Blood Runner (Week 8)

I’m writing from work again, but I got do to something really cool that I wanted to share while it’s fresh in my mind.

We have a little Yorkie dog here at work. He came in yesterday I believe. He was doing okay then he had to have a blood transfusion. Then he perked back up and was so loud and noisy that was had to put him in the “quiet ward” (a area we can see into but can close the door). And then when I came into work today (Saturday night) he was back in the “hospital ward” being watched.

He wasn’t doing so hot again, so the doctor wanted to give him another transfusion. Slight flaw in master plan: we were out of blood. I volunteered to run and get it from another clinic if needed. The vet went and placed the call to see if they had any to spare. They did. So she asked me to run and get the 2 singles of blood.

I gather my things and take off, forgetting to say goodbye to one of my coworkers who’s last day was today. The clinic is 17 miles away, but it’s mostly freeway so not that bad of a drive.

I’m singing along to my music and following directions and discovering that my bright headlights don’t want to cooperate any more. Fing great. Any way, I miss the exit because it says something different that what Waze has given me, so I go to the next one, turn around and head back towards the exit I missed.

I got to the clinic fine, it’s easy to find once you get there. I go and call the clinic and my phone is still hooked up to my Bluetooth so I had to figure that out while on the phone so I looked and felt like and idiot. But I got it switched over to the phone and got the blood and came back to work.

I came in and said I had the blood, so we started to get ready to transfuse the blood when the vet comes over and says we need to cross match it. So we run and do the test. At first we thought it was positive so we couldn’t transfuse the blood. We had it backwards. It was negative so we could transfuse it.

We start giving him his blood, then his port started to leak blood, so we pulled him out of the kennel and changed the bandage and the ports (which I cleaned out wrong by they still got clean so :: shrug ::).

The doctor then started to do an ultrasound on him. I was able to sneak a photo in

See, if I was smart I would have taken photos of the blood too, but at 230 am my brain wasn’t very good at thinking about photos.

We’re still watching the Yorkie. I helped pull a catheder out of a very sweet cat who started to loose his temper at the end so we had to give him some drugs.

Then the border collie puppy happened. He was being super noisy and barky and whining, and he was next to the Yorkie and he was clearly upsetting the Yorkie with his noise. So we put him in the quiet room. He goes quiet. It’s like 330-4 am at this point, so we think he’s finally asleep. Well… He wasn’t. He chewed on his catheder and pulled it out of his leg and blood was everywhere in the kennel along with dog shit. Great, just what I want to clean at 445.

So I cleaned that up and was getting ready to leave for the day, had already punched out when I saw a bunch of stuff I didn’t get to because of the critical patients. I hoped that I wouldn’t get into too much trouble.

I swung by our favorite donut store and got the crazy 8 deal and made my way home. I had a donut once I got home and then I crawled into bed and woke Fiks up. But we snuggled for a while a I eventually fell to sleep.

Fiks woke me up when I asked, and then I went and had another donut because I was hungry. Hung out and watched psych for a while before heading over to my parents house.

We went and said hi to Gucci, then to Mom, Poppa and Lumi. We had a while before dinner so we went and took Gucci for a graze. Fiks felt like he needed to be even taller than me and climbed up Gucci’s fence and sat on the top.

Gucci did fine grazing, really enjoyed himself it seemed. We turned around and started making our way to the gate and his stall. After he was in I gave him his dinner bucket and hay and then we went back inside.

By this time my sister had shown up, so we sat down at the table for dinner. Chicken and rice casserole with Cesar salad, Nom. It was a good dinner. And then there was cherry pie for dessert. After that we went and pasted Gucci and then said our goodbyes and headed home.

Fiks had a Westmarch BOD meeting when we got home. So he did that and I flopped on the sofa and dozed while watching psych. I love this show. Fiks asked why I stopped watching Doctor Who, and I told him I just needed a break, but I’d get back to it.

We did our laundry and the garbage and recycling. You know, adulting. We actually folded and hung up the laundry this week too. I gave up somewhat early and went to bed before midnight. I was just so tired.

I slept okay last night. Only waking up once I think, and then again when Fiks left for work. After a while of lying in bed I got up and dressed and headed over to my parents house to take care of Gucci and to do some math homework.

We did the math and then I headed home once we were done. I was lazy for the rest of the day, I took a nap. I still have things I need to do but I just can’t find the energy to do it. Like taking the Christmas boxes into the basement. That’d free up a lot of room in the living room. Maybe next week.

