. I reached out to him in the beginning of December and still haven’t heard anything back, so I really need to give up hope and remember this ^^

I went and flopped on the sofa for a while and watched some Doctor Who. Well, dozed through some Doctor Who. I’m on the second Tennant series, which doesn’t have a lot of good episodes in mine and Fiks’ opinion. Except Blink, which we just watched and is fantastic.

And he doesn’t say this at all in the episode, but I saw it and it made me laugh.

Oh, and I guess that I’m (sort of) official at work now, my scrubs showed up. They are going in the next load of laundry, but they are here. I should have just ordered tops instead of tops and bottoms, but I wasn’t expecting them to take so long to get here. I’ve ordered 4 pairs of blank scrubs, one for each day, because I was getting in trouble for still wearing jeans and a shirt.

There is this guy at work, another Tech Assistant, and everyone thinks that he’s great. He can’t do anything wrong. I don’t know if its because he’s been there longer than me by 5 months or what, but its frustrating with what he gets away with. Fiks keeps reminding me I’m the FNG (Fucking New Guy), and to keep my head down and do my job. But when I get yelled at on my shift for fresh blood being on the floor, and I find a pile of dried blood on the floor from the shift before me, it gets to me. I can’t leave any laundry, mats, collars, or garbage behind, but he can. The guy gave his two weeks notice, I guess he’s on a Student Visa and we (MedVet) wouldn’t sponsor him to keep him here. So basically the VT’s and RVT’s are sad to see him go, and I feel like they don’t think I’m part of the team or something. I’m not working with him anymore, so that’s fine. But its going to be hard because I’m going to be the only Tech Assistant on any shift now, and I seriously hope they don’t screw with my schedule. I like my Sunday’s off with Fiks.

Anyway. I’ve said I’ve been wanting to dye my hair, right? I want to do like blood red with a rainbow underneath. I’ve ordered the stuff to turn my hair blood red, but not to add rainbows to it. Mostly because I don’t know how. And there is this girl on Instagram who does colored and rainbow hair, which I’m excited about, but I can’t get into her until March, and she’s only open on my days where I need to sleep during the day. So do I go and book and appointment and wait on dying my hair rainbow until later, or dye my hair and then wait until later when she has a different appointment session open? I’m not sure.

I asked Fiks if he liked any of them and he said he did. He pointed out which ones he liked (which are the same ones I really like), but told me he’s heard its a lot of work and maintenance to keep the color, and you have to style your hair just right. I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m not a high maintenance girl, I like pulling my hair back into a pony tail and just going. And my hair isn’t straight and perfect like these guys, its curly. So it would mean I have to straighten my hair every day, which doesn’t work because I’m not home long enough for it to dry all the way unless I get a blow dryer, and that just sounds like high maintenance. So maybe I’m not set for rainbow hair yet… maybe I should just dye my hair red and see how I go from there… hrm….

I didn’t sleep well last night. I had another night of muscle spasms and needing to soak, but I didn’t nearly fall asleep in the tub last night, so I guess that was better than the other night. I would wake up every hour or so and then roll over and go back to sleep. Annoying as hell. I gave up on sleep shortly after Fiks left for work this morning, going and getting myself a bagel and turning on some Doctor Who as I waited for my doctors appointment.

My appointment went really well, things are improving. I think a lot of it is because of the job change, and we changed my meds around the same time I got the new job, so its difficult to be 100% sure on which is causing me to be better, but I don’t care. We talked about how sleeping in the daytime is really hard and a really hard routine to get used to. Getting a day shift or going back to swing would be better for my sleep schedule and over all mental health, but :: shrug ::.

After my appointment I called and made and appointment for Gucci to have his knee injected next week. Sucks because he’s going to be on 3 days stall rest afterwards. Means I’m going to have to dig out his stall Sunday and give him new bedding. Next I had math class, and I seemed to get this topic today after asking a few questions. She rushes through steps, which is really difficult for me. I have homework to do tonight and a quiz tomorrow, so I’ll have to be on top of that. And I still have my Veterinary Assisting homework to do too. Sigh.

I went over to my parents and said hi to Gucci, who was still moving really stiff and took a couple of funny steps, making me hesitant to get him out. I went in and said hi to Mom, who I woke up from a nap. We sat and watched Dr. Pol for a while, and then we went out to Gucci. I was right, he’s moving tender on those front legs, he didn’t really want to walk on the asphalt today, and just wanted to stay to the grass. So we turned him around slowly and let him graze for a while.

We grazed for a good 10 minutes before heading back to his stall, but first I gave him a new bale of shavings because his current ones were wet. I know its just going to mix up with the wet stuff, but hopefully it’ll make his stall a little more comfortable. He was a really good boy and just stood there while I gave him a new bale, I half expected him to run off and start grazing again.

