Steady With Insomnia (Week 2)


This is what was in my head when I woke up this morning.

I tried using my Dodow last night, I think it worked. I fell asleep faster, but I didn’t really stay asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night, well, morning. 4 or 5 am. Then I went back to sleep until my alarm went off at 8. I moved to the sofa and had some breakfast while watching Dr. Oakley and then I dozed off and on until it was too late for me to be sleeping. So I ran and got dressed quickly and made my lunch, and Fiks got up with my chaos of getting ready, so he came down and moved the car so I could get out and head to work.

You know when you’re in a rush it seems like you hit every red light possible? That was me. It was very frustrating. But when I pulled into work I saw that one of my coworkers, L, car was there. Yay! Another tech! Maybe the day won’t be total hell. I went in and started working. I started with a tech appointment and then just kept doing appointments as they came rolling in. It took me forever to get a history off one client, and the doctor wasn’t happy with me when I came back in. I hadn’t realized it took so long. I apologized and tried to improve on that.

Lunch was okay. I called and wished Poppa a happy birthday.

He was having a good day. They were going to go to Costco and get some shopping done this afternoon. They’ve been saying this since last week, so we’ll see if they actually make it there today. I spent the rest of my lunch reading my book (Deadly Secrets by Robert Bryndza ), and listening to The Ralph Report. Well, for a bit anyway. I worked on this, mostly finding the YouTube video that matched the song in my head. Harder to do when you don’t know the name of the song or where its from, just a single line repeating.

I went back inside and did stuff. I helped with our surgery patients in little ways, and turned surgery around from a spay to a castration. I filled medications and cleaned up as much as I could before a patient showed up. A told me to get the client, well I found the tech appointment first, so I went and got her and gave her the vaccines she required. Then A told me to room the doctors appointment. I took the tech appointment out and got a history for the doctors appointment and went and took the dog into a room and called the doctor. Well she said she wasn’t going to see the patient over half hour early, so he’d just have to sit and wait. I kept checking on him as I cleaned surgery.

Then it was time for appointments, and we started with the one that had been waiting for half hour. That one went fairly well. Then there was the appointment with the 12 puppies. Only 2 remained. Only 1 was for sale. Yes, I tried to talk Fiks into getting the puppy. No, it didn’t work. Damn. But super cute puppy. I helped with another appointment after watching the 2 puppies play in the room for a while, while the doctor went out and talked with the owners. This poor dog had a horrible skin condition, it was so bad. There were oozing welts and sores, her toe nails were almost into her pads on a couple of toes. One of the welts expressed itself while it was getting cleaned up, so blood and puss was squirted over K’s arm and leg. Thankfully it was the last one of the day. Then L and I cleaned up and shut down the office.

I left and came home to dinner prepared by Fiks. Pork medallions, carrots, Brussel sprouts, and oranges. The oranges had some kind of spice that didn’t agree with me on it, so I only ate a few, and I poured balsamic glaze over the sprouts.

I turned on Doctor Who because Fiks had his gaming session and so I started Season 12, which I haven’t seen all of it. I know a few things, but I don’t really remember much. I had a few shirts show up today, so that’s exciting. I ordered them for going to Disneyland, but they’re all fun and I’ll wear them anyway. I got them from Torrid, a bigger girls Hot Topic basically. I got a Harry Potter shirt, a Flynn Rider shirt, a Jafar shirt, and a Villians hoodie that I thought was a shirt.


This kept playing in my head since 4 am…

Why since 4am you may ask? Because that is when I woke up today. I tossed and turned and might have got a little more sleep, but not a lot. I should have read my book, but no, me being tired and stubborn I decided to close my eyes and listen to my audio book (The Name Of The Wind). I think I passed out right around the time that Fiks’ alarms started going off, because I don’t remember hearing them. I was awake enough for him to get a phone call from one of his employees about being sick. Then it was time for me to get out of bed and move the truck so Fiks could get out and go to work.

