Rough Start To A New Year (Week 1)


Boy, was today a Monday.

We were down 2 or 3 techs today. One’s on vacation (Dunno if she made it out with all the flight cancelations and new isolation protocols for where she is going), one is quarantining, and the last I have no clue if they were meant to show up or what. So it was just A, K, and myself with 2 doctors and a very full schedule. I hustled and roomed and helped as fast as I could. The morning went by in a flash it felt like. Even if we did have a euthanasia at the end of the morning that made me sad.

I went to lunch and called and talked to my parents, and was kind of short tempered with my mom. I don’t really know why, maybe its the stress of the day. I read my book and listened to The Ralph Report, the only podcast I listen to now and I can barely keep up with it. It always feels like I’m 2 weeks behind, even with them being gone for 2 weeks. But I still enjoy it so I keep listening.

I went back into work and started doing chores that are on the list to get done. K was in surgery with one of the doctors, so A was out and about. She snapped at me for doing the list. So I tried to do what she wanted me to do and to not take her attitude personally. Surgery went well, just an OVH (spay) on a little dog. I cleaned up surgery pretty quick for me. Then there was a dental on a cat. The cat wouldn’t go down easy, was an expensive date drug wise. I walked by with the vacuum to clean surgery and woke the cat up, so the doctor told me to stop and to wait, so I did. I went and filled some prescriptions as they were giving her stuff so they could do their procedure. I waited until the cat was down and then I vacuumed and mopped surgery.

I did my best to stay out of trouble, helping where I could. I was just about to do a gown pack when I got told no. I was to focus on cleaning up the dental table even though they were still using some of the stuff. I focused on cleaning the dental table and supplies and then it was time to start rooming patients. I kept rooming and helping with tech appointments. My brain felt like it clocked out at 5, because my train of thought was derailed really easily. We were at work until almost 6 cleaning up. Long day.

Fiks was awesome and had made dinner. It was his day off today. I don’t know when we’ll ever have matching day’s off again outside taking vacations together. But at least we have Sundays off together. Better than nothing. We watched a couple of YouTube videos and then I went and got cleaned up. Fiks jumped onto his computer and started playing Horizon Zero Dawn on his computer, and I looked for stuff to watch and then I turned on Lost In Space and worked on my Clever Fox Journal and this for the rest of the evening.


I slept alright last night, so that was nice. Fiks woke me up with a kiss and then said I needed to get out of bed to move the truck so he could get out. So I got out from under the nice warm blankets and then I threw on my fuzzy robe and went out to the living room and sat with Fiks for a few minutes then it was time for him to go. I threw on some shoes, kissed him goodbye and pulled out the truck, let him leave and parked the truck and came back inside. I made myself an English muffin with butter and watched some Dr. Oakley for a while.

When it was time I went and got dressed for work, trying to find matching socks and scrubs and being successful! Then I made my lunch and took off for work. I was trying to get there early since I knew we’d be short staffed again today, but I didn’t quite get there, too much time on the sofa watching TV I guess. It was just me, A, and K again today. And the doctors. K & I have found our flow and work really well together, A just makes things strained and angry. Thankfully she only stayed until lunch time, then we were on our own. We got shit done over the lunch time break between clients. And then we were rocking and rolling with the afternoon clients.

During this time I got a message from my Cousin. I couldn’t answer her as fast as I wanted but I was eventually able to respond, once I was done with everything at work. I hope I was able to bring her some help and love. I was super hungry when I got off work so I swung by Carl’s Jr. on my way home and picked up some food. I turned on Lost In Space again and ate to that, paid some bills and worked on this.


Man, today just sucked. I don’t even really want to talk about it.

Its been rough at work. Its 3 people doing 5 or 6 people’s job. I’ve been busting my butt as hard as I possibly can, and I’m still getting shit for not doing enough from A. I never get anything kind out of her, just all the way’s I’m screwing up. I’m really getting over this. I don’t know how much longer I can take it.

