Lot’s of Needles! (Week 9 & 10)

Hi from Friday!

And Hi from Monday! I didn’t get very far on working on this on Friday. Life happened.

Last Sunday one of our friends in Amtgard, Raven, came down and did an acupuncture session on Gucci. I came home after work and slept for a little while before she showed up. I got to have a little bit of breakfast and then she was here. We were excited to see each other, I for sure hadn’t seen her in over a year, Fiks get’s to see her every month at the BOD meetings for Westmarch. We chatted for a little bit before heading down to my parents house to take care of Gucci.

Gucci was a good boy for his acupuncture session. He wasn’t quite sure of what was going on at first, but then he started relaxing and sighing, licking his lips, and I think if I remember right we even got a yawn out of him. He stood with the acupuncture needles in him for 20 minutes, and he was a pretty good boy for it. We had to have him stand on the driveway because Raven is short and she forgot her step stool and Gucci is fairly tall, my height at his shoulder, 16.2 hands. Raven is smaller than I, so it was interesting seeing her getting all of the needles into his butt and back.

He also got some needles in his legs. I’m writing this over a week later, so I don’t remember what every needle did for him, but it seemed to have worked. After the 20 minutes were up we took the needles out of him and then Fiks and Raven took him for a graze while I went inside and made up his medicine. I had problems giving him his medicine. I dropped it into a pile of nettles first, and then I dropped it again after giving him his medicine. I felt like a fool. I’m usually better at giving him his medicine than that.

After Gucci was put away we went to the next little village/town over and got some burgers and for them some beer. We sat and chatted for a long time, so that was nice to catch up. We talked animals and the vet world, we talked Amtgard and some of the politics that are going on. We said goodbye and parted ways, Fiks and I tried to go get some ice cream at a really good ice cream parlor, but the line was fing huge and I wasn’t up for standing in line for that long for ice cream. So we turned around and came home.

Once we got home we started the laundry and turned on Psych and I fell asleep for a while, only running on the couple hours of sleep I got before Raven showed up. Fiks played Cyberpunk for the day. We didn’t really have dinner because we were still full from our late lunch burger. So we just did chores around the house, watched some YouTube, I went to bed early because I was exhausted and Fiks followed shortly after.

I slept okay that night. I only woke up once but I was able to get back to sleep, so that was nice. Then I woke up and went over to my parents house to do math homework and to say hi to Gucci who I was already seeing improvement in. He met me at the gate which he hasn’t done in a while, so I walked over and gave him 2 cookies and some pets and love and started to head inside the house.

Poppa and I sat down and did Math for a while, taking some breaks to take care of Gucci. one of the times we went out with Lumi and Gucci decided to go and have a nice roll. Whatever, its dry and he shook most of it off. But I haven’t seen him roll in a while, so this made me happy.

We went back in and did math for a while, until my brain melted basically. Then I said goodbye and went to the grocery store to get stuff we needed for the week. And some bonus stuff like Blood Orange soda, both Fiks and I love the stuff. I ended up drinking most of both bottles, if not both, not sure if Fiks got any. After the store I made my way home, brought the groceries in, put the garbage cans away, moved the laundry, put most of the groceries away, and then made myself some potsitckers which I had just gotten and the grocery store for lunch. They turned out pretty well.

Afterwards I ended up taking a nap on the sofa while watching Psych, I nodded off and on for a while, and then I got up when I got the “I’m coming home” text from Fiks and started to make dinner. It was a quick 15 minute dish, which took 15 minutes of prep, so he got it after he started gaming, but hey, at least he got dinner. It was a pasta dish, that’s all I remember. And I think scallops. While he was gaming I watched TV, so I did nothing exciting.

The next day I got up, dressed, made my lunch/dinner and headed over to my parents house to do some math homework before heading over the hill to work. I said hi to Gucci when I got there and gave him a couple of cookies and then I went inside and we worked on math for a while before taking a break and coming out to take care of Gucci. He was really good for his pasting, so I was happy. When it was time I left and headed over to work. Work went fine, when I got there the vet was using the scope and a clamp to pull a intact tennis ball out of a dogs stomach, it was crazy.

My next few days of work were busy but satisfying. My next day off was Friday, hence the ‘hi from Friday’ at the beginning of the post. Oh, it was also the anniversary of the company becoming MedVet, so there were cupcakes to be had on Wednesday. The frosting was good, the cake itself was kinda dry, but it didn’t stop me from eating them!

On Thursday night our oven stopped working, so the landlord said that he was going to come over Friday morning to fix it, so I stayed home and tried to do some math on my own while the landlord came and worked on the oven. I helped the landlord with the oven until it was time for me to go and get my COVID shot.

