I set fire to insomnia…(Week 4)


Woke up with this stuck in my head, dunno when I listened to her last either. I rolled over to snuggle into Fiks for a few more minutes but he was already up and in the shower. So I got out of bed and went and had a yogurt and turned on Secrets of The Zoo Down Under, and then snuggled down for a few more minutes. Then I went and got dressed, packed my lunch, and sat on the sofa for a few more minutes, not wanting to go to work. We kissed goodbye and I headed to work while Fiks went to go to the doctors office to go get his COVID booster shot.

I got to work late by like 3 minutes, so not horrible. I was planning on being early today but clearly that didn’t work out. I started to do labs call back and then I started stocking the drawers and everything. Almost everything was back in place, but J and I had to move the dog scale back, which was fine. Quick and easy move. The day was pretty alright, except at the end. I started to get really tired and it was showing in my performance, I forgot to ask the most basic and required questions to the last clients of the day.

My shift was done I came home, and Fiks was busy making dinner. I was so hungry and that I forgot to take a photo of it once it was done. But it was cheese stuffed chicken with sweet potatoes. Super yummy. And Fiks made the sage honey butter biscuits too. So good, so I had a good meal to end my day. Now I’m watching White Collar while Fiks is gaming with his other group.


I didn’t really sleep well last night, so I was tired when Fiks woke me up to go to work. I was just exhausted and didn’t feel well. I tried to call out sick but I still had to go in. So I just went in and did the best that I could, which didn’t feel very good to me, but whatever. I started to slow down after lunch, just feeling like crap. One of my coworkers was talking about lemons and throwing them, and then I remembered this JK Simmons rant form Portal 2 I believe. It makes me laugh and smile every time that I watch/listen to it.

I managed to make it through the rest of the afternoon and come home. When I got home I ordered some Chinese and then went and got cleaned up from work. I didn’t have to wait too long for dinner to show up, and then I started watching more White Collar. Matt Bomer = swoon worthy. Fiks came home a little bit later and then we sat down and watched the Jeff Goldbulm show on Disney+ for a while. Then we watched a couple YouTube videos before landing on a comedy special from Randy Feltface. Funny as hell. Afterwards I went to bed and while I was lying there reading my book a bunch of sirens went by the house. I couldn’t find anything on what was going on, so I rolled over and went to sleep.


I woke up at 330 to a bunch of sirens zooming by the house. I was like wide awake after that, so I moved to the sofa, grumpy and frustrated about not being able to get back to sleep. I don’t think I’ve gotten a good night sleep since Friday night. I turned on Iron Chef America and tried to get back to sleep. I didn’t get there until 6ish I think, and then Fiks got up and had to leave for work. I kissed him goodbye and snuggled down and tried to get some more sleep, but I failed. I got up and got my yogurt and watched Secrets of the Zoo Down Under and then went and got dressed for work.

I also had this song stuck in my head since I woke up this morning. I like Bruno Mars, but again, can’t remember the last time that I listened to his music. I made my way down to work and logged in and started puttering around, not being happy on being there. At this point I’m drained and feel like shit. But its the same situation that happened yesterday, not enough people for me to call out sick. I just trudge along and do my best. I try not to take things personally. I get snappy with A, and I don’t even realize it until I’m asked about it later in the day by K. I muscle through the afternoon and come home and get cleaned up and just nibble on stuff, not really sure what I want to eat but know that I don’t want to cook.

Fiks got home kind of late, so we watched some YouTube videos and some Drunk History on Hulu before I went to bed early-ish because I’ve been up since 330 at this point. I stayed up a little bit longer and read my book and then I fell asleep.


I woke up again wide awake at 330. I was determined to go back to sleep so I just stayed in bed and dozed the rest of the night/morning away. It must have worked at some point because I didn’t wake up until Fiks kissed me goodbye for the morning. I didn’t want him to leave, but he was already late for work. He’d been moving stuff around so that we could get the new mattress today. I said goodbye and rolled back over. I was dozing when my Poppa called and asked me to pick up some bagels from the grocery store when I go. He was super apologetic when he discovered I was still asleep.