I came home and grabbed my meal box and got cleaned up before putting the meals away. The box scared me for a moment. I have a really bad peanut allergy, and they sent me a peanut and tofu (yuck!) instruction sheet. I dived into the box and found out that they sent the right dishes, just the wrong card. Phew, no death dinner for me this week. I put the bags away in the fridge and grabbed some pizza and a garlic twist and ate that for dinner. I watched a little more lost in space and then Fiks came home. We talked about our days and how shitty they were, he did left over Chinese for dinner and we started watching Hawkeye on Disney+. I love Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), and I love Hailee Steinfeld, so I was really looking forward to watching it. I know it didn’t get good reviews, but I still enjoyed it.


I didn’t sleep really well last night. Stress dreams, you know, nothing fun. Just making myself super anxious about the day in my dreams. I woke up and said goodbye to Fiks and then I went and had an English muffin and watched some more Dr Oakly. I made my lunch after getting dressed and came down to work.

Work has been interesting. I got a really nice compliment from the boss almost first thing, so that made me feel better and less anxious (but so did the Ativan). I had to change my mask from cloth to paper which is fine, just was unexpected. I keep rooming pets and getting the history from the owners. We were super busy but it felt like the day has been dragging. We’re still down techs, so the days are just really hard right now.

A sent K to lunch first, and so I was left to clean up the morning. I helped a little bit in surgery, helping carry the patient in (70lb dog), and getting a couple of little things for the doctor that weren’t in there already. I just did my job and kept myself busy, keeping myself low because A was in a mood again today. K came back from lunch, so I asked if I could go, no, I had to clean surgery first. Ugh, it was hard to push through that because I was shaking, my body’s way of saying “FEED ME!”

I got done with that and was waiting to ask if I could go to lunch and A was busy putting in a catheter, so I didn’t want to distract her. Well one of the Doctors came in and told her something, and they started arguing. A walked away from the catheter to chase down the Doctor to yell at her. Fan fricking tastic. I switched places with K, who finished putting the catheter in and then she sent me to lunch.

I went and read my book on lunch while eating, and then I started working on this for a little bit in the truck. Then I went back in and the Doctor was doing the dental with K. I punched back in and started cleaning things and helping them with the dental when they asked for it. I put the rooms back together just in time for the first appointments to show up. All 3, at the same time. GAH! Timing people. I started with rooming the patients for the doctor who wasn’t doing surgery.

This afternoon of appointments just sucked. We had to put 3 patients to sleep today, 2 were planned and expected, but the third wasn’t. There were more fights and arguments at closing. I’m glad that I (hopefully still) have tomorrow off. I need it.

I came home and got cleaned up and jumped on this and listened to The Ralph Report for a while. I think I’ll start making dinner when I get the text from Fiks that he’s on his way home. I think I’ll make the chicken Gyro’s.


My goodness and I grateful that today is Friday and my day off. I’m burned out from all the craziness of the week. I slept in and then I went to go get gas on my way to the grocery store. My plan was to save up and use the credits I get from grocery shopping to fill up the tank. Well I went to fill up and I only had one credit, but it still made gas cheaper, so I went with it. Then I went to the grocery store and wandered around for a while before heading over to my parents house. I wasn’t feeling 100% so I didn’t do hugs or anything, but I did stay and hang out for a little while.

I made my way home and unloaded the groceries before flopping on the sofa and watching some Lost In Space while waiting to hear from my Cousin about doing a movie today. It didn’t work out, but that’s okay, maybe next week. I just stayed on the sofa and took a nap, so that was nice. I talked to Fiks for a little while and I decided to make brownies after watching 100 hour brownie video on YouTube last night.

Thank you Alvin for that desire to bake. My sister came over and checked out my Clever Fox Journal and hung out for a little bit, then I went and made brownies after she left. Not 100 hour brownies, just regular fudge brownies.

Then I cooked a pork tenderloin and some rice after the brownies were done and watched some Doctor Who.

Fiks came home right when the pork was done resting, so he had some good timing. We finished the episode of Doctor Who and then decided against the next episode because it both creeps us out. So we watched two episodes of Hawkeye before Fiks went and got cleaned up and I started to work on this. Oh, we also has brownies during Hawkeye, they turned out really well.

I’m kind of dreading tomorrow. I know its just a half day, but I’m still not looking forward to it. Its just going to be me and one other tech (I think), and A. I just hope we aren’t too busy and I feel okay.