I had a cup of yogurt and watched some Doctor Oakley before heading into work. There was an accident on my way to work, so I didn’t get there on time, but not too horribly late, so I guess I shouldn’t complain. It looked like 2 vehicles for sure involved, maybe a 3rd, I didn’t really stop and look. I got to work and we were almost at full staff again. J was back, and then there was L, K, and myself for techs. The surgeries for the day were cancelled, never found out why.

Compared to last week I feel totally lazy and worthless now that the other techs are back, we aren’t scrambling at every turn. I roomed my appointments, helped the doctors with the pets. I processed some urine around lunch time. Later was told that we weren’t meant to process it and send it out. Whoops. I was just doing what I was told. I had a couple other screw ups today too, with the same doctor. So she was just pissed with me at the end of the day.

I had a doctors appointment at lunch time, so I did that. It went fairly well I thought anyway. Then I came back in to the building and started cleaning up what I didn’t finish before I took my lunch (the counters). I also dusted the prints/photos and filled some prescriptions before the appointments started up again. I kept getting the difficult appointments. The dog who needed fluids and growled the whole time. The cat with the brewing abscess who was hissing, biting, and scratching (thank god for towels ). The other patient I had wasn’t easy either, I just can’t remember what it was.

When we were done with appointments we started cleaning up the rest of the building that we hadn’t already done. We turned off x-ray after asking the doctors if they needed it anymore, they said no. Then halfway through cleaning they said they needed to send x-rays to another clinic for a patient that we saw at lunch today. So it was us figuring out how to send x-rays to the other clinic. Once we were done with that and cleaning I came home.

I ordered some Chinese for dinner and went over to my sisters to say hi to my folks really quick before coming home and jumping in the shower. I thought I’d be done before the food arrived but nope. Oh well, it wasn’t waiting outside too long before I got it, maybe 2 minutes. Then I ate dinner while watching Doctor Who and waiting for Fiks to come home.


This is what I woke up with in my head this morning.

I slept a little better last night. I was able to get back to sleep after waking up at 4am. I dunno why 4am, but it is what it is. I turned on my dodow and my audio book and drifted back off to sleep after that for a while. I started dozing at some point because I was up before my alarm and kissed Fiks goodbye before he headed off to work. I grabbed a yogurt and watched Secrets of the Zoo Down Under before getting dressed and heading to work.

My phone decided to keep the Halestorm theme going on my drive, giving me 2 or 3 songs in a row. None of them the song above. I got to work and started rooming patients basically straight away. Today was faster paced it felt like, and I was either more involved or more active today in general. There were a couple moments of chaos this morning, but we managed to pull through.

I ran and got pizza for lunch and then came back. I went back to work and helped cleaned up and helped with surgery and doing things around the clinic. I don’t think I had as many screw ups today as I did yesterday, so that was nice. And this afternoon wasn’t too horrible appointment wise. We did have one German Shepard who they wanted us to look at his teeth, but we couldn’t handle him without a muzzle. The doctor and I went out with the dog and asked the owner to show us what they thought was wrong with his mouth. They were worried about the black pigment in the gums, and the doctor explained that it was all normal. We then brought him back in and gave him his vaccines and let him go back to his owners.

I kept trying to talk to Fiks throughout the day and didn’t get any response. I thought he was just busy. Turned out the app we use to talk to each other was acting up on my phone, because when I got home I got all his texts at once. I felt bad because he sounded like he needed me at one point in the day and I never knew so I didn’t respond. I came home and jumped in the shower to get cleaned up and then put our meal box away, got myself some left over Chinese and started watching Secrets of the Zoo again. I’m looking forward to a quiet night tonight.

Fiks had a long rough day. We watched Book of Baba Fett and then we talked for a little while. Then I decided to go to bed and read my book and get some sleep.


I woke up wide awake at 430, AGAIN. This is getting really frustrating and annoying. I moved to the sofa and turned on Iron Chef America, because that usually puts me to sleep, and I think it did for a little while. But I woke up around 745 and said goodbye to Fiks as he was leaving and crawled back into bed for a little bit. I got some more sleep then I went over to my parents house to hang out with them before they went and got their hair cut.

