Disneyland! (Week 3)

It’s 0200. What does the 0 stand for? Oh my God it’s early! (Thank you Robin Williams) We have been on the road for 15 minutes. We have 5 + hours to go, so we’ll arrive around 730 at the hotel. And it’s been drizzling on us too.

We’ve been in the car for a couple of hours now, I tried to sleep but failed. I mostly dozed while listening to the podcasts Fiks was playing. We made a pit stop at Buttonwillow and went to the rest rooms and bought a snack and a soda. The credit card readers were down and I only had a few single dollar bills. So we split everything. I know the picture doesn’t do it justice, but the moon was really pretty in the foggy sky.

I’m so glad that Fiks is driving. The fog is super thick and we can’t see very far in front of us.

We continued down I5 and I talked with my Cousin for a while. Then we made our way through the grapevine as dawn broke over the mountains. It was really beautiful.

We made our way to the hotel and got checked in. They took our luggage and Fiks car to go park valet. We went to check in but our room wasn’t ready yet. So we headed into California Adventure.

We went to the Incredicoaster first, but it wasn’t open yet. So we went and did a toy story shooting gallery, followed by a Wall-E and Eve water game. We saw the coaster was up and running so we went and jumped on that. Oh my God I forgot how much fun it is. We haven’t been on it for years. And the last time we went on a roller-coaster was when my Cousin and her family was visiting for my wedding. So 2 1/2 years ago.

I was staring to get hungry so we went looking for food, and we found churros. Fiks was very happy to have his first churros of the trip.

We then made our way to the Radiator Springs race ride. We’ve been waiting for almost an hour to get on the ride. As soon as I start working on this we start moving. Fiks and I got in the front seat of the car. Yay. And when we raced the other car we won. My voice is already sore from yelling. Whoops.

After Radiator Springs we made our way over to Soarin’ around the world. We mad a reservation for the water ride, grizzly mountain, after this. The ride was fun, we were on the top row, so we were the highest up.

After we were done we went to Grizzly Mountain and Fiks got very wet. We were hoping the hotel texted us that our room was ready. Nope.

We did some shopping and ordered food, found a couple of Wall-E pins for our collection and made our way to find a table. We ended up finding one in a corner in the back of the food court. It’s okay, it’s out of the sun. Fiks is literally running to get it right now.

Fiks came back with our food. It was good. Mac & cheese in a sourdough bread bowl. Nom. And he’s been sitting at the table telling everyone who comes up to the restaurant we’re next to is closed. It’s funny how many times he’s repeated it.

After lunch we did the animation academy where you learn how to draw a cartoon character. We learned how to draw Donald Duck. Fiks did a great job on his. Mines okay, just on the small side.

Next was the Guardians of the Galaxy ride. I hate the drop rides, but I love him, so I go and hang on for dear life and scream at the top of my dear asthmatic lungs. He loves them tho. And he does the rides I want to go on, so it’s a fair trade.

We went and did the Monsters Inc. Ride. That was fun. Then we walked over to Cars land and jumped on a ride there. It was fun but weird. Like the cars weren’t on tracks, yet moved in sync to whatever songs were playing. And we saw Lighning McQueen.

After that we made our way back to Pixar Pier and jumped on The Little Mermaid ride to get off our feet for a few minutes. It was a cute quick ride. Then we waddled around the pier, stopping at our late lunch restaurant, Lamplight Lounge. We ordered drinks and a small appetizer of potatoe skins. It was pretty good, tho the center of one of the skins was cold.

After Lamplight we went over to the new Spiderman ride in the Avengers Compound, Web Singers. It was fun. It motion tracks your arms/wrists and sends webs onto the screen for you. I came 3rd out of our team. Mines the purple score and Fiks is the gold score.

After Web Singers we made it back to the hotel and got our room. We both got cleaned up for dinner, I wore my Captain Marvel dress and straightened my hair even. Fiks took a nap after he got cleaned up, and I sat and read my book.

I woke Fiks up when it was time to go to the restaurant. We walked right by it the first time, so we had to double back to it. We were seated by the pool, so that was nice. I had my first ever poke bowl, and Fiks had doubled baked nachos.

After dinner we waddled around Downton Disney for a while, hitting up the dress shop and the big Disney store. Didn’t find anything that screamed “it must be mine”. Then we saw the wait times for a few rides and decided to come to Disneyland.

We started off by riding the train over to New Orleans Square, where we got off and went on the Priate of the Caribbean ride without waiting in a line. Then we went to Galaxy Edgr and did the Smugglers run ride. Fiks and I were the engineers for the run. It was fun, we’ll have to try to do it again tomorrow.