I eventually gave up and got out of bed and moved to the sofa with some breakfast and dozed to Secrets of the Zoo Down Under. I got up and got dressed to go to the store, and grabbed the grocery list and made my way down to the grocery store. The store itself wasn’t too busy, but the parking lot and the gas station was pretty busy. So it was weird. I went in and listened to The Ralph Report while I waddled around, gathering things we need for the week.

Once I was done I headed over to my parents house, picking up the garbage cans at the bottom of the driveway for Poppa. When I got there Mom was on the phone with a friend from England that my brother and her son were friends growing up together. I joined in and chatted for a while, I even got to be friends with her husband on Facebook. And after we hung up I found out what Mom wants for her birthday. Oh boy. I said goodbye and came home.

I got home and I unloaded the truck of groceries, realizing I have a lot of garbage in the back seat. Maybe on my next day off I’ll work on emptying it out. Anyway, I put the cold groceries away and then I went and worked on cleaning up the bedroom and getting everything around and out of under the bed. Well, I grabbed what I could reach. Then I was hungry so I sat down and had a snack while watching more White Collar. I looked to replace my Ariat duffle bag, and I could only find them in Australia, and they only shipped to Australia. Grrrr.

My Cousin messaged me that it was almost time for our movie, Back To The Future III, for the first time since end of October/beginning of November it feels like. I sat down after I got the movie in the PS5 and then my Cousin messaged me that she was ready and we started our video chat. I got to see the wee baby, sort of. He was all snuggled up against N, so all I saw was face and hair. But he was cute asleep, and that was the general concession. We then started the movie, yay!

When the movie was over our new bed showed up, so pretty good timing. They took out the old one and put the new one together for us. They were here for maybe a total of 20 minutes. The mattress came in a giant purple tube, makes sense since its a Purple mattress. But yeah, the process went fairly well and smooth. Fiks and I thought we both had said yes to a box spring, but we got two frames instead, they kept trying to talk me into taking the other frame, but I said no.

After they left I watched more White Collar and talked with Fiks and set up the next movie with my Cousin. It took us a few movies to decided and agree on the same one. I also washed all the sheets we had for some stupid reason. I started one load of new sheets, because they smelled like chemicals, forgot that I washed them, then washed the sheets we had been using because they were dirty and I wanted fresh sheets on the new mattress.

After a while I started to get hungry, so I messaged Fiks asking what he’d prefer, he said he was good with either one. So I made the shrimp pasta dish, the sauce didn’t turn out quite the same color as it did on the instructions, but it was still super yummy.

Fiks got home super late, so I stayed up and watched one episode of Drunk History with him before we put the bed together so I could go to sleep. Oh, I finished Name of the Wind and started its sequel: The Wise Man’s Fear.


I woke up and still wasn’t feeling well, so I asked if I could call out sick. At first it was a no, so I got dressed and then I got a text saying that I could, because they had an extra person today. So I crawled back into my pj’s and slept on the sofa for a while. I started feeling better after sleeping, but still not 100%. I made myself lunch and messaged Fiks, asking how he was doing. He wasn’t feeling well either, maybe it was from the dinner last night? I dunno. I watched Black Widow after making my lunch, so that we could finish watching Hawkeye together later on.

I enjoyed the movie, but it didn’t hold my attention like I was hoping, but maybe it was because I wasn’t feeling well. I puttered for a little bit, taking the ornaments and lights of the Christmas tree. Just have to take the boxes downstairs and grab the tree box, but I’m taking a break right now and watching some junk TV on Netflix.

After the junk TV I read a couple chapter in my book, then I watched an episode of White Collar before going and cooking dinner. Pot stickers, for those who are curious. I might have hummed the jaws theme as I pushed the pot sticker through the sauce once or twice. Sometimes I’m easily entertained. I also looked at a website to see if they had the storage bins that Fiks and I want to go under our new bed. I think I found them, I’ll discover if I’m correct after work tomorrow. I kept watching White Collar and read my book while talking to my Sister, waiting for Fiks to come home. He made it home and did chicken strips for dinner while we watched some YouTube videos. One was on cronuts.


I did not want to wake up this morning. And I almost rolled out of bed and wiped out on my bedside table turning my phone to snooze. What can I say, I’m talented like that. I got up and had my yogurt, put on my usual show of Secrets of the Zoo Down Under, and dozed on the sofa for a while more. Then I got up and dressed and headed to work.