After I got the shot my mouth and tongue felt funny. Not like when I go into shock from nuts or bee stings, but funny. They kept me for 15 minutes and then sent me on my way. I told Fiks what happened and had some Benadryl handy incase I got any worse. My dad was also in the area so I could call him if I got worse too. He was over at my sister’s place having lunch.

I started the movie of the week with my cousin. Thor: Ragnarok

I love this movie, I love the music, I love the pace, I love the lines, I just love this movie. Has to be on of my favorites from the MCU. My cousin and I talked all the way through it as usual, and the landlord came back from lunch and worked on the oven again while I was watching the movie. When I was done with the movie so was the landlord with the oven, saying he’d come back over on the weekend and try to work on it.

I was sitting on the sofa watching Psych when the power went out. I had gotten a text a hour or two before saying that the power was out on our street, but no one was when that alert went out, or at least on our part of the street. So I went and grabbed my kindle and finished reading my book and started a new one. I had the door open because it was a nice day with a breeze, and it was letting light it on the sofa.

While I was reading a woman came up the stairs, saying that she had taken a Uber last night and that the phone was showing it at my address. I said that neither I nor my husband, nor the neighbor next door worked for Uber. The woman was upset, saying she could see the car, asking if there was anyone else in the building. I told her it wasn’t us, and that she try the complex down the alleyway close to where the car was parked. After that strange interaction I went back to reading my book.

I could hear the PG&E trucks roll up to the power pole below our place and started working on it, so I wasn’t too worried about the power being out for long. Fiks got home after the sun set, so I had a flashlight on in the living room to cast light so I could see around the apartment and keep reading. Fiks took another one when he went to go get cleaned up. After he was done we talked about what we wanted to do for dinner. We had to go out because A) the power was out and B) we had no oven. We deiced on getting some pyes so we went to the local brewery and they were already closed up. We went into the brewery to get Fiks some beer and the guy behind the counter said they ran out of pyes, so they closed up early. So we went and got some sushi.

After picking the beer we came home to kill some time in the dark, but hey, the power was back on. So Fiks showed me a video of the YouTube rabbit hole he fell down last night on drumming. I wish I remembered the video because it was absolutely amazing. Then we ran and got our dinner from our favorite sushi place down the street. We came home and caught up on WandaVision, finishing off the series.

No spoilers but oh my god its amazing and you have to watch it.

I went to bed a little after we were done so I didn’t have a problem getting up in the morning for work the next day. I wasn’t looking forward to my shift. There is a woman there who just doesn’t like me and is really mean to me when other’s aren’t around. I don’t know what I’ve done to her, I’ve always tried to be nice and do what I’m told and to be productive and self motivated. But its never enough for her and she handed me the crappy job of putting bodies in body bags and tagging them and sticking them in the freezer. 3 is my limit, because I have nightmares at and after that number. Its just not my thing. I won’t go into details but its hard and its sad.

After work I came home and got cleaned up and grabbed some pizza and got ready for some gaming. I didn’t feel very useful the first half of the night, but I did the second, so that was nice. I think that I had a good time. When we were done for the night, a little before 1am, we both went to bed and passed the f out.

My sister woke me up with a text the next day around 10, so I got up and started doing some studying for my vet class because that’s been neglected the past few weeks it feels like. I wanted to have something on in the background but our router was acting funny and not working. Even after unplugging it and plugging it back it again. I gave it a few hours to turn on on its own, and it didn’t, so I started fiddling around with it and got it working again.

The landlord said he was coming over in a little while, so I woke Fiks up and told him this, so he got up and dressed so he could help with the oven. I went over to my sisters place and chatted with her and mom for a little while, and then we started to make dinner; garlic burgers. Well, when I say we I really mean me, I made garlic burgers.

My bother came over and cooked the burgers, and then Poppa and Fiks showed up when they were done. They turned out really well, I was pleased with myself over it. Then Fiks and I came back home and the oven was back in its place. Apparently they got it working again, so that’s nice. I still hope that we are getting a new oven, because the one we have is old. Anyway, I flopped on the sofa after moving the laundry, and Fiks played Cyberpunk until it was time for chores. So we both got up and moved vehicles and laundry, took the garbage cans out, and the garbage and recycling, and folding last weeks laundry that was on the bed.

I went to bed around 11 because I was tired. I tried to get Fiks to come to bed with me but he wasn’t tired.

I feel bad because I remember hitting him in his face last night totally by accident. He took off for work when it was his time to leave, and then I got up around 730 and made myself some breakfast, went to the grocery store, got our stuff there, and then I went over to my parents house. Poppa and Lumi were out and Lumi started running towards my car, and I stopped on the driveway for Poppa to recall him and once I was parked I got out and said hi, and then we went over to say hi to Gucci who was standing at his gate waiting for me.