Anyway, I took a nap and woke up to a text from the farrier saying his assistant was coming to pull Gucci’s shoe. So I got up and went back over to my parents house and got Gucci out and we grazed for a while and then I brushed him while waiting for the assistant to show up.

Once he showed up he pulled his shoe and we put him in his other soft ride boot and that was that. He walked away pretty well, so I can’t complain.

Look at that QH butt!

I was going to cook dinner once I got home, but I fell asleep instead. Whoops. Fiks came home from work and did left over pizza from Saturday for dinner. I can’t remember what I had. Wasn’t that impressive…. Wait! I had a macaroni noodle cup. Haha.

I went to bed with Fiks, who was tired and sort of upset. I tried to talk to him but he just wanted to sleep. So I let him be.

He woke me up in the morning like I asked, I had my last donut and Fiks had one of his but couldn’t finish it. Then we headed down the mountain to work and the grocery store. But first I stopped and got some gas. I love safeway for the points you get and can use at the gas station. I almost got a full tank out of it with $. 70 off per gallon. A decent amount for a truck with a 30 gallon gas tank.

Anyway, after getting gas I went into the store and go what we needed and more, but a lot of it was on sale so it was a small bill for once.

I went to my parents house next and Gucci was waiting for me at the gate. So I gave him his breakfast bucket and hay before heading into the house and setting up for math. We did a decent amount done before I had to leave. Poppa wanted me to get to class, but I didn’t have everything with me to do it at my parents house, so I went home. We’ll after unloading the truck and putting the groceries away and a couple of other things I basically missed class. Shit.

I waited for it to be time to watch the movie of the week with my cousin, Doctor Strange.

We were watching the movie when the garage door opened and I ran outside to see Fiks backing in. I was surprised and asked if he was okay and he said no. So we talked and snuggled, I’d been where he was numerous times and he’s helped me, and I finally got to return the favor. We finished Doctor Strange and then we watched some psych before heading back down the mountain in search of a paper shredder.

We went to the first store and Fiks wasn’t impressed, so we went to a second store where we found one he was happy with. So my job of shredding my papers is back on duty.

I passed out for a little while once we got back home. Then we got up and started making dinner. I forgot to take a photo, but it was meatloaf and mashed potatoes and Brussel sprouts. Turned out really good. Fiks and I watched YouTube videos for a while.

Fiks went back to his computer and I turned on psych and watched that for a while. And then I started sleeping to it. I managed to stay up until 230-3 before crawling into bed.

I slept a little bit. Woke up with Fiks alarms, wondering what he was going to do about today. He eventually got up and dressed for work. I told him I was very proud of him for going back in. Then I lied in bed for a while before getting up and dressed and headed over to my parents house for math.

I said hi to Gucci once I got there. Poppa and Lumi had already taken care of him this morning so all I had to do was spoil him with treats.

We went inside and set up for math. Which sucked. We did the practice exam, because I have an exam tomorrow, well today technically, and man, was that hard. Poppa and I started butting heads over it. I think he just got frustrated with me because I wasn’t understanding what was going on. Hopefully the exam will be better.

We took a break and went and took care of Gucci. We pasted him and then I shook out his boots/hooves. We took off his blanket and went back inside. We gave up and I came home to go to sleep.

I tossed and turned most of the day. I remember waking up numerous times. So I didn’t sleep really well even with my headphones and my eye covers on.

I dozed on the sofa for a while and then I started freaking out about math, so I went to go see what my grade was. It’s passing and that’s all I’ll say. But I had to do a what do you know quiz which I wasn’t planning on, so I had to do more math. I didn’t finish it before coming to work, hopefully it won’t affect me taking my exam tomorrow.

I made dinner and forgot to take photos of it again. I made pulled pork gyros. Pulled pork, scallion, dill sauce, and a green leafy vegetable I can’t remember it’s name. Arugula maybe? Anyway it was good.

I got dressed for work after dinner and math, packed my lunch box with not healthy things… I really need to work on that… And kissed Fiks goodbye before he pulled his car out so I could pull the truck out and take off over the hill.

And that’s it.

I’ve been working on this from work, because it’s the q word and I busted my butt the first few hours I was here. Now I’m just listening to The Ralph Report in between things. My coworker is browsing YouTube videos after she got done watching her movie.

Alright, that’s it for now

See you next week!


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