I swung by CVS Pharmacy on my way home, looking for mini bottles of hand sanitizer and more COVID tests. I was only partially successful, getting one mini bottle of hand sanitizer, I wanted two but whatever. I’m sure that one will get us through our trip. I came home, tried on some new clothes from Fabletics (for working out), and the new t-shirts I got earlier in the week. Most all of them ended up going into the wash with the rest of our clothes over the past few days. I turned on Lost In Space and I’m going to lie down and have a rest for a while.

I had a rest, didn’t really drift off to sleep and take a nap. After Lost In Space I watched Pitch Perfect 3 and half way through ordered myself a salad wrap from Togo’s. Took forever to get it delivered and then they didn’t even deliver it to the right place. I still managed to get it tho, so that was good. I moved the laundry, I should work on taking the tree down but I’m so bloody tired I don’t have the energy for it. I’ll take it down when we come home. Or at least make a dent in it on Saturday when I get home from work. I watched Made of Honor before turning on more Iron Chef America and then I made dinner. I over cooked some of the veggies, but thankfully not the steaks. Like the garlic was burned, so I couldn’t smash it into the butter like directed, some of the potatoes are more like hockey pucks, and the broccoli is fried, but what was edible was good. I timed everything like the instructions said for the veggies, but I guess that it was too long. Or the back of the oven got way to hot.

I called and talked to my parents, asked them how their day went. I asked them to see if their hair dresser does rainbow hair. He does, but apparently its a high maintenance thing, and I’m not super into high maintenance hair. So I’ll have to think on it. I don’t want my whole hair rainbow colors, I just want some under lights, so my top layer is red and my middle/bottom layer is rainbow. Kinda like the picture below is what I want… Just with bright red hair on top if that makes sense?

I’ve done the bright red hair before and I love it. Its the multicolor thing I haven’t done before.

I’ve been working on this and trying to pay attention to Lost In Space but I can’t split my focus very well today apparently. I kept watching LIS and waited for Fiks to get home. He wasn’t too late, we were able to watch the latest episode of Boba Fett and then we kept watching drunk history clips on YouTube.


This song was stuck in my head since this morning… But I did watch the movie yesterday so not totally surprised….

Oh my God I actually slept last night. All through the night. I don’t remember my dreams but that’s fine, I rarely do anymore. I woke up with a kiss from Fiks who was leaving for work. I got up and made myself breakfast of waffles this morning. Nom Nom Nom. I watched Secrets of the Zoo Down Under while I ate. It was sad one to start my day with. I just hope my day today isn’t that sad.

I got to work a little early so that was nice. Everyone who was meant to be there was there, so that was a great improvement over last week. A, J, K, M & Myself plush the doctors. A was having problems walking so she went home early. This morning was jumping and I helped as much as I could taking in appointments. Oh! I got to try expressing anal glands on a dog today, true, they were empty, but at least I tried. I was going to try on the sibling but we had to play musical techs, so I didn’t get to try. M was sent to lunch first, so that was a nice change. I cleaned up the rooms and a couple other things while waiting for my turn.

When it was my lunch I went to the truck and called and talked to my parents for a little bit while texting Fiks and eating. I read my book for a while, then I tried working on this on my phone. The app isn’t cooperating very well right now, so I’ll have to see what to do about our time down in Disneyland next week. Maybe I’ll take my tablet/laptop with me and use that to write like I usually do.

When my lunch was over I went back in and helped out a while, then I did 2 towel packs and a gown pack. I gave K a hand with cleaning surgery, she was super kind and wanted to give me a break from cleaning it I guess. So I made up the mop bucket for her and then filled out prescriptions. Then the appointments started rolling in so I roomed the first one. It was an acupuncture appointment, and sadly we are still not allowing clients into the building, so I got to sit with this sweet old dog for a while. She was older, hated when I stopped petting her. I multitasked and decided to read a book on my phone and pet her at the same time. I thought I was avoiding the euthanasia’s by doing this but I was wrong, they were the next 2 appointments for the other doctor. Great.