Then we went back into his stall and I took off his halter and gave him some more carrots and love before heading into the house. I gave him a 10-15 minute break before pasting him. He was out in his turn out standing on one of the ‘hills’ he has in the turn out where its dry, so I had to hop the fence to go and give it to him. He was a really good boy for it, so I can’t complain.

Afterwards I came home. I meant only to nap for a little bit, and work on my vet homework, but I napped longer than I meant to. Went through a couple episodes of Who, only waking up when it sounded like a weird car alarm was going off in the neighborhood. Turns out it was the episode I was watching. Damn it, I just realized I forgot to take photos of dinner that I made. Balls. It was a BBQ woodfire grill pizza (that you cook in the oven, so I’m not really sure how the woodfire comes in there). It was good. I added too many onions to my side so I didn’t eat it all, giving some to Fiks.

I’ve been working on my math homework for a couple of hours now. I even had to call Poppa up to ask him to help me with a problem, because I don’t understand when and where I’m meant to flip < and > signs, and the same with the equal to or positive signs. Sigh. Then I got a couple wrong and discovered that you flip them when you divide by a negative.

I was listening to P!nk, but now I’m listening to Doctor Who soundtracks. After giving up on Math I went and moved to the sofa and started my Veterinary class reading and turned on the original Batman. Then I started not to focus on the book and focus on the movie more, so I put the book down and watched the movie until I started to fall asleep, then I went to bed.

Well, I didn’t sleep well again last night. Sigh, so I’m exhausted today. I talked to my Cousin during one of my bouts of conscienceless and she showed me all these photos of snow that’s happening in her town today. She’s cool enough to let me share the photos with you guys.

Makes me kinda home sick. We don’t get snow in my part of California. And I grew up where I’d get snow in the winter, so I miss it. Its easier for me to be cold then it is for me to be hot, because I can always add layers if I’m cold; you can only take so much clothes off if you’re warm. Anyway, I tossed and turned the rest of the night… well, morning, until it was time to get up and go to the grocery store. I had my breakfast bagel while Fiks had his cereal and made his tea, and then off the mountain we went.

I got to the grocery store okay, and found everything I wanted/needed, so that was good. Afterwards I went over to my parents house and said hi to Gucci and fed him breakfast. Something spooky happened behind him (don’t ask me what), so that’s why the picture is kinda blurry.

I gave him a couple of carrots and then I gave him his breakfast bucket and hay, and went inside and said hi to Poppa and Lumi. I turned on the TV and watched Columbo while Poppa peddled, until Mom came down then we switched it over to the news and the weather. A little bit after Poppa was done peddling we went and pasted Gucci, and he was a really good boy for me today and stayed in his stall. I went back inside and hung out with Mom until it was time to come home and put the groceries away and get ready for my math class.

Class went fine, I think. I didn’t get the topic as well as I did yesterday, but I’m trying :: shrug :: After class I went and got Gucci some feed and some shavings for Sunday when we dig out his stall (hopefully). Then I went and got a COVID test done, and my brain got tickled. I actually wanted to sneeze really bad while she stuck the swab up my nose, but I guess that’s normal. Then I came back home and watched some Doctor Who until it was time for the movie of the week; Captain America: Civil War.

Its been a long time since I’ve watched this one, and I didn’t fall asleep in it this week! Yay! My Cousin and I chatted all through the movie about different things. Like where Fiks and I wanted to go on our next trip (not this year, thats going to visit my Cousin again), but to Germany. I’ve been seeing a lot of cool castles on Facebook I want to go see, and I’d love to go to the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria. I think Fiks would get a kick out of it too. We think we might meet up in somewhere like Berlin for a weekend or something like that, because Germany is on their list too.

After the movie was over I turned back on Doctor Who and passed out for a good couple of hours. When I woke up it was getting dark and Fiks was on his way home. We were lazy and did leftovers for dinner (pizza from Saturday). Once I was done with Doctor Who we watched the newest episode of WandaVision.

Afterwards I came up to the kitchen and jumped on the computer and took my math quiz and totally bombed it the first time round. I did a little bit better the second time but not by much. I still have a lot of math homework to do so I’m going to go work on that for a while. And then I’ve still got my Veterinary Assisting class to work on, because I was lazy last night and didn’t work on it really. Oh well, good thing I’ve got to stay up late tonight/this morning.

I gave myself a break and went and watched some YouTube videos with Fiks before he went off to bed. Then I finished Bridgerton and then I had to move up into the kitchen to study away from the TV for a while. I read my veterinary terminology book for a while and took my quiz, got 8/10 both times. Oh well, I rushed through the second one and answered the questions I had gotten right last time wrong this time. Blows.

I guess that’s it for this week. I’ll catch you up in a couple of days.


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