Poppa helped me with the groceries so I could grab my math stuff and bring them inside. We worked on math for a while until it was time for the farrier to show up, then I went outside and got Gucci ready. We grazed for a little bit, did a little walk before the farrier showed up. He was happy with Gucci’s feet, saying he could probably get shoes next time. And he would like the vet to be there so they could take xrays of his feet as they go along so they can make the right adjustments. After putting Gucci away and cleaning up the mess I went and made the appointment with the vet for April 19.

I went back inside and we worked on math for hours. Until my brain was melting out of my ears , at which point we stopped. Which was good because I wasn’t understanding what was going on anyway. I hate this class, its making me feel stupid, and I know I’m not stupid, I’m just not understanding the material all the way, even with Poppa’s help. I said my goodbyes and made my way home and started working on this.

Its almost 3 on Monday, so I’m going to take a quick break. I’ll get back to you later. I flopped on the sofa for a bit and then I had my doctor appointment. It went well and we scheduled another one. I got to talk about a few things that have been bugging me that I don’t have a sounding board for.

After my appointment I watched Psych for a little bit and then I got up and made dinner. Fish and chips. Turned out pretty well, even though I’m not sure what to do with the cooked in oil.

Fiks came home while I was making dinner and was happy to finish my fish n chips off while he was gaming. I think he had a good session… well, there was a lot of laughing, and then there was a lot of yelling. And I think he told me a character died. That always sucks. I kept watching psych and did some studying for my vet assistant class before calling it an early night and heading to bed. He wasn’t too far behind me tho, so once he was done getting cleaned up we snuggled down in bed together.

I woke up the next morning with my alarm, got dressed for work and headed over to my parents house. Lumi and Poppa were outside when I pulled up, so I said hi to them before walking over and saying hi to Gucci who was waiting at the gate for me. Then we went inside and did math for a couple of hours, and then I headed off to work.

Work was pretty good this week. The lady that isn’t nice to me was strangely kind this week, and I didn’t like it and I didn’t trust it. Fiks said she probably wanted something from me, well, she gave me a bit of a cold. I wake up sniffling and coughing for the past couple of days, but then I take some decongestant and I’m fine. Here’s a few quick photos of my week.

The first picture is blood and piss from a dog who was having a nose bleed and went to the bathroom when she was nervous. I had to clean up most of the clinic from the blood and few piles of piss she left behind. The second photo is what you get together for a urinary obstruction pack in a cat. We had this poor kitten come in and out with a blocked urethrae this week, I think he was there for 5 or 6 days, then he left. Came back 2 days later. Super cute kitten too.

On Friday I woke up, got dressed and kissed Fiks goodbye (he had the day off, yay!) and went over to my parents house and did some math. Poppa and Lumi were on the driveway, and Lumi went prancing across the driveway to Poppa. I got out of the truck and Lumi greeted me, and then we went over and said hi to Gucci who was waiting at the gate for me.

Then we played with Lumi for a while and then we went in the house. I set up my computer while Poppa did some cleaning for Mom, and once he was done with that we started doing math. We did that for like 2 hours, then I made my way home for the movie of the week with my cousin and Fiks.

Both of us thought that we hadn’t seen it since it was in the cinemas. Its a good movie, great one liners. We chatted through the whole thing as usual. Fiks watched part of the movie on the sofa with me, then he went and jumped onto the computer and started puttering around on there for a while. I guess Chrome did an update and he was having problems with it for a while. I turned on Psych for a while and ended up taking a nap instead of studying like I planned. Oh well, I guess I needed the sleep.

I woke up and Fiks came and joined me on the sofa for a while, and we sat and watched some YouTube videos before making dinner. It was a steak, pasta (yum) and mushroom (yuck, can’t get past the texture) dish. I got what I wanted out of it, a little hesitant to try the brown things because I couldn’t tell the difference between the steak and the mushrooms most of the time, so I gave it to Fiks.

After we were done making dinner we sat down and watched the new Disney movie: Raya and the last dragon.

It’s a super fun cute movie. I really enjoyed it and so did Fiks, I think.

After some more lounging on the sofa I got up and grabbed my laptop and did some homework for my vet assisting class, so I have one less thing to do on Sunday. I still have class work due on Sunday, but its 2 less assignments, no, wait, its 3. So I just have to do my mini essay and my quiz. But I can spend the day reading so I’m better prepared for it.

Alright, that’s been it for the past couple of weeks.

See you next week!

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