On out way out of the park we went on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, one of the last rides open. It was fun doing it in the dark, and Fiks was right, gave me the last push of adrenaline to get back to the hotel.

When we got back to the hotel I jumped into the shower to retame my hair. It went POOF because of the rides and roller coaster. I didn’t stay up too much longer after that.


Here, have this worm stuck in your head since it’s been stuck in mine since we woke up.

Fiks woke me up with a kiss this morning, yay. We were waking up and getting ready for our breakfast at Story Tellers Cafe. We saw Mickey, Minnie, Chip, Dale, and Pluto. We had a good breakfast. Fiks even went back for seconds. I sometimes think he’s a very tall hobbit. (He took offense to that as he read over my shoulder.)

We made our way into the park and waited for the lands to open. We wanted to go to the Blue Buyoo and see if we could get on the wait list. They were still closed. So we did a little shopping and went on the Priate of the Caribbean ride again. My bum got wet.

When we got out the blue Buyoo was open, so we asked. Apparently they dont do wait lists. So I dunno what we’re going to do about that. We waddled over to the Enchanted Tikki Room and did that. I sang along to the songs I knew. It wasn’t very busy. Maybe 15 of us in there.

After Tikki Room we went to go use our lightning pass on the Indiana Jones ride. But it was down and we don’t know when it’ll be up. They just keep pushing the times back. We went and jumped on the Jungle Cruse ride.

On our way to Star Tours we met a carriage horse and I was ecstatic. I thought they had all retired.

We made it to Star Tours pretty quick. To be honest I got a little motion sick, but once I was up and running I was fine.

When we were done with Star Tours we saw that Indiana Jones had opened up, so we went there next. The wait wasn’t horrible. I started feeling overwhelmed and my internal monolog wasn’t being kind to me. I freaked out because I couldn’t get my seat belt to latch, thankfully Fiks was there and helped me get latched in. We had a few moments where the ride stopped, like when we’re at the Boulder and Indiana is hanging from the rope. I was just about to get my phone out to take a photo when we started moving again. We finished the ride okay, but I was fighting back tears. We went somewhere quiet and talked while we had a snack of cheese and soda.

After our break and talk we went and got on the Whinnie the pooh ride just to get me back up and running on rides again. And we saw Pooh himself.

We crossed back over to the Matterhorn, but the lightning line was longer than the normal line, so we went and sat down to figure out what to do next when the Mary Poppins Band with Bert came out. They helped make me happy with the music they played.

We did the Matterhorn after watching the band for a few songs. I got handed a timed ticket from entrance to ride, to see how long it takes. Didn’t felt like it took too long. The ride was fun. Lots of bumps and hills and thrills.

We’re currently waiting to get on the teacup ride. Purple tea cups spin the fastest, so we are aiming for one of those. We managed to get a purple tea cup and started spinning. I was giggling so I would stop spinning for a moment or two then start again.

After the tea cups we went on Arthur’s Carousel. I’ve been riding for so many years me legs only like to go a certain way on the horse and with my heels down. Hard to do with steps right there. But it was fun, Fiks was a dork, which made me smile. On our way to pick up lunch we swung by and did a Disney card exclusive photo shoot. Can’t wait to see those.

We got a table and Fiks went and got our pizza that’d he’d ordered for us. We hung out for a little bit before hitting our lightning pass at Space Mountain. That wasn’t too long of a wait. And we were in the front row of the ride, never been in the front row before. That was really exciting.

Once we were done with Space Mountain we went to Galaxys Edge and waddled around, trying to find our Rise of the Resistance ride. We did a lightning pass that you had to pay for. Oh. My. God. DO IT!! No spoilers outside one photo and that it’s fucking amazing. We wondered around some more after coming down from the ride, doing some window shopping.

Fiks really wanted to try and eat at the Blue Bayou. So we walked up and asked, and then we waited. We asked a few times and eventually got in. Fiks turned into the cat who ate the canary. We both ordered the most expensive thing on the menu. And we have an awesome server, so tonight is shaping up well. They mixed up our dishes, but since the only thing different was the cooks, we just switched the fillet’s around. No biggie.

Once we were done with dinner we went and changed out the portable battery that Disneyland has that we use throughout the day, then we went and jumped on Thunder Mountain rollercoaster. That was fun in the dark again. Then we went and did Smugglers Run, Fiks was a gunner for the first time, I was a mechanic again. Our pilots were…. special… I don’t think they really understood what they were doing.