I got to work okay, was like a minute or two late. The day started off fine, then I met this one really difficult client. She was grumpy because of the price of the test we were going to run on her pet, mad at me for not knowing the price of medication off the top of my head, and asking if she wanted to give vaccines. She said she wanted to ‘shop around’ on those. Fine, whatever. I brought the dog in and we drew the blood for the test, and trimmed her nails. I told the doctor what she said to me, and she said fine. So I took the dog back out to her owner, and she said she had questions for the vet about giving the pills. The vet goes out there and comes back in and says that she said that I was rude (I wasn’t), and that I didn’t listen to her, she did want the meds (she didn’t), and that she wanted her skin checked out, not how to give the pills (again, that’s what she told me). The vet had dealt with her before, so she knew something was off when the lady started off with saying I was rude. The vet believed me, so that was nice.

The rest of the day was fine, it was dragging but busy at the same time if that makes any sense. I just wanted the day to be over and done with, even with it being a half day. I think A was in a lot of pain, and just being bitter. V had brought the puppy that she had last week back in. She found a home for her up in Washington State, super excited for the puppy. When it was time, A, M, V and myself all walked out of the building, being done for the day.

I went and visited Fiks after work. He wasn’t in his office, and the chair I usually take is missing, so I sit in his chair. Scare the crap out of him when he comes back into his office. I hung out while he works for a while, then I make my way home, not feeling like going and getting the tubs today. Maybe tomorrow. I get cleaned up once I’m home then I head over to hang out with my Sister and Mom for a while, watching dog videos. Or one long video comprised of a lot of short ones.

I came home after a while, and they went to go get their toes did. I turned on White Collar and tried to take a nap but was unsuccessful. I did manage to doze on the sofa for a while tho, so that was nice, a little bit of a recharge. I ordered pizza for dinner, so I’m waiting on that to show up. We don’t have gaming tonight, so I’m unsure when Fiks will get home, hopefully soon or around normal Saturday time. He ended up coming home around 930. So we watched a episode of Drunk History before I went to bed.

I spent some time trying to find something to read, seeing as I had finished my last book. Not as good as I was expecting or hoping, and I kept reading to see if it got any better. Not really. Her other books are good later in the series, so I was trying to start at the beginning. Guess I don’t really need to if they are all like that. I went with The Last Temptations of Iago Wick. Just a few chapters in but I’m already enjoying it.


Today started with my alarm going off. I was not ready for it to be morning already. I turned my alarm off and rolled over and snoozed for a few more minutes before getting up and getting dressed. I woke up Fiks and he got up and dressed and we both made our way down the mountain and went to our expected locations.

I went to my parents house and stayed with mom for a while. We watched Downton Abby and I dozed part way through an episode. I only know because I caught myself. After I woke up and watched some more TV with Mom I said goodbye and went to the local hardware store and got a few tubs hoping that they’d fit under the bed because I couldn’t find the ones I wanted. They didn’t but I figured it I could switch the bins with the ones that did fit under the bed. So I moved t-shirts and tank tops from one tub to another.

I started my first load of laundry and ended up watching White Collar for a few episodes. I dozed on a episode or two, and before I realized it, it was time to come back to my parents house for the 49ers game. I brought my stuffed animal Gucci over to wash him in a delicates bag because he’s dirty from being slept on for years.

It was just Mom, Poppa, Lumi and myself for a while. My Sister came over to watch the game too. All Mom could think about for the first part of the game was ordering dinner. When it was time my sister started the order. After a few minutes my Sister and Poppa left to go get Chinese with like 3 minutes left in the first half. We were at 7-7 when the 49ers got a field goal making it 10-7 for a while. Then it was halftime and right when the third quarter started Poppa and my Sister came walking in. So we made ourselves plates of food and sat down and watched the game some more. The 49ers were winning until the 3rd quarter, then it all seemed to fall apart. Fiks came in with 5 minutes to play and we ended up giving an interception and losing the game. So much for the 49ers going to the Super Bowl. Oh well, maybe next year.

My sister left first, then Fiks and I left, coming home and moving the laundry and throwing Gucci in the dryer. I’m now sitting on the sofa watching Fiks play a Breath Of The Wild spin off game. So I think I’m going to call it here this week.

~Just keep swimming~

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