I didn’t sleep really well last night. I had a hard time falling and then staying asleep. Brain just would not shut up. So I was kinda hesitant to wake up when my alarm went off this morning. I had a brownie for breakfast (so healthy….HA!) and watched some Dr. Oakley before getting dressed and heading down to work.

I got to work to discover that everyone who was meant to be there was there, so there was 3 techs instead of just 2 and A. Which I guess really makes it 4 techs, since she is the only RVT. The day started off dragging, but then it was just move move move. The day was rough, even with M & V there to help A, but A wasn’t in a good mood, as usual. One of the doctors was cranky, and it was the fun one so that kind of sucked to discover. Then we had to put 4 pets to sleep, and I helped with 3 of them. I felt kind of goolish waiting on the other side of the door for the pet to be sleepy enough to go in and do the deed. 2 dogs (big dogs too) and 2 cats. I helped with the dogs and one of the cats. Just… rough.

I came home and turned on Doctor Who and watched the creepy spider episode. :: Shudder :: I ate a snack and then lied down and rested for a while, talking with Fiks about Disneyland. I can’t believe its only a week away! Debating on going because of COVID, so we’ll do a final gut check on Monday, but as of today both of us still want to go.

After resting on the sofa for a while I went and got cleaned up. My sister asked me to run to her place and put a package in the garage that just showed up. Fine. I came back home and ordered pizza for gaming and turned Doctor Who back on. I watched that for a episode or two, then the pizza showed up, then Fiks came home, and we watched a couple of YouTube videos while eating and waiting for gaming to start. I’m actually listening to P!nk while waiting for everyone to show up. I think next week I’ll post what songs I have stuck in my head in the mornings instead of pictures. Let you guys know how my brain starts off my days.

Tonight’s gaming has mostly been combat again. Well, it was some actual role playing to begin with. Then it turned into combat. Explore, combat, explore combat. You know, the good stuff. Currently Decoy’s Character, Dioh, is stuck in a wind tunnel like thing as we get attacked with swords. Fiks’ character, Loka, is hitting things, my Bother’s character, Dakka, just killed a sword, and I’m trying to figure out what to do next. I launched fire at a sword and killed it, yay! So we’re exploring and Dakka gets pulled into the water by a creature. I cast thorn whip hit the thing and pull it and Dakka out of the water, killing the monster. Then we went up some stairs and met a monster that killed me. Thankfully Dioh cast a spell and brought me back to life. We called it a night after that battle was won.


Fiks got up before me, I was determined to stay in bed and sleep some more, but it didn’t really work. I gave up after half an hour. I grabbed a brownie and turned the TV on to Dr. Oakley and watched that for a little while. When it was time I got dressed and headed over to my parents place to take care of Mom.

I got there and it was only my Brother with Mom, which is fine. We sat and chatted about the game last night, and then Mom gave him a grocery list for Costco for dinner tonight. He went and got ground beef and a couple of other things, I think. Mom and I finished watching Jungle Cruise on Disney+ and then we went upstairs and got Mom dressed and came back down and watched Downton Abby. She loves that show. Lumi was a good boy while I was there.

I (quite unintentionally) fell asleep during Downton Abby, but then again so did Mom, so I wasn’t alone I guess. I did get that little about of sleep I fought so hard for this morning. I woke up and Mom wanted me to go and pick up the ice cream cake for Poppa’s birthday, so I did that. I took it over to my sisters house and got it stuck in the freezer there before coming back home to Fiks. I said hi and gave him a kiss, then I started a load of laundry before coming back upstairs and watching Doctor Who. FIks came and joined me on the sofa, where I thought he passed the f out, but I was wrong. I had a snack and snuggled with him for a while before he got up and moved to his computer. I just stayed on the sofa and dozed off and on.

When it was time for dinner I just ran over to my sisters house and grabbed the tacos and brought them back home with some ice cream cake. Fiks had an amtgard meeting, so he attended that while eating dinner. I watched Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb while he was doing that. He got a message on his work phone that something happened down at the station, so with him being the closest manager he got to go deal with it. He’s going to be down there for a few hours. Crappy way to spend a Sunday night on your day off. Hopefully he won’t be summoned to work tomorrow too.

I think I’m going to call it there. I’m going to work on my Clever Fox Journal and look at my DoDow that I got for Christmas while watching more Doctor Who.

~Just keep swimming

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