We then ran across the park again to jump on Its A Small World. It was still done up from the holidays, so you still got the “Its a small world” worm song stuck in your head along with Christmas songs. Once we were done with that ride (I remember why I dislike it, I get over the music and the slow moving very quickly), the park was closing.

We made our way back to the hotel, I called and talked to my parents and Fiks called and tried to summon room service. They said it’d be 90 minutes. He said with a laugh and smile he’d go get our drinks himself. While he was gone I got cleaned up and took a shower, started working on this and listened to a little Halestorm before Fiks came back to the room with his arms loaded. He came back with my mimosa (Champagne and orange juice. I know its called a Bucks Fizz in the UK), a margarita, another drink, a Disney donut, and a M&M chocolate covered brownie. That was good. We started watching Kids Baking Championship because there wasn’t much else to watch on the TV and the internet isn’t good enough to stream from our phones to the TV. But it lets me work on this, so I shouldn’t complain.


Have this wonderful song stuck in my head from last night. (Not my video)

We had a really nice peaceful start to our morning. We rolled out of bed, shared the mickey mouse donut and made our way to the spa. Fiks got a compliment on his Wall-E hoodie that I got for him like 3 years ago. That was a hard sweater to find back then, glad I don’t have to look for it now.

We got to pick stones, and mine was a protection stone. Fiks had a calming stone. We came into the spa and placed our stones on an older stone given to Walt Disney from the native American tribe that lived here before anyone else. I placed mine at the top, Fiks placed his to the side.

We then went into our respective changing rooms and stripped down and put on our robes and slippers and went to the calming room to wait for our massage therapists. We weren’t waiting too long before being taken back to the couples room. I picked orange oil and Fiks picked lavender.

I got my ass handed to me during my massage. I had no idea I was so tense in so many places. I had to remember to breathe while she was working on some places. I wanted to tap out but once she was done I felt amazing. She recommended that I stretch more before going to bed. Just so I don’t get so tense and then not let it out. I will have to give it a try for sure. I need to stretch more in general.

After Fiks came out we finished our water and made our way back up to the room to pack, because check out time is 11. But I still have some gifts to buy, so we’ll got shopping and riding for a little bit. We checked out of the hotel but had them hold our bags for a while.

When we were leaving the hotel to get to Disneyland we got a message from our friends that we were going to meet up with that  one of them was sick, so they were playing it safe and canceling. Sucks because I miss them, but I get it. And I just means more time in time in the parks.

We went and got me a Jamba juice for breakfast, because I needed something to eat. We made our way into the park and got our photos taken in front of the giant Mickey flower arrangement. Then Fiks spotted another carriage horse and car, so I took some photos and then we jumped into the car and got a ride down to the Castle. Slow going but it was a fun experience.

After the horse ride we got photos done in front of the castle and made our way to the pretzel stand near its a small world. So we both got a pretzel and are currently standing in line for the Peter Pan ride, killing time before we go on Indiana Jones again.

We got to Indiana Jones a little too early, so we popped into a shop. We found a shirt that Fiks liked, just not in his size. Then it was time for Indy. Quick wait because of the lightning pass. And I didn’t have a freak out like I did last time, so that was a huge improvement from yesterday.

After Indy we made our way back to Frontier land and jumped on Thunder Mountain Railroad again. The lady who was sitting in front of us was recording the whole ride on her phone. I’m not that brave on a roller-coaster to do that.

We saw a couple of characters as we crossed through the lands. Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Flynn Ryder.

We are currently in line for Pirates of the Caribbean, and we move in spurts. Which is fine. It’s helping us kill time before Space Mountain, and then we’re going shopping for a little bit and then we’re leaving to head home. Pirates was and is always a fun ride. I don’t know if I mentioned it earlier but they changed parts of the ride. I won’t say what, but some are big changes.

We then made our way to Space Mountain, after getting Fiks a dole whip.

Space Mountain is always fun. Yesterday we were in the very front seat, today we were in the very back. 2 very different rides. We then waddled our way to the front, stopping and shopping in a couple stores. We even went back to California adventure to buy a couple of things.

We are currently waiting for our car (that just pulled up) and our luggage and then we’re getting gas and heading home. We got our luggage after a couple minutes and we were off. We stopped by a gas station, I ran in and got a soda and snacks, and then we started making our way home. Waze took us the scenic route around LA and up to the grapevine. Once we were past the grapevine we stopped at an In-N-Out and got some dinner. We stopped for like half an hour then we started making our way back up I5. I called and talked to my parents on the way up, and we listened to multiple podcasts. Our next stop was at Casa De Friuta for a bathroom break. We both got something warm because it was cold last night, but then we pushed through to get home. It was nice to get home. We both crawled into bed after we got home, and passed the f out.


Good morning, we woke up around 10, and it was cold in the house. I curled up in a blanket and called my parents while Fiks made himself breakfast. I had a yogurt for breakfast and worked on this. I made sure that the videos were working. I went over to my sisters and picked up my mail from her and she asked about our trip, so we sat and talked for a while.

I came back home and flopped on the sofa for a bit. I read my book and dozed off and on for a while before getting dressed and wanting to head to the grocery store. Fiks wanted to take a rapid COVID test before we left, so we did that. We watched a couple of YouTube videos while we were waiting for the timer to go off. We were both negative, yay. Fiks then went and got changed and off we went.

My original plan was to go to the grocery store and then hit up my parents house, but Fiks went on auto pilot and we went to my parents house first, which is totally fine. We went there and we talked about our adventures in Disneyland. Then we went to the grocery store and went shopping for a weeks worth of groceries. We came home and put things away and then watched Encanto. Very cute movie.


Woke up to the chorus of that going in my head this morning. I woke up, got myself a yogurt and watched some Secrets of the Zoo Down Under before my timer went off. I must have fallen asleep again because 14 minutes went by way to fast. I got up and got dressed, realized I didn’t have enough time to pack lunch, and made my way down to work.

It was mostly a good day. It was better than yesterday apparently. I don’t really want to talk about what happened at work because its just fing sad and frustrating, and I wasn’t even there! But I got back into the swing of things pretty quickly, and there were lots of puppies this morning, so that helped made the day better. And we had good patients. Until this afternoon when one turned around and bit me in my hand. Not bad, but broke skin. I kept my cool and just kept going, taking care of my hand once I had the opportunity. Its the first time I’ve had skin broken from a bite, but I’m sure it won’t be my last.

The manager deiced to do a schedule change starting next week, so now I go in early one day and don’t have to close (yay!) And I might get my old day off back, so I get a weekend again. Don’t know when that will happen though. The end of the day was sad, a bunny came in for an eye infection, and he had a huge cancerous tumor on his rear end, so we had to put him down. It always sucks when that happens, they come in for one thing and end up being put down for another reason.

I came home, moved the laundry, got cleaned up. I’ve been snacking on different things for dinner since I couldn’t make up my mind on what to do. I’ve been watching Lost In Space while puttering around on the computer .


I’ve had a lot of songs go through my head today, but this one has stuck throughout the day.

I didn’t want to wake up this morning, so I took my time. I took so much time that I was running late, but I punched in at :59, so technically I wasn’t late. Yay. My first client of the day was really rude and mean, and I did my best to stay calm and polite, and I found out that she got into a yelling match with our manager a week ago, so I didn’t feel totally like it was my fault with her being rude to me. We had one tech who was sick, another who was having a rough day, A, and then just me and another tech just doing our jobs and trying to do our best.

It wasn’t a totally horrible day for me, so that was nice. I did fuck up. We had just wrapped a dog in a cast and I was taking him out to the owner. The owner opened the car door and I had the grip on the wrong leash, and the dog took off and jumped into the car, banging his cast on the car. I swear if there wasn’t a client there I would have gotten screamed at. There was a death glare look in her eyes.

We were there late tonight, one client just keeping the doctor occupied for almost an hour. True, there were real concerns that the doctor had, but I don’t think it should have taken that long. But that’s just me being grumpy and tired at the end of the day.

I came home and got cleaned up, and wondered what to make myself for dinner. Well, we didn’t have a lot of Chinese left, I didn’t feel like cooking, I didn’t want fast food. I ended up putting on Lost In Space again, I’m almost done with the series then I’ll have to find something new to find. I ended up ordering from Togo’s again and getting it delivered. I’ll just have to cook a dish tomorrow night for gaming instead of ordering pizza, which is fine.

Hopefully tomorrow won’t be too horrible at work. We have to move everything off the floors because they are getting the floors cleaned and waxed, and move them into either the doctors office or the kitchen area. That’s a lot of stuff to put in a very tiny area, I just hope it all fits. At least its only a half day, and maybe an hour more, I dunno. Oh, but the San Fransico 49ers are playing in the afternoon, and our DM says that if the 49ers win the game we get inspiration for the whole night. I’m hoping they win. Not only do I like the team, I was inspiration for gaming.

Fiks got home late last night.


Woke up to that playing in my head, not too bad of a way to start my morning.

I had a hard time sleeping last night, so I slept through Fiks leaving this morning. I woke up just before my alarms went off and went and grabbed a yogurt and turned on Secrets of the Zoo Down Under while I tracked down and watched the above video. When it was time I went and got dressed and headed off to work.

Work wasn’t too horrible today. Had a couple of slow moments but that’s okay. We ended up moving everything that could be moved into the doctors office and the kitchen throughout the day in little spurts between patients, so we were only there until 2 instead of 130, which is better than I thought it’d be. Oh, one of my coworkers, V, brought in a puppy that she’s trying to find a home for. She’s super cute and her name is Penny. I sent Fiks a photo of her, trying to get him to say yes of adopting her. He didn’t. 😦 Says we don’t have space or time for a puppy right now.

I came home and got cleaned up and finished off Lost In Space. Its a fun show, if you’re into sci-fi I’d recommend it, Its 3 series with 10 episodes, so it takes up some time, but again, its fun. I currently have the oven warming up so that I can start making dinner. Steak with garlic chive butter and veggies (carrots and potatoes). Dinner turned out good but I forgot to take a photo of it, sorry folks.

I’m currently waiting for gaming to start, and for Fiks to say he’s coming home. I called and talked to my parents for a little bit, catching the end of the first half of the 49ers game over the phone 0-7 Green Bay. Grrr. But the 49ers managed to score so now its 3-7 Green bay. And Fiks is home settling in to his computer, so we’ll start gaming soon. We’re about an hour in and the 49ers just won, so we have inspiration for the rest of the night! WOOHOO!!!

And we leveled! Woohoo again! I just gained a new 4th level spell: Guardian of nature. Seems to fit Prim really well.


I didn’t sleep well last night, like, at all. I finally gave up at trying to sleep at 330, and moved to the sofa and turned on Iron Chef America for a while. I must have fallen asleep at some point because before I knew it my alarm went off and I went and got dressed and headed over to my parents house to stay with Mom while Poppa was at church.

When I got there Lumi was still in his cage, I let him out and went to open the door to let him outside and he went charging through the kitchen and up the stairs to the bedroom. Where he (I’m assuming, I wasn’t there yet), promptly jumped on Mom and woke her up. I was so mad at him. I waited while Mom woke up and then we went downstairs and hunted down something to watch. It ended up being Downton Abby.

I dozed off and on for a couple hours, leaving when I thought Poppa was going to be showing up a few minutes later. I came home and grumped on the sofa, but Fiks was awesome and okay with me being grumpy, making me a cup of tea even.

I dozed while we watched some Drunk History, then it was time to head back down into town and to get my eyebrows done. It didn’t take too long, thankfully, because Fiks came with me. We then went to OSH and searched for a storage bucket to put our Christmas lights in (yes, our Christmas stuff is still up). I then had the idea of going and seeing Spiderman: No Way Home and doing a late lunch or early dinner. So we made it a date day and went over to our favorite restaurant and cinema in a mall a half an hour away. I drove. We found parking and waddled to our restaurant, getting seated pretty quickly and ordering our food and drinks. Fiks ordered a lavender lemonade as one drink for himself, I did a root beer.

So Purple!

We waited for our food and then we ordered dessert, then we waddled around the mall for a little while. Gotta burn off those calories some how. We went into Build A Bear where I was really tempted to make a Stitch stuffed animal, but I was good and didn’t. We then found a Box Lunch store, which is where I get a bunch of our Wall-E and Eve stuff. We found some Wall-E and Eve Pops, but didn’t get anything. We’d done a lap around the mall at this point, and I thought there was a mattress store in the mall. I slowed down and looked at my phone, trying to find it. Fiks wondered what was up and so I told him, we figured out how to get to the store and waddled our way over there.

We got there and the door was locked, but all the signs said open and the hours were still open. We waited around for a little while and the employee working came and let us in. He got us some sheets to lie down on different mattresses on so we tried a couple purple mattresses, and we ended up ordering one. It shows up Thursday. We waddled our way back to the mall and to the cinema and watched Spiderman: No Way Home. Oh my god. So good. I was amazed I had avoided as many spoilers about the film as I had. Don’t worry, I won’t say anything here outside its good incase you haven’t seen it yet.

We made our way to the truck and then our way home. We pulled out the garbage cans and moved the laundry, and brought the garbage and recycling and started watching some YouTube videos. I’m going to call it here for the week.

~Just Keep Swimming~

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