I understand that euthanasia is a part of the job, and I’ve gotten better at dealing with it, but it still fucking sucks. Especially when the owners are crying their eyes out. No, what’s worse is when they leave before their pet has gone. Their pet is there, wondering why they are walking away before we put them to sleep. Thankfully we didn’t have that today. I hate what we do with the bodies once the owners are gone. I understand that not everyone is as lucky as we have been to be able to bury most of our pets on my parents property. I totally get that owners want ashes back, or don’t, its just… hard. I get that its a hard part of the job for the vets, I just… hate… the entire process of it.

Anyway, I came home and got cleaned up and ate some left over pizza while watching Lost In Space and working on this. I brought the laundry up that I did yesterday that I was to tired to deal with. Fiks is working late again, one of his delivery drivers got stuck in the mud at a house. I browsed around and decided to watch The Cat Returns.

I enjoy the movie, its quick and its cute, always makes me feel better. Afterwards I turned on M*A*S*H, I’m basically waiting for Fiks to get home. He drove to the location his driver was stuck, switched vehicles and waited for the tow truck to show up. He just shot me a text that he was free and now he’s on his way back to the station. Fiks got home late, but I stayed up with him and we watched a couple Drunk History’s together on Hulu.


I think I did okay sleep wise last night. I know I had a hard time getting to sleep, even with my DoDow and meditating, but I got there eventually. I woke up at some point in the morning and just dozed the rest of my time in bed. I don’t even remember hitting my snooze button on my phone, so I must have drifted off for deeper sleep at some point.

I got up and had a cup of yogurt and watched Secrets of the Zoo Down Under. It was still on a really depressing episode, so I wasn’t super into it. I got up and got dressed and headed down to work. I got there and said hello to everyone, even asked A how she was doing. She admitted that she was in a lot of pain, hobbling around the clinic all morning. On Saturdays we only work a half day, so we go until 130-2ish.

The day was busy but dragging if that makes sense. There was A, M, V and myself with one doctor today, so we were running out of stuff to do periodically. And appointments were not showing up on time. We had one appointment that made me super sad. There was a dog who hadn’t been able to poop for 4 days, in every one’s opinion he should have gone to emergency on day 2, but they waited until today to bring him in. Turned out he had a mass in his anus that was blocking him from going to the bathroom. The doctor went out and told him what was going on, and he decided not to come in and say goodbye to him. M stayed with him until it was time to say goodbye. We all gave him treats and love tho. V and myself did most of the closing duties, then I left because it was close to 2 and I wanted to say goodbye to Mom and Poppa.

I missed Poppa by 10 minutes, but I saw Mom and my Sister. We sat around the kitchen table, mostly talking about Disneyland and what we should do there. After an hour I wanted to go take a shower, so we said our goodbyes and I deiced to do a quick visit with Fiks at the station since I didn’t hear from him. He was just busy. So I hung out for a little while before kissing him goodbye and coming home.

I got home and pulled out the duffle bag, thought about packing but jumped into the shower. I then moved to the sofa and watched M*A*S*H for a little while before going to complete my packing.

Anyway, after a couple of episodes I went and started packing. We’re only gone 3 days, and the weather is meant to be wonderful, so we don’t need to worry about jackets or anything, just taking hoodies. I picked out my clothes and put them in the duffle bag. I went looking for my swim suit, but I couldn’t find the one I wanted, which sucks. But I did find one, so that’s what matters most. After packing I went and made dinner.

I didn’t burn anything tonight, yay! I watched a episode of Lost In Space and then I turned on Drunk History for when Fiks came home.

I think I’m going to leave it here and start a new one tomorrow so that all my Disneyland stuff is on the same post. Just means next week will be a day longer.

~Just keep